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Among and results
Among the evidence presented to the tribunal were the results of paraffin tests, used to identify lead residues from firing weapons, and that nail bombs had been found on the body of one of those killed.
Among its results were determinations of the lunar and of the solar parallax ( Mars serving as an intermediary ), the first measurement of a South African arc of the meridian, and the observation of 10, 000 southern stars.
Among QCT's disadvantages: it requires a high radiation dose compared to DXA, CT scanners are large and expensive, and because its practice has been less standardized than BMD, its results are more operator-dependent.
Among scientists, " correctness " ( of procedures, results, or scientific claims ) derives from the factual truth of the matter or the soundness of the reasoning by which it can be deduced from observations and first principles.
Among other results, he proved what is now called Boole's identity:
Among other results, the report includes the finding that phonics instruction improves children's ability to identify words.
Among the more surprising and, perhaps, counterintuitive ( from a neo-Darwinian viewpoint ) results of recent research in evolutionary developmental biology is that the diversity of body plans and morphology in organisms across many phyla are not necessarily reflected in diversity at the level of the sequences of genes, including those of the developmental genetic toolkit and other genes involved in development.
Among the other results, probes of the series became the first man-made devices to enter the atmosphere of another planet ( Venera 4 on October 18, 1967 ), to make a soft landing on another planet ( Venera 7 on December 15, 1970 ), to return images from the planetary surface ( Venera 9 on June 8, 1975 ), and to perform high-resolution radar mapping studies of Venus ( Venera 15 on June 2, 1983 ).
Among the results of this study was the conclusion that the male's teeth are actually a secondary sexual characteristic, similar to the antlers of male deer.
Among his further results, the Brouwer fixed point theorem is also well known.
Among studies reporting negative results, none were longer than 6 weeks, with two out of four studying effects of the diet for 4 days and 9 days.
Among McShane's more notable results are joint first in the 1998 Bunratty Masters in Ireland with John Nunn, winning five of his six games, and joint winner with Stuart Conquest and Bogdan Lalić of the Iona Tech Masters in Kilkenny.
The company's December 2010 reorganization was as follows: Among the eight divisions, the network division and the digital imaging division experienced new appointments, while the remaining divisions were maintained in accordance with their strong results.
Among Fine Gael's disastrous results at the 2002 general election, Bruton was one of the few front bench Fine Gael TDs to retain his seat.
Among his contributions are a number of results which bear his name.
Among other results of the recent global financial crisis has been a strengthening of belief in the importance of local development models as more suitable than programmatic approaches.
Among Ponomariov's notable later results are first at the Donetsk Zonal in 1998, 5 / 7 in the European Club Cup 2000 ( including a victory over then-FIDE World Champion Alexander Khalifman ), joint first with 7½ / 9 at Torshavn 2000, 8½ / 11 for Ukraine in the 2001 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, winning gold medal on board 2, and first place with 7 / 10 in the 2001 Governor's Cup in Kramatorsk.
Among the results of this research was the development of several Zohar Emulators.
Among other concerns, sexual offenders could sometimes suppress arousal through concentration or surreptitiously causing themselves pain, similar to methods for producing false results on a polygraph ( lie detector ).
Among his best known results are the solution of the classical recognition problem for 3-manifolds ( with Robert J. Daverman ) and the proof of the 4-dimensional Cellularity Criterion.
Among his other notable results are first at Terrassa in 1991, joint first at Dos Hermanas in 1995 ( with Kamsky and Karpov ), joint first at Dortmund in 1998 ( with Kramnik and Svidler ) and clear first at Dos Hermanas in 1999, ahead of Kramnik, Anand, Svidler, Karpov, Veselin Topalov, Judit Polgár and others.
Among the many interesting results given by Bhaskara, discoveries first found in his works include the now well known results for and
Among other things, the book claims the team did produce " greater-than-unity " output energy in an experiment successfully replicated on several occasions, but that the results were suppressed through an organized campaign of ridicule from mainstream physicists, including those studying controlled thermonuclear fusion, trying to protect their research and funding.

Among and Gauss
Among famous recipients of the civil class of the Pour le Mérite in the first group of awards in 1842 were Alexander von Humboldt, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Jakob Grimm, Felix Mendelssohn, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling and August Wilhelm Schlegel.
Among them are 12 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 Fields Medalists, 1 Gauss Prize laureate, and 2 recipients of the John Bates Clark Medal in Economics.
Among the texts in the collection are works by Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, René Descartes, Galileo, Copernicus, Euclid, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Leonhard Euler, and Gottfried Leibniz.

Among and showed
Among the minority, in Trent, that showed opposition to these books ' inclusion were Cardinals Seripando and Cajetan, the latter an opponent of Luther at Augsburg.
Among the laws enforced by Banda, it was illegal for women to wear see-through clothes, pants of any kind or skirts which showed any part of the knee.
Among the coauthors of this 1990 paper were Kip Thorne, Mike Morris, and Ulvi Yurtsever, who in 1988 had stirred up renewed interest in the subject of time travel in general relativity with their paper Wormholes, Time Machines, and the Weak Energy Condition, which showed that a new general relativity solution known as a traversable wormhole could lead to closed timelike curves, and unlike previous CTC-containing solutions it did not require unrealistic conditions for the universe as a whole.
Among other things, they showed that the separation distance of an ordered blackjack deck ( that is, aces on top, followed by 2's, followed by 3's, etc.
Among other things, the investigation showed that Spano had deliberately misled the NHL and the Islanders about his net worth, and also had two lawsuits pending against him.
Among the antidepressants, amitriptyline may reduce depression, but mianserin, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine and phenelzine sulfate showed no effect.
Among others, he showed an image of an astronaut planting a flag of the Soviet Union on the moon ; all the images pass Canon's authenticity verification.
Among some of Yale ’ s business tactics were exploiting the weakness in previously took the and locks and presenting how his locks were free of those vices ; he did live demonstrations to corporate business executives and government officials that showed how he successfully picked the locks that were in operation.
Among other things, these data showed abundance peaks for strontium, barium, and lead, which, according to quantum mechanics and the nuclear shell model, are particularly stable nuclei, much like the noble gases are chemically inert.
Among other films, Palace Jade showed American Gigolo and A Clockwork Orange exclusively.
Among the 2000 people who showed up hoping to be hired were various actors, models and show business hopefuls.
Among the reasons given by the three judges were ( 1 ) that the advert was not a unilateral offer to all the world but an offer restricted to those who acted upon the terms contained in the advertisement ( 2 ) that satisfying conditions for using the smoke ball constituted acceptance of the offer ( 3 ) that purchasing or merely using the smoke ball constituted good consideration, because it was a distinct detriment incurred at the behest of the company and, furthermore, more people buying smoke balls by relying on the advert was a clear benefit to Carbolic ( 4 ) that the company's claim that £ 1000 was deposited at the Alliance Bank showed the serious intention to be legally bound.
Among the treasures which the sultan showed him was an old napless hat which had the power of transporting its wearer to any place he desired.
Christine Saum's 1994 survey of 101 inmates showed 5 had been sexually assaulted .< ref name =" peek "> Among women the number is one in forty and the offenders are more likely to be prison staff members.
* Among the soldiers in the 10th Battalion, one soldier showed bravery in the Battle of Épehy on the 18th September 1918.
Among them were Tomorrowland Boats, The World Beneath Us, which showed the Earth's geology, and the Aluminum Hall of Fame, sponsored by Kaiser Aluminum.
Among other findings, they showed that security blankets are appropriately named — they actually do give security to those children attached to them.
Among the 148 lichen species of the islands, 125 showed the Arctic alpine geographic distribution, 74 boreal, 18 were coastal, 9 amphi-Berengian and 41 widespread, with many species falling into more than one category.
Early in 2008 PBS showed a Spark Media Incorporated and Unity Productions Foundation film directed by Andrea Kalin titled Prince Among Slaves, portraying the life of Abdul Rahman.
Among the significant scientific results from IUE data were the first large scale studies of stellar winds, accurate measurements of the way interstellar dust absorbs light, and measurements of the supernova SN1987a which showed that it defied stellar evolution theories as they then stood.
Among the things to which the censors routinely objected was the depiction of a navel on anyone with a bare midriff, resulting in several reshoots of scenes with actors in revealing but otherwise " decent " attire whose navels showed.

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