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All and background
All this meant that the figures of the actors were modelled more by the lighting, and more separated from the background by the lower light levels now used on the sets.
All Austrian citizens aged 18 or over can freely buy and own this type of weapon, but ownership has to be registered at a licensed dealer or gunsmith within 6 weeks of purchase ( Typically, if bought in a store, the store registers them after doing the required background check ).
All persons whose names are put forward to the Queen for approval must first undergo background checks by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
All parts of the hilt are covered with golden plates, which are engraved with sharp or rounded styli and decorated with niello, or black metallic inlay that contrasts against the golden background.
All four detectors produced the same results: a statistically significant increase in the amount of nuclear emissions due to sonofusion when compared to background levels ..."
All known black hole candidates are so large that their temperature is far below that of the cosmic background radiation, so they are all gaining energy.
* All Julius Caesar Provides a summary of the play, background on Shakespeare and Julius Caesar, including historical background on Julius Caesar, and a character analysis of Caesar.
In his book Learning the World, Ken MacLeod pays homage to Heinlein by having a spacecraft evade an attack with the background intercom saying " All Hands!
All the members of the party were experienced international civil servants with a background of service with the United Nations Secretariat at Headquarters.
Daffy screams hysterically and rips apart the background, says " All right, let's get this picture started!
The first short was included as a special feature on Sony's 2001 DVD release of The 5, 000 Fingers of Dr. T. All but the second were included in the special features of the two-disc special edition of the DVD Hellboy ( released July 27, 2004 ), as the cartoon can be seen playing on TV monitors in the background in several scenes.
All of his novels, essays, and short stories relied on his spiritual background for thematic and creative inspiration.
The GamePad also appears in the video game Jazz Jackrabbit as a power-up ; it appears in the same game as an advertisement in the background, which reads " All kids love Gravis GamePad ".
Nos 1 – 9 Colville Gardens, now known as Pinehurst Court, showing All Saints Notting Hill | All Saints ' church in the background
All these coincidences add up to the assumption that Geoffrey duplicated the story of the invitation of the Saxons, and that the tale of Guithelinus the archbishop might possibly give us some insight into the background of Vortigern before his rise to power.
* Kira Roessler-bass, background vocals on " It's All Up to You "
All members of the United Kingdom armed forces can be considered for special forces selection, but historically the majority of candidates have an airborne forces background.
" All of these units can be converted to the absolute activity of the sample in Bq if one applies a number of significant conversions that take into account the radiation background, the detector efficiency, the counting geometry, the sample size, and the self-absorption of the radiation by the sample.
All Shook Up, produced by former Beatles producer George Martin, reached No. 24 on the charts and was certified gold, but the album's high-class background did not save it from descriptions like " Led Zeppelin gone psycho.
* Marcus Miller: All instruments, lead and background vocals
All companies concerned need to have policies in place which prevents transactions with criminal background.
All the secondary sources cited in the gallery below are in agreement except as to the background color of Every's flag.
If a paralegal holds a valid licence, they are assumed to be a member in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada. All applicants ( regardless of background or standing ) are subject to a criminal background check and dependant upon its outcome, a time-limited commission will be granted.

All and musical
All students are invited to participate in any of the musical organizations for which they qualify.
All of this would be wasted, of course, if the performance lacked authority and musical distinction.
All musical Paris was there.
All three loanwords are the musical instruments: κιθαρις ( cithara ), ψαλτηριον ( psaltery ) and συμφωνια ( symphonia ).
All electronic musical instruments can be viewed as a subset of audio signal processing applications.
8½ inspired among others: Mickey One ( Arthur Penn, 1965 ), Alex in Wonderland ( Paul Mazursky, 1970 ), Beware of a Holy Whore ( Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1971 ), Day for Night ( François Truffaut, 1973 ), All That Jazz ( Bob Fosse, 1979 ), Stardust Memories ( Woody Allen, 1980 ), Sogni d ' oro ( Nanni Moretti, 1981 ), Parad Planet ( Vadim Abdrashitov, 1984 ), La Pelicula del rey ( Carlos Sorin, 1986 ), Living in Oblivion ( Tom DiCillo, 1995 ), 8½ Women ( Peter Greenaway, 1999 ), Falling Down ( Joel Schumacher, 1993 ), along with the successful Broadway musical, Nine ( Maury Yeston and Arthur Kopit, 1982 ).
His simple funeral was held at All Saints Episcopal Church with musical selections from Bogart's favorite composers, Johann Sebastian Bach and Claude Debussy.
Films about performers which incorporated gritty drama and musical numbers interwoven as a diegetic part of the storyline were produced, such as All That Jazz, Saturday Night Fever, and New York, New York.
In 1968, the duo recorded their second album, All Of Us, which featured a similar broad range of musical styles as their first album.
Sondheim, in 1991, was working with Terrence McNally on a musical entitled All Together Now.
In the musical Spring Awakening, based on the play of the same title by Frank Wedekind, schoolboys study the Latin text, and the first verse of Book 1 is incorporated into the number " All That's Known ".
The first musical use of the algorithm was in the work May All Your Children Be Acrobats written in 1981 by David A. Jaffe, and scored for eight guitars, mezzo-soprano and computer-generated stereo tape, with a text based on Carl Sandburg's The People, Yes.
All these show Byrd gradually emerging as a major figure on the Elizabethan musical landscape.
In 1976, The Brothers covered the Beatles ' song, Hey Jude, for the ephemeral musical documentary All This and World War II.
All That Jazz is a 1979 American musical film directed by Bob Fosse.
" Let's All Go to the Lobby " is a 1957 animated musical snipe played as an advertisement before the beginning of the main film.
All the musical scenes are ' live ' concert footage.
The musical group The Mountain Goats recorded a song called Jeff Davis County Blues on their 2002 album All Hail West Texas.
All three boys started their musical careers as pianists.
In the 1980s he became a musical director for the P-Funk All Stars.
All musical cultures have some form of vocal music.
He has also appeared in various musical roles on the stage including " The Producers ", " Bathhouse: The Musical ", " All Shook Up ", " Psycho Beach Party ", " Valley Of The Dolls ", " La Cage aux Folles ", " Curtains ", and " Judy's Scary Little Christmas " where he portrayed legendary Judy Garland and such plays as the controversial " Corpus Christi ".
All types of music, including blues, jazz, and rock, are heard from the main stage, which has featured eighteen different musical acts.
Comden and Green wrote the libretto for the 1970 musical Applause, an adaptation of the film All About Eve, and wrote the book and lyrics for 1978's On the Twentieth Century, with music by Cy Coleman.
Anastasia, a musical remake of the 1956 film with Ingrid Bergman, did far better than any Bluth film since All Dogs Go To Heaven, but the 2000 release of Titan A. E., a film far different from the ones Bluth had been making up until then, was a flop.

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