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Among and Andean
Among New World societies, trepanning is most commonly found in the Andean civilizations such as the pre-Incan cultures.
Among its most prominent geographical features are the Range of the Zorro, Serrania de las Quinchas and the Andean plateaus of Rusia, Guantiva, Pisba, Chontales and Rechiniga.
Among New World societies, trepanation is most commonly found in the Andean civilizations such as the Inca, where it is frequently associated with pre-existing cranial damage, indicating that it had a use as a reasonably-successful medical procedure — by one estimate, more than 70 % of the patients survived the operation.
Among these are the Chilean flamingo and the Andean Condor.

Among and cultures
Among the Baltic peoples are modern Lithuanians, Latvians ( including Latgalians ) — all Eastern Balts — as well as the Prussians, Yotvingians and Galindians — the Western Balts — whose languages and cultures are now extinct.
Among his substantial publications from this period were his book on " Time Perspective in the Aboriginal American Culture " ( 1916 ), in which he laid out an approach to using historical linguistics to study the prehistory of Native American cultures.
Among the main towns of this period were the cultures: Jambelí, Guangala, Bahia, Tejar-Daule, La Tolita, Jama Coaque in the coast of Ecuador, in the sierras the Cerro Narrío Alausí ; and in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle the Tayos.
Among the beliefs held by some cultures, hyenas are thought to influence people ’ s spirits, rob graves, and steal livestock and children.
Among the earliest cultures utilizing swastika is the neolithic Vinča culture of South-East Europe ( see Vinča symbols ).
Among the cultural traits that the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan shared with many other cultures of central Mexico are the agricultural basis of maize cultivation, the basic social organization dividing society into classes of noble pipiltin and macehualli commoners, the complex religious beliefs and practices including most of the pantheon ( e. g. gods such as Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl ), the calendric system of a xiuhpohualli of 365 days intercalated with a tonalpohualli of 260 days.
Among various countries or cultures, males are expected and / or encouraged to want to engage in sexual activity, and to be more sexually-experienced.
Among the many various Eskimo cultures, term silap inua / sila, hillap inua / hilla ( among Inuit ), siḷam iñua ( among Inupiaq ), ellam yua / ella ( among Yup ' ik ) is used with some diversity.
Among many Middle Eastern Muslim cultures egalitarian or age-structured homosexual practices were, and remain, widespread and thinly veiled.
Among the oldest surviving examples of erotic depictions are Paleolithic cave paintings and carvings, but many cultures have created erotic art.
Among the Ojibwe, Eastern Cree, Westmain Swampy Cree, Naskapi, and Innu, Wendigos were said to be giants, many times larger than human beings ( a characteristic absent from the Wendigo myth in the other Algonquian cultures ).
Among northern Algonquian cultures, cannibalism, even to save one's own life, was viewed as a serious taboo ; the proper response to famine was suicide or resignation to death.
Among the attractions here are a mummified cat, a 1 / 12 scale model of the original Ferris wheel made out of Erector sets, life and death masks of famous celebrities ( including Abraham Lincoln ), and shamanistic apparati from cultures around the world.
Among these cultures were the Carthaginian-their native civilization, Roman, Vandal, Jewish, Christian, Arab, Islamic, Turkish, and French, in addition to native Berbers.
Among the many lists of news values that have been drawn up by scholars and journalists, some, like Galtung and Ruge's, attempt to describe news practices across cultures, while others have become remarkably specific to the press of certain ( often Western ) nations.
* Among pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, the concept of " world trees " is a prevalent motif in Mesoamerican mythical cosmologies and iconography.
Among Christians, the Bible is most commonly used ( in the Sortes Sanctorum ), and in Islamic cultures the Qur ' an.
Among three hundred officially recognized Indonesian cultures, there are many kinds of traditional games: cockfighting in Bali, annual bull races in Madura, and stone jumping in Nias.
Among the Celts, the ring and spokes may represent the cycle of the year divided in its four seasons, rather than the sun, which is a common meaning among cultures.
Among the Gypsy and Traveler cultures represented include those traditionally known as Rom, Romnichels, Calé, Sinti, Ludar, Romungre, Irish Travellers, Scottish Travellers and others.
Among its educational goals are creating a unique mix of cultures and providing the basic and necessary education to allow students to enter various professions.
Among the most important, pre-1995 monographs are: Abroad ( 1980 ) by Paul Fussell, an exploration of British interwar travel writing as escapism ; Gone Primitive: Modern Intellects, Savage Minds ( 1990 ) by Marianna Torgovnick, an inquiry into the primitivist presentation of foreign cultures ; Haunted Journeys: Desire and Transgression in European Travel Writing ( 1991 ) by Dennis Porter, a close look at the psychological correlatives of travel ; Discourses of Difference: An Analysis of Women ’ s Travel Writing by Sara Mills, an inquiry into the intersection of gender and colonialism during the 19th century ; Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation ( 1992 ), Mary Louise Pratt's influential study of Victorian travel writing ’ s dissemination of a colonial mind-set ; and Belated Travelers ( 1994 ), an analysis of colonial anxiety by Ali Behdad.
Among the principles identified are the need to teach more and not less content to poor children, ensuring children access to conventions / strategies necessary for succeeding in the context of American society, connecting students ' knowledge and experiences from their social contexts to knowledge acquired in the schools and acknowledgement and recognition of students ' home cultures.

Among and jaguar
Among many Native Americans, the jaguar is a spirit animal because jaguars walk on earth, swim in water, and climb in trees.
Among the K ' iche ' Q ' uq ' umatz not only appeared as a feathered serpent, he was also embodied as an eagle and a jaguar, he was also known to transform himself into a pool of blood.
Among its species are the jaguar, tapir, peccary, crocodile, manatee, Graza, white-faced monkey and many more.
Among the Aztecs, an entire class of specialized warriors who dressed in the jaguar skins were called " jaguar warriors " or " jaguar knights ".

Among and cult
Among the most exciting recent archaeological discoveries in Greece is the recognition that the sanctuary site near the modern village of Kalapodi is not only the site of the oracle of Apollon at Abai but that it was in constant use for cult practices from early Mycenaean times to the Roman period.
" Among the many accomplishments described by Hecataeus, Moses had founded cities, established a temple and religious cult, and issued laws:
Among the most persistent controversies surrounding Falun Gong is its characterization by the PRC government as " xiejiao "— a " heterodox organization ", " evil religion ", or " evil cult ".
Among them was the alleged cult Children of God, also known as The Family, who called this practice " Flirty Fishing ".
Among those who visited this shrine to be initiated into the island cult were Lysander of Sparta, Philip II of Macedon and Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, father-in-law of Julius Caesar.
Among the Orya of northern Irian Jaya, the agama toŋkat ( Indonesian for ' walking-stick ') cult " encouraged men to trade wives, i. e., to have sexual relations with each other's wives.
Among the features that have contributed to its cult appeal are the theme song, the dubbed dialogue spoken in a variety of over-the-top " Oriental " accents, ( except for Sandy who inexplicably speaks with an English accent ), the reasonably good synchronization of dubbing to the actors ' original dialogue, the fact that the young priest Tripitaka was played by a woman and the fact that Guan yin, who is usually depicted in statues and paintings as a female, is portrayed by a male.
Among the observances in the cult are rituals, ceremonies, liturgy or audits, which may involve spoken or sung words, and often involve personal sacrifice.
Among the Serbs, the cult of Svetovid is partially preserved through the Feast of St. Vitus, " Vidovdan ", one of the most important annual events in Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition.
Among his film credits, Woodward starred as Police Sergeant Howie in the 1973 cult British horror film The Wicker Man, and in the title role of the 1980 Australian biopic Breaker Morant.
Among other things, persecution sparked the cult of the saints, facilitated the rapid growth and spread of Christianity, prompted defenses and explanations of Christianity ( the " apologies ") and, in its aftermath, raised fundamental questions about the nature of the church.
Among her notable Watermill premieres were works by Vivian Ellis award-winners George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, and the cult hit The Great Big Radio Show!
The 1981 made for television film Terror Among Us has become a cult film among gag fetishists for its lengthy portrayal of bound and gagged women.
Among the titles distributed by MPI Home Video are: A Touch of Frost, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Honeymooners and popular cult series Dark Shadows.
Among these, she played scientist Nora Goodrich in the grade-B 1946 cult classic Strange Impersonation.
Among the most impressive finds are the cult statue of the god Dionysos himself, a superb marble work showing the god larger than life size seated on his throne holding his characteristic Boeotian kantharos drinking cup, and a marble relief stele of a ‘ hoplite ’ warrior which resembles the ‘ Marathon Warrior ’ stele and was used as the threshold stone for the church doorway.
Among the most spectacular objects are " cult wagons " in bronze, which are large wheeled trolleys containing crowded groups of standing figures, sometimes with a large bowl mounted on a shaft at the centre of the platform, probably for offerings to gods ; a few examples have been found in graves.
Among action movie fans Leong has a cult following .< ref name =" Total Recall ">
Among the Bakweri, this cult is also an important part of a young girl's rite of passage into adulthood.
Among the most remarkable finds are double edged battle axes, which appear to have played a role in the cult.
Among the things stolen is a map of the cathedral of the Dahaka cult.

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