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And and though
And Zen Buddhism, though it is extremely difficult to understand how these internal contradictions are reconciled, helps them in their struggle to achieve personal salvation through sexual release.
And the life they lead is undisciplined and for the most part unproductive, even though they make a fetish of devoting themselves to some creative pursuit -- writing, painting, music.
And though we can look back now and see their errors, we can look back also to the ultimate error.
And in its engineers' frantic attempts to achieve maximum dynamic impact and earsplitting brilliance, the recording sounds as though it had been `` doctored for super-high fidelity ''.
And like this English master, Mason realizes his subjects in large, simplified masses which, though they seem effortless, are in reality the result of skilled design born of hard work and a thorough distillation of the natural form that inspired them.
And he could recognize, by touch alone, articles which he had handled immediately before, even though they were altogether unfamiliar to him and could not be identified by him ; ;
And though in his later years he revised his poems many times, the revisions did not alter the essential nature of the style which he had established before he was thirty ; ;
And the drawling, oversoft voice of flirtation, though fairly overt, was still well within the prescribed gambit of their culture.
And there are some positive results, though the final findings will not be known for a long time -- and then further research can be formulated.
And not one single dwelling left there, though once, in the early eighteenth century, there were close to a hundred houses.
And though it was logical that a man who could plot mass murder would not hesitate to speak an untruth, still it was difficult to understand why Spencer spoke only for Cromwell.
And, though at the time I blushed to admit it even to myself, there was in me a growing desire, a sexual awareness, that Johnnie had set in motion, an awareness that no other man had ever triggered.
And though ... worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh I will see God.
The full line goes along the pattern of, for example, " And even though Roger Clemens stabs his radio with a syringe whenever he hears us say it, this is NPR: National Public Radio ( later just '... this is NPR ').
And, though double shag is the most popular form of collegiate shag today, single was the dominant rhythm during the swing era.
And though, on orders from the hanging Committee and the Marquis de Chennevières, Pissarro's paintings of Pontoise for example had been skyed, hung near the ceiling, this did not prevent Jules-Antoine Castagnary from noting that the qualities of his paintings had been observed by art lovers.
And though his mother was against war, it was her collection of history books that first sparked Eisenhower's early and lasting interest in military history.
The Bible refers to the denarius as a day's wage for a common laborer ( Matthew 20: 2 ; John 12: 5 ). The value of the denarius is referred to, though perhaps not literally, in the Bible at Revelation 6: 6: " And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, ' A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius Vulgate: bilibris tritici denario et tres bilibres hordei denario, δηναρίου in the original Greek ; and do not damage the oil and the wine.
And as I am but one body naturally considered, though by His permission a body politic to govern, so shall I desire you all ... to be assistant to me, that I with my ruling and you with your service may make a good account to Almighty God and leave some comfort to our posterity on earth.
And sometimes the now-standard Griffith iris-out and iris-in might also be left on the inserted shot, even though it had action continuity with the shots on either side of it.
And though the Shrewsbury dons are sometimes hard to distinguish one from another, the College architecture is very good.
In a letter to Conrad Schmidt dated August 5, 1890, he stated that " And if this man ( i. e., Paul Barth ) has not yet discovered that while the material mode of existence is the primum agens this does not preclude the ideological spheres from reacting upon it in their turn, though with a secondary effect, he cannot possibly have understood the subject he is writing about.
But so much is written for the sake of proving that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God and His Apostle, being of old the Word, and appearing sometimes in the form of fire, and sometimes in the likeness of angels ; but now, by the will of God, having become man for the human race, He endured all the sufferings which the devils instigated the Jews to inflict upon Him ; who, though they have it expressly affirmed in the writings of Moses,And the angel of God spake to Moses in a flame of fire in a bush, and said, I am that I am, the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob ,” yet maintain that He who said this was the Father and Creator of the universe.
As a salutation to each issue of Benjamin Tucker's Liberty ( 1881-1908 ), these lines of poetry by Hay were printed: For always in thine eyes, O Liberty !/ Shines that high light whereby the world is saved ;/ And though thou slay us, we will trust in thee.
And Charles Stuart, eldest son of the late King, being informed of these transactions, left the Spanish territories where he then resided, and by the advise of Monk went to Breda, a town belonging to the States of Holland: from when he sent his letters and a declaration to the two House by Sir John Greenvil ; whereupon the nominal House of Commons, though called by a Commonwealth writ in the name of the Keepers of the Liberties of England, passed a vote about April 25, 1660, ' That the government of the nation should be by a King, Lords and Commons, and that Charles Stuart should be proclamed King of England.

And and their
And their arrival caught John Clayton and Charles Ansley off guard.
And now she could see him, looking uncommon handsome, standing there beside Sally Jackson and her folks in front of their trail-worn wagon.
And both in their objectives of non-discrimination and of social progress they have had ranged against them the Southerners who are called Bourbons.
And no messages can be transmitted on these circuits until senders and receivers authenticate in advance, by special codes, that the messages actually come from their purported sources.
And it is expressed, at least to their taste, in a perfect form.
And it is certainly no slight to either of them to compare both their achievements and their impact.
And although these insights into the nature of art may be in themselves insufficient for a thoroughgoing philosophy of art, their peculiar authenticity in this day and age requires that they be taken seriously and gives promise that from their very substance, new and valid chapters in the philosophy of art may be written.
If I now risk some comparisons with Sons And Lovers let it be clear that I am not comparing the two works or judging their merits ; ;
And like Jo March, who saw her sisters Meg and Amy involved in `` lovering '' before herself, Henrietta saw her sisters Rachel and Sadie drawn outside their family circle by the attraction of suitors, Rachel by Joe Jastrow, and Sadie by Max Lobl, a young businessman who would write her romantic descriptions of his trips by steamboat down the Mississippi.
To Serenissimus such tribes as the Cossacks of the Don or those ex-bandits the Zaporogian Cossacks ( in whose islands along the lower Dnieper the Polish novelist Sienkiewicz would one day place With Fire And Sword ) were just elements for enforced resettlement in, say, Bessarabia, where, as `` the faithful of the Black Sea borders '', he could use their presence as bargaining points in the Czarina's territorial claims against Turkey.
And as they go through college, the students tend to bring their political position in line with that prevalent in the social groups to which they belong.
And their chroniclers are not the dramatic poets but the prose novelists.
And the second requirement for convincing people without their knowledge is artistic talent to prepare the words and pictures which persuade by using the principles which the scientists have discovered.
And there must be many Soviet citizens who know what is going on and who realize that before they can hope to enjoy the full life promised for 1980 they and their children must first survive.
And all this too shall pass away: it came to him out of some dim corner of memory from a church service when he was a boy -- yes, in a white church with a thin spur steeple in the patriarchal Hudson Valley, where a feeling of plenitude was normal in those English-Dutch manors with their well-fed squires.
`` And in the future, since I write for a public of one, I can save the poor publishers from wasting their money ''.
And she was made to fall in love with him again there in the rutted dirt driveway standing in the cold fog, mad as she was at his going away when he really didn't have to, mad at their both having got older in a life that seemed to have taken no more than a week to go by.
And as the Pilgrims bowed their heads in humble gratitude, they shared another feeling -- the anticipation of what the future held for them and their posterity.
And, besides, there are a large number of scholars, artists, composers of music, novelists, poets, essayists, choreographers, lawyers, servants of government, and men of affairs -- hundreds, indeed -- who serve the Foundation well with the advice they give us freely and gratis out of their experience.
And the reason this could happen is clear: men of government, business men, lawyers and all who concerned themselves with the welfare of their fellow men did not let their concern to run their businesses at a profit restrict the development of freedom and opportunity.

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