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Amara and seems
One personality with what seems to be super-strength takes the doll, which dictates who is in control of Legion's body, and punches Amara.

Amara and have
In classical music, many Armenian singers have gained worldwide recognition: sopranos Gohar Gasparyan, Sona Ghazarian, Arpine Pehlivanian, Melania Abovian, Arax Mansourian, Lucine Amara, Cathy Berberian, Ellada Chakhoyan, Hasmik Papian, Elvira Uzunian and, more recently, Isabel Bayrakdarian and Anna Kasyan, tenors Tigran Levonyan, Gegham Grigoryan, and Vahan Mirakyan ; basses Ara Berberian, Shara Talian, Avag Petrosian, and Henrik Alaverdian, as well as the bass-baritone Barsegh Toumanian.
Lawrence and Gibbs have two daughters: Iyanna Faith ( born November 9, 2000 ) and Amara Trinity ( born August 20, 2002 ).
She also was able to marry several times and have descendants, including Amara Aquilla.

Amara and been
Abdallah's empire was short lived as in the early 16th century the Funj people under Amara Dunqas arrived from the south, having been driven north by the Shilluk.

Amara and most
Upon arriving at the lab, Doctor Nemesis injects Amara with a serum which activates her powers and heals most of her wounds.

Amara and was
Amara Simhan ( c. AD 375 ) was a Sanskrit grammarian and poet, of whose personal history hardly anything is known.
In the manuscript copy, the location was named both Amora and Amara, and the location of both is the same.
Steve Pieczenik, a former member of the U. S. State Department sent by President Jimmy Carter as a " psychological expert " to integrate the Interior Minister Francesco Cossiga's " crisis committee ", was interviewed by Emmanuel Amara in his 2006 documentary Les derniers jours d ' Aldo Moro (" The Last Days of Aldo Moro "), in which he alleged that: " We had to sacrifice Aldo Moro to maintain the stability of Italy.
The siege of Kut Al Amara ( 7 December 1915 – 29 April 1916 ), also known as the First Battle of Kut, was the besieging of 8, 000 strong British-Indian garrison in the town of Kut, 100 miles south of Baghdad, by the Ottoman Army.
Wassmuss was a consular official, and in the first days of February 1915 Wassmuss and a few followers sailed a river steamer named Pioneer down the Tigris River to a point some 65 kilometers below Kut al Amara in Mesopotamia ( a town about 160 kilometers southeast of Baghdad ).
The rest of the division proceeded to Amara where it was demobilized on 17 March 1919.
Fadela Amara was appointed as junior minister for urban policy in François Fillon's first government in May 2007.
Prior to 1976 the province was known as Amara Province.
Magik's strange behavior continues when she tells Amara that she knows Shan and Dani are in trouble because a year later Amara told her and blamed her for not being here to help, which was the reason Magik traveled back.
Magik and Amara hear Shan's voice from the box, which they report back to Sam who does not understand as he was looking at Shan tied to the chair.
Shan and Dani appear and ask Bobby to go with them to visit Amara, who was still healing from the events of Necrosha, while Dani tells Illyana that Emma wants to talk to her.
Another was between Bobby and Amara further hinting to a relationship, and finally one of Sam and Dani kissing with no explanation as to how they got to that point.
* The Paragons squad leader was Magma ( Amara Aquilla ), but they were formerly taught by Wolfsbane ( Rahne Sinclair ).
He was the only candidate ; Amara Essy, who held the post in an interim capacity, withdrew his candidacy prior to the vote.
Hédi Amara Nouira ( 5 April 1911 – 25 January 1993 ) was a Tunisian politician.
They also vehemently objected to the treatment of the characters of Sailor Uranus ( Amara / Haruka Tenoh ) and Sailor Neptune ( Michelle / Michiru Kaioh ) during Sailor Moon S. Though it was never stated in the series, Naoko Takeuchi confirmed that they were lesbians ; in Cloverway's adaptation they became " cousins " instead, an attempt to explain their relationship away as something else, since homosexuality is typically an extremely taboo subject in American children's entertainment.
She played Amara Winter, a preacher's daughter who was discovered by a well-established musician.
He died at the Rawalpindi Hospital on 16 April and was buried in the Amara War Cemetery in Iraq.
It was held at the Amara Hotel on 10 May 2007.
Luna Amara was the first Romanian band to introduce the trumpet sound into an Alternative Rock style.

Amara and destroyed
After arriving back on Utopia, Amara hears a series of explosions, and she, Namor, and X-23 find that Donald Pierce has destroyed the X-Men's hanger.

Amara and with
It is also the name of a book written by Fadela Amara, one of the leaders of the movement, with the help of Le Monde journalist Sylvia Zappi.
Magik and Amara go to speak with the girl's parents while Sam and Roberto go to a bar.
Marci takes control of Legion's body and communicates with her parents who try to protect her from Amara and Magik.
He then pulls Amara into the kitchen where the rest of the New Mutants are with a message from Selene.
Illyana is thrown into a room with Amara and Roberto.
He also enjoys a budding relationship with his fellow New Mutant Amara.
Magma ( real name Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla ; also known as Alison Crestmere ) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics series New Mutants, also associated with various X-Men-related comics.
Amara, a mutant with the ability to generate lava, joins the New Mutants and becomes Magma.
Amara re-emerges with super-human powers, demanding vengeance, and she battles Selene.
When she eventually arrives in Los Angeles, as Amara once more, she meets up with Cannonball, who had joined a splinter team of X-Men.
Amara is visiting with Empath in his cell when she is called away by Sam.
The New Mutants split up, with Dani and Sunspot taking Amara to Utopia's medical lab.
At first Amara tells him to leave, but he convinces Amara to hear him out by communicating with her in a special language he designed for her.
Amara then goes with a team of X-Men to help out in San Francisco when the city is surrounded by a giant, impenetrable dome.
After defeating the first fleet of Nimrods, Amara stands guard with several other X-Men, awaiting more.
In addition, Amara possesses certain regenerative powers when in contact with the ground.
* Nevermen ( with Philip Amara, Dark Horse Comics ):
He recorded the Verdi Requiem with Richard Tucker and Lucine Amara, under Eugene Ormandy.

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