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# and analog
Other uses for semiconductor diodes include sensing temperature, and computing analog logarithms ( see Operational amplifier applications # Logarithmic ).
# Perform digital to analog conversion ( DAC ) of the I and Q signals ( since today all of the above is normally achieved using digital signal processing, DSP ).
# Amplification and analog bandpass filtering to avoid harmonic distortion and periodic spectrum
# An analog device that amplifies an input signal regardless of its nature ( analog or digital ).
# REDIRECT Comparison of analog and digital recording
# being primarily analog, the system will be just as subject to artificial interference and noise as the current AM system
# Elements are duplicated using the shortest possible duplication path to minimize analog duplication artifacts, such as the build-up of contrast, grain and loss of resolution.
# New Media versus Cyberculture – Cyberculture is the various social phenomena that are associated with the Internet and network communications ( blogs, online multi-player gaming ), whereas New Media is concerned more with cultural objects and paradigms ( digital to analog television, iPhones ).
# At the time, the band were in the process of reconfiguring their Kling Klang studio from analog to digital recording technology ; integrating MIDI into their setup and creating sound archives from their original master tapes that were stored onto computers.
# The analog signal is transmitted from the input device to an analog-to-digital converter ( ADC ).
# The ADC converts this signal by repeatedly measuring the momentary level of the analog ( audio ) wave and then assigning a binary number with a given quantity of bits ( word length ) to each measuring point.
# The frequency at which the ADC measures the level of the analog wave is called the sample rate or sampling rate.
# The sequence of numbers is transmitted from storage into a digital-to-analog converter ( DAC ), which converts the numbers back to an analog signal by sticking together the level information stored in each digital sample, thus rebuilding the original analog wave form.
# redirect analog television
# redirect analog television
# REDIRECT analog synthesizer
# Enable receiving and selecting digital and analog cable channels
# AL-1: A 96-note polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer ( 84 notes in previous versions of the OS )
# LAC-1: Optional bundle ($ 249. 00 ) including two virtual analog synthesizers, the PolysixEX and MS-20EX, which are updated models of the vintage Korg Polysix and Korg MS20.
The NHK system was standardized in the United States as Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers ( SMPTE ) standard # 240M in the early 1990s, but abandoned later on when it was replaced by a DVB analog standard.
# The linearity property of integration () makes it possible to move the integrator, which reconstructs the analog signal in the demodulator section, in front of the Δ-modulator.
# REDIRECT base analog

# and digital
# REDIRECT Asymmetric digital subscriber line
Module # 3 converts the ColecoVision into a full-fledged computer known as the Coleco Adam, complete with keyboard and digital data pack ( DDP ) cassette drives.
# Adapt pulse shaping or some other filtering to limit the bandwidth and form the spectrum of the equivalent low pass signal, typically using digital signal processing.
# In digital signaling, distortion of the signal in which all the significant intervals have uniformly longer or shorter durations than their theoretical durations.
# A comparator is designed to produce well limited output voltages that easily interface with digital logic.
# A process in which network synchronization is achieved by use, at all nodes, of oscillators that adjust their frequencies to the average frequency of the digital bit streams received from connected nodes.
# A digital device that amplifies, reshapes, retimes, or performs a combination of any of these functions on a digital input signal for retransmission.
# A passband signal (" digital-over-analog " transmission ): A modulated sine wave signal representing a digital bit-stream.
At far left and far right, outside of the # Perforations | KS-size perforations, is the Sony Dynamic Digital Sound | SDDS soundtrack as an image of a digital signal.
# REDIRECT digital audio editor
* The New Rolling Stone Album Guide praises the album but maintains that it has " loads of self-indulgent filler ," identifying " Revolution # 9 " in particular as " justly maligned ," and suggests that listeners in the CD era, who can program digital players to skip over unwanted tracks, may have an advantage over the album's original audience.
# In Traditional Offset and Digital Printing workflow is the process, people and usually software technology ( RIPs raster image processors or DFE digital front end ) controllers that play a part in pre / post processing of print related files.
# The machines allowed users to share programs they have recorded with others via the " Send Show " feature, which transmits digital copies of shows not only on a local network, but also over the Internet to other ReplayTV owners, thereby enabling people who had not paid for premium channels to watch premium content for free.
# An emerging community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.
# An emerging discipline and community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.
# REDIRECT Personal digital assistant
# Theoretical explanations for the digital divide, or who connects with which attributes: demographic characteristics of connected individuals and their cohorts.
# REDIRECT Personal digital assistant
# Proven-70 % of all digital content purchased online in some parts of Asia uses the Direct Mobile Billing method

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