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Also and foreign
Also, because the kanji represent meaning while the furigana represent sound, one can combine the two to create puns or indicate meanings of foreign words.
Also as part of international relations, the governor receives letters of credence and of recall from foreign consul-generals appointed to Sydney.
Also used by Weimar Republic foreign services ( 1922 – 33 )
Also see primary key and foreign key.
Also, as a result, several entrepreneurs who had borrowed money denominated in foreign currency suddenly faced insurmountable debt.
Also, by using his many Greek references and showing that his plays were originally Greek, “ It is possible that Plautus was in a way a teacher of Greek literature, myth, art and philosophy ; so too was he teaching something of the nature of Greek words to people, who, like himself, had recently come into closer contact with that foreign tongue and all its riches .”
Also, tight controls on exchange rates and the scarcity of foreign exchange have impaired short-term economic prospects.
Also removed was the statutory requirement that the government prove a surveillance target under FISA is a non-U. S. citizen and agent of a foreign power, though it did require that any investigations must not be undertaken on citizens who are carrying out activities protected by the First Amendment.
Also as part of international relations, the governor general issues letters of credence and of recall for Canadian ambassadors and receives the same from foreign ambassadors appointed to Canada.
Also another suspension of disbelief is having an episode of a TV show ( or a movie ) set in a foreign country and have all the actors portraying citizens of said country speak another language entirely and fluently ( example: a setting in Germany during the Third Reich where people dressed as German citizens and German officers speak fluent English ).
Also, the 1934 United States Senate Nye Committee Memorandum shows that Zaharoff was paid with considerable money commissions in the transactions that were made between foreign companies and the Spanish Government ( for example, he got paid among a 5 and 7 % commission of the price of the American submarines sold to Spain, during all these years ).
Also it reduces the import of energy thus reducing the political dependency on foreign countries.
Also, external affairs minister Joe Clark was the first foreign affairs minister to land in previously isolated Ethiopia to lead the Western response to the 1984 – 1985 famine in Ethiopia ; Clark landed in Addis Ababa so quickly he had not even seen the initial CBC report that had created the initial and strong public reaction.
Also, the President's and some of his principals ' commitment to arms control skewed the formation and execution of a broad range of foreign policy options on national security questions.
Also, it is more difficult to up-sell to customers from foreign contact centers.
Also in 1958 UA acquired Ilya Lopert's Lopert Pictures Corporation a company that released foreign films in the United States to release foreign films that may have attracted criticism or cause censorship problems.
Also, the then-Bank Governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo noted the weekly central bank auctions of foreign currency will gradually be phased out, and that the bank would " only intervene in the market as may be required to achieve defined policy objectives ".
Also close to the tower is a wall of 82 friendship plaques, allegedly from foreign supporters.
Also on 18 May, Prodi laid out some sense of his new foreign policy when he pledged to withdraw Italian troops from Iraq and called the Iraq war a " grave mistake that has not solved but increased the problem of security ".
Also, approximately one quarter of Italy's merchant fleet were located at foreign ports and given no forewarning of Mussolini ’ s rash decision to enter the war, and were immediately impounded.
The worldwide fame of the modern festival, and the great number of foreign visitors it receives every year, are closely related to the description by Ernest Hemingway's book The Sun Also Rises and his job as a journalist.
Also in May 2009, Abbas made a visit to Canada, where he met with foreign affairs minister Lawrence Cannon and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Also, each year, the Poly-World student delegation goes to another country to learn and compare foreign engineering practices.

Also and nationals
Also marking this period were the mass exodus of Portuguese nationals, weak infrastructure, nationalization, and economic mismanagement.
Also, nationals of a State not bound by the Convention are not protected by it, and nationals of a neutral State in the territory of a combatant State, and nationals of a co-belligerent State, cannot claim the protection of GCIV if their home state has normal diplomatic representation in the State that holds them ( Article 4 ), as their diplomatic representatives can take steps to protect them.
Also present were the Greek army, the Bulgarian army, gangs of Komitadji ( Bulgarian irregulars ), the crews of British, Russian, Austrian and French warships that were in Thessalonica in order to protect their nationals, and the Turkish troops, who according to the treaty had freedom of movement.

Also and who
Also, many working wives have children or husbands who take over the shopping chores for them.
Also that year, Claudius had founded a Roman colony and called the colony Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis or Agrippinensium, today known as Cologne, after Agrippina who was born there.
Also vexatious were the Saxons, the name Roman writers gave to the peoples who lived in the northern part of what is now Germany and the southern part of the Jutland peninsula.
Also, people who cannot tolerate the side effects of SSRIs, in particular agitation, may do better on tricyclics.
Also during this time, Moonglows founder Harvey Fuqua who sang background on many of Diddley's home studio recordings was introduced to Gaye, and asked him to join the Moonglows.
Also in London at this time was Jan Ladislav Dussek, who, like Clementi, encouraged piano makers to extend the range and other features of their instruments, and then fully exploited the newly opened possibilities.
Also notable is the work of British zoologist and cryptozoologist Karl Shuker, who has published 12 books and countless articles on numerous cryptozoological subjects since the mid-1980s.
Also in 1933 Eleanor Roosevelt honored Beaux as " the American woman who had made the greatest contribution to the culture of the world ".
Also, there are the Slylandro, who are gas beings residing in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant.
Also included in camp operation were several non-technical supervisor LEMs, who provided knowledge of the work at hand, " lay of the land " and paternal guidance for inexperienced enrollees.
Also famous as a prose stylist, Hume pioneered the essay as a literary genre and engaged with contemporary intellectual luminaries such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Adam Smith ( who acknowledged Hume's influence on his economics and political philosophy ), James Boswell, Joseph Butler, and Thomas Reid.
Also during this time Almagro established a friendship with Vasco Núñez de Balboa, who during the time was in charge of Acla, with the intent of making a ship with the materials of the Espinosa expedition and later finish it in the " Great South Sea " as the Pacific Ocean first became known to the Spanish.
Also, the Druze formed an alliance with Britain and allowed Protestant missionaries to enter Mount Lebanon, creating tension between them and the Catholic Maronites, who were supported by the French.
Also one should note that despite the lack of physical side effects, the intensity of the DMT experience could trigger latent mental illnesses in those who may have a genetic predisposition to such diseases.
Also during the 1955 off-season, Marguerite Norris lost an intra-family power struggle, and was forced to turn over the Wings to her younger brother Bruce, who had inherited his father's grain business.
Also, a theory has been advanced ( apparently recorded by Thietmar and supported by Oswald Balzer in 1895 ) that Vladivoj, who ruled as Duke of Bohemia during 1002 – 1003, was another son of Dobrawa and Mieszko I.
Also included are those who have in communion with them small groups that appear to exist solely for the bishop's sake.
Also, it is said that Erasmus chose to remain a Roman Catholic because of a lecture he heard from Savonarola, the Dominican friar who was highly influential in Florence for a time.
Also important was forester and ecologist Aldo Leopold, one of the founders of the Wilderness Society in 1935, who wrote a classic of nature observation and ethical philosophy, A Sand County Almanac, published in 1949.
Also, the German Expressionists ( including Fritz Lang, who was not technically an expressionist as popularly believed ) emigrated to America and brought their stylized lighting effects ( and disillusionment due to the war ) to American soil.
Also, Jones, a journeyman who had been signed as a setup man, had one of the best years of his career as a closer ; he earned 40 saves and had a 2. 13 ERA.
Also featured are Goo, a flying blue mermaid who spits blue goo balls and can change shape at will ; Gumby's mother Gumba and father Gumbo.
Also suspected of connivance in his death was Tiberius ' chief advisor, Sejanus, who would, in the 20s, create an atmosphere of fear in Roman noble and administrative circles by the use of treason trials and the role of " informers.
Such an obvious fulfillment of Jesus ' prophecy most likely would have been recorded as such by the gospel writers who were fond of mentioning fulfillment of prophecy if they had been written after 70 A. D. Also, if the gospels were fabrications of mythical events then anything to bolster the Messianic claims -- such as the destruction of the temple as Jesus said -- would surely have been included.
* Also used by those who are sensitive to tannins ( which can irritate the stomach ) in teas, soups or brews.

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