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Among and measures
Among the many severe measures taken by the First Emperor, Shih Huang-ti, in his efforts to insure the continuation of this hard-won national unity, was the burning of the books in 213 B.C., with the expressed intention of removing possible sources for divergent thinking ; ;
Among standard measurements, the wing chord measures, the exposed culmen measures and the tarsus measures.
Among measures taken by Conte to try and shore up his support within the military after 2007 was the transfer of the ' popular Sékouba Konaté to Conakry to head the parachute Autonomous Battalion of Airborne Troops ( French acronym BATA ) in an attempt to calm the troops.
Among these are term limits of up to two five-year terms for the President and Vice President, and measures to institute checks and balances.
Among the most controversial issues related to the study of intelligence is the observation that intelligence measures such as IQ scores vary between ethnic and racial groups and sexes.
Among these are the power to lay and collect taxes and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States ; to borrow money on the credit of the United States, to regulate interstate, foreign, and Indian commerce ; ( 5 ) To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures ; and to create courts inferior to the Supreme Court among many others.
Among Henry's first measures were to expel the remaining foreign mercenaries and continue the process of demolishing the unauthorised castles.
Among a range of measures, the agreement abolishes arable set-aside, increases milk quotas gradually leading up to their abolition in 2015, and converts market intervention into a genuine safety net.
Among standard measurements, the tail measures long, the tarsus measures and the bill is.
Among standard measurements, the wing chord measures and the tarsus measures long.
Among other measures, Saint André and Villaret-Joyeuse founded a naval artillery school.
Among other measures, free dental care, physiotherapy and anti-conception medication were cut, 12000 positions were to be eliminated in the armed forces and some of their bases closed, the link between benefit payment rates and salaries was to be broken, and the rental housing subsidy was reduced.
Among the measures aimed at the Catholic Church was the addition in 1871 of § 130a to the German Criminal Code ( Strafgesetzbuch ), infringed on clerical freedom of speech, threatening clergy who discussed politics from the pulpit with two years of prison ; this article was dubbed the Kanzelparagraph ( from the German Kanzel ' pulpit ').
Among the important measures taken by Prince João in his years in Brazil were incentives to commerce and industry, the permission to print newspapers and books, the creation of two medicine schools, military academies, and the first Bank of Brazil ( Banco do Brasil ).
Among other measures it saw the scientific community and formal education attacked, intellectuals were sent to do manual labor, universities and academic journals were closed, most research ceased, and for nearly a decade China trained no new scientists and engineers.
Among his measures were the reorganization of higher education ( enseignement spécial ), the foundation of the conférences publiques, which became universal throughout France, and of a course of secondary education for girls by lay teachers.
* 2008 In preparation for the 34th G8 summit, the national science academies of the G8 + 5 nations issued a declaration reiterating the position of the 2005 joint science academies ’ statement, and reaffirming “ that climate change is happening and that anthropogenic warming is influencing many physical and biological systems .” Among other actions, the declaration urges all nations to “( t ) ake appropriate economic and policy measures to accelerate transition to a low carbon society and to encourage and effect changes in individual and national behaviour .” The thirteen signatories were the same national science academies that issued the 2007 joint statement.
Among standard scientific measurements, the wing bone measures, the tail measures, the bill measures and the tarsus measures.

Among and anticipation
Among Christians who hold this belief, this is not the " end of the world ", but rather the penultimate age, the age just prior to the end of Satan's worldwide system in anticipation of a New Heavens and a New Earth under Jehovah's kingdom reign ( Rev.

Among and crisis
Among other factors, the escalating clash of egos between Khasbulatov and Yeltsin led to the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993, in which Khasbulatov ( along with former Vice-President Aleksandr Rutskoy ) led the Russian Supreme Soviet in its power struggle with the president, which ended with Yeltsin's violent assault on and subsequent dissolution of the parliament in October 1993.
Among other results of the recent global financial crisis has been a strengthening of belief in the importance of local development models as more suitable than programmatic approaches.
Among the casualties of the hostage crisis was Prime Minister Bazargan and his government who resigned in November unable to enforce the government's order to release the hostages.
Among Christian Communists, Historical Materialism is utilised as a methodology of analysis to define the nature of the crisis in question as a product of political-economic dynamics and modalities derived from the workings of what is termed " the late capitalist / imperialist mode of production ".
Among the reasons for this strengthening of the FSB were enhanced need for security of after increased terror attacks against Russian civilians starting from the Moscow theater hostage crisis ; the need to end the permanent infighting between the FSB, FAPSI and the Border Guards due to their overlapping functions and the need for more efficient response to migration, drug trafficking and illegal arms trading.
Among these problems are psychiatric complications related to mystical experience, near-death experience, Kundalini awakening, shamanic crisis ( also called shamanic illness ), psychic opening, intensive meditation, and medical or terminal illness.
Among the Jews and Edomeans, the Jewish-Roman Wars created a crisis of religion, out of which the Rabbinic Judaism emerged.
Among the most important events of his tenure was the East Asian financial crisis.
Among his highly critical statements regarding the Bush administration, Clarke charged that before and during the 9 / 11 crisis, many in the Administration were distracted from efforts against Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda organization by a pre-occupation with Iraq and Saddam Hussein.
Among the features of the new party that would distinguish it from other liberal parties was its critique of Yeltsin's policies, from economic " shock therapy " and the handling of the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis to Chechnya War and Russia's relations with the West.
Among other crimes, Gupta was convicted of passing information to Rajaratnam within 4 minutes of the completion of a special Goldman Sachs board meeting to approve a capital injection by Warren Buffett during the height of the financial crisis in 2008.
Among the primary issues he focused on were American-Soviet relations, including the SALT nuclear weapons talks, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iran hostage crisis, presidential directives on the situation in the Persian Gulf, terrorism and hijackings, and the executive order on telecommunications policy.
Among its main goals are the strengthening of democratic institutions and counselling on the resolution of political conflicts in two key areas: democratic leadership and governance and response to crisis and post-crisis situations.
Among his main publications on Church history are Hanes Annibynwyr Cymru ( History of the Welsh Congregationalists ) and Ffydd ac Argyfwng Cenedl – Cristnogaeth a Diwylliant yng Nghymru 1890-1914 ( Faith and the crisis of the Nation – Christianity and Culture in Wales 1890-1914 ).
Among the first to express criticism of the management of the crisis had been The Pentagon, who complained only a day after Katrina hit that bureaucratic red tape from the Bush administration and the FEMA ( newly reorganized under the Homeland Security Department ) had caused the delay of a scheduled and authorized military hospital ship from Norfolk, Virginia, among other related and prepared active military crisis response procedures.

Among and are
Among the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature more than half are practically unknown to readers of English.
Among them are Frederick J. Hoffman, William Van O'Connor, and Mrs. Olga Vickery.
Among current problems that require solutions, participated in by citizens as well as government, are:
Among the most frequently quoted Biblical sentences are the Beatitudes and yet so few persons, other than scholars, really understand the true meaning of these eight blessings uttered by Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.
Among the many problems in the taxing of personal property, and of movable tangible property in particular, two are significant: ( 1 ) situs, ( 2 ) fair and equitable assessment of value.
Among the specific areas of concentration in which the staff is engaged, are such projects as biological and biochemical studies of the effects of microwaves ; ;
Among the most likely producers of detectable radio line spectra are the light diatomic hydrides OH and CH ; ;
Among the items scheduled for acceleration in the near future are the Polaris and B70 programs, strengthening of the airborne alert system of the Strategic Air Command, and improved battlefield surveillance systems.
Among the locales to visit are Shiloh, Tennessee ; ;
Among its most spectacular features are its falls, the highest being Upper Yosemite which drops 2,425 feet.
Among them, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, are: ( 1 ) shorter work weeks, ( 2 ) higher pay, ( 3 ) longer paid vacations, ( 4 ) better transportation, ( 5 ) earlier retirement, and ( 6 ) more education.
Among the newest fabrication methods to enter the display field are expandable styrene molding and blow molding.
Among infants the patterns of emotional responses are similar ; ;
Among other acts, Teller and Austin are accused of paying $800 to Sears.
Among those with reservations are Messrs. and Mmes. William A. Thompson, Van Cott Niven, A. B. Cox, David Bricker, Samuel Perry and Robert D. Stetson.
Among the highest-paid workers in the world are U.S. coal miners.
Among the most noted interpreters, there are Bahdja Rahal, Cheikh El Hadj Mohamed El Ghafour, Nasserdine Chaouli, Cheikh Larbi Bensari, Nouri El Koufi as troops music such as El Mouahidia, El Mossilia, El Fakhardjia, Es Sendoussia and El-Andalusians.
Among these cakes, there are Tamina, Chrik, Garn logzelles, Griouech, Kalb el-louz, Makroud, Mbardja, Mchewek, Samsa, Tcharak, Baghrir, Khfaf, Zlabia, Aarayech, Ghroubiya, Mghergchette.
Among leaf litter frogs in Panama, frogs that actively hunt prey have narrow mouths and are slim, often brightly coloured and toxic, while ambushers have wide mouths and are broad and well camouflaged.
Among the notable alumni of AFI are: Darren Aronofsky, Jon Avnet, Keith D. Black, Wally Pfister, Stuart Cornfeld, Bill Duke, Edward James Olmos, Carl Colpaert, Rodrigo García, Steve Golin, Patrick Creadon, Amy Heckerling, Marshall Herskovitz, Janusz Kamiński, Matthew Libatique, Mimi Leder, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, John McTiernan, Paul Schrader, Frank Spotnitz, Mark Waters, Gary Winick, Edward Zwick, and Susannah Grant.
) There are also numerous instances where the killer is not brought to justice in the legal sense but instead dies ( death usually being presented as a more ' sympathetic ' outcome ), for example Death Comes as the End, And Then There Were None, Death on the Nile, Dumb Witness, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Crooked House, Appointment with Death, The Hollow, Nemesis, Cat Among the Pigeons, and The Secret Adversary.

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