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All and constituents
All deputies are answerable directly to their local constituents.
All the other constituents occur only in very small quantities, usually much less than 1 %.
All India Radio and Doordarshan, which earlier were working as media units under the Ministry of I & B became constituents of the body.
The five other constituents were Indian National League, National Loktantrik Party, All India Muslim Forum, Muslim Majlis and Momin Conference.
* All of the votes in the BC legislature would be " free votes ", i. e., MLAs would not have to vote along party lines, so that MLAs would be able to better represent the people of their constituencies by voting the way the majority of their constituents would like them to vote.
All the above constituents were absorbed into the London, Midland and Scottish Railway in 1923.
All constituents of this triangle must be identified to avoid cutting or clipping the wrong structure.
All of these constituents are embedded in a layer of clay, which the Alvarez team interpreted as the debris spread all over the world by the impact.

All and actions
All types of actions are permitted, excluding a claim for monetary damages.
All FARG computational models share certain key principles, among which are: that human thinking is carried out by thousands of independent small actions in parallel, biased by the concepts that are currently activated ; that activation spreads from activated concepts to less activated " neighbor concepts "; that there is a " mental temperature " that regulates the degree of randomness in the parallel activity ; that promising avenues tend to be explored more rapidly than unpromising ones.
All such actions are taken on the advice of ministers.
All Julian could do was sit it out in Naissus, the city of Constantine's birth, waiting for news and writing letters to various cities in Greece justifying his actions ( of which only the letter to the Athenians has survived in its entirety ).
" This view of Carson's actions may be taken from General James Carleton ’ s orders to Carson on October 12, 1862, concerning the Mescalero Apaches: " All Indian men of that tribe are to be killed whenever and wherever you can find them: the women and children will not be harmed, but you will take them prisoners and feed them at Ft. Stanton until you receive other instructions ".
All of the parsing actions and outputs and their timing can be simply understood by viewing the LR parser as just a shift-reduce parser with some nifty decision method.
: All her feasts, her / actions honour,
Unlike his late brother, Sir Milton, Sir Albert proved unpopular and resorted to increasingly authoritarian actions in response to protests, including enacted several laws against the opposition All People's Congress ( APC ) and attempting to establish a single-party state.
All actions are either good or bad, since impulses and desires rest upon free consent, and hence even passive mental states or emotions that are not guided by reason are immoral, and produce immoral actions.
All actions the user can take with the document, ranging from entering text, changing formatting, quitting, saving, etc.
All that remains is the record of his actions, and the propaganda issued by both sides.
MRO may be defined as, " All actions which have the objective of retaining or restoring an item in or to a state in which it can perform its required function.
All actions against the person must then cease until the matter is heard by the Court.
All three are straight-pull bolt actions, but are entirely unrelated designs.
" All participating countries are advised to prevent and punish actions of genocide in war and in peacetime.
All the jobs he embarked upon ended in disaster, sometimes with a burst of classic slapstick, sometimes with a bewildered Drake himself at the centre of incomprehensible actions by the people employing him.
All members of an organization have the authority within their areas of specialization, and in coordination with other members, to make decisions and to take actions affecting the future of the organization.
In his Theoria Generationis ( 1759 ), he endeavored to explain the emergence of the organism by the actions of a " vis essentialis ", an organizing, formative force, and declared " All believers in epigenesis are Vitalists.
All player-triggered actions have a cost specified in " energy units " or " omega ( Ω ) units "; for example, 50 energy units are required to lay down a single terrain square, while 500 units are required to lay down a terraforming device.
All actions are product of pleasure and pain, good and evil.
All mankind may approve of that which is virtuous or makes for the general good, but they entertain the most widely divergent opinions and frequently arrive at directly opposite conclusions as to particular actions and habits.
All of MacBride's actions carried Lane's apparent approval.
All the perceived actions have been reflected in the 2010 Annual Financial Report.

All and are
All the drivers knew about the plates and they also knew about the big floppy straw hat with shredded edges, the kind natives in travel ads wear when they are out joyfully chopping cane.
When the Know-nothings get control, it will read, All men are created equal except Negroes and foreigners and Catholics.
All artistic and mythological representations, therefore, are `` imitations of imitations '' and are completely superseded by the truth value of `` dialectic '', the proper use of the inquiring intellect.
All four types of message listed in Table 1 are permitted, although decorum and cocktail tradition require holding the commands to a minimum, while exclamations having complimentary intonations are more than customarily encouraged.
All across the South there are signs that racial violence is finding less approval among whites who themselves would never take active part but might once have shown a tolerant attitude toward it.
Of straight dramas, there are All The Way Home, which owes much of its poetic power to the James Agee novel, A Death In The Family ; ;
All he does is to bullshit with his squad, and they are the stupidest bastards around.
All payments authorized under Section 7 of this Title shall be disbursed from the proper fund, as the case may be, and all amounts covered into the Treasury to the credit of the aforesaid funds are hereby permanently appropriated for the making of the payments authorized by Section 7 of this Title.
All students are invited to participate in any of the musical organizations for which they qualify.
All the bars are cut from Af brass.
All are well distributed, not crowded together near the stern.
All frames are butted at the joints and 3/8-inch plywood gussets are glued and nailed on each side of each joint, again using the one-inch, No. 12 nails.
All bottom battens are two inches wide.
All bottles must be kept a safe distance away from the pool and drinking glasses are banned in favor of plastic or metal cups.
All the additives listed here are sanctioned for use by the Food and Drug Administration of the federal government.
All model cars are not available in all countries.
All of these considerations are of critical importance in considering defense and medical management.
All political interests supported electoral planning, although there are some signs that the inherent uncertainties of a popular judgment led to some procrastination.
All information is carefully appraised and uncertain facts are designated by ( '?'.
All the other force vectors are derived from these.
All these evaluations are then totted up and tabulated, by adding up the Hits and Significants, with the weight placed on those in the sitter's own reading.
All of these activities are geared to a top-priority communication system, and practice tests have been held to assure that everything will work smoothly.

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