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Another and Edinburgh
Another attempted return has been argued to have occurred in 1485, when ( admittedly suspect ) accounts suggest he escaped from Edinburgh Castle on a rope made of sheets.
Another contemporary Scot is Irvine Welsh, whose novel Trainspotting ( 1993 ), gives a brutal depiction of the lives of working class Edinburgh drug users.
Another reason was through an act of industrial espionage in 1709 by a weaver known as James Blake who gained access to the workshops of a damask linen factory in Edinburgh by pretending to act like a simpleton in order to find out and memorise the formula.
Another amateur team, Red Star Baillieston AFC plays at Stepford Edinburgh Road.
Another was his eccentrically decorated hotel in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh, which did not outlive the 1980s.
Another notable attempt to raise money for Children in Need, saw him ride a bicycle towing a rickshaw 484 miles from Edinburgh to London.
Another sister bridge is the Forth Road Bridge in Edinburgh.
Another influence was family friend Hamish Henderson of the University of Edinburgh ’ s School of Scottish Studies.
Another round of devices by the now quite violent group were claimed to be increasingly sophisticated and random yet again injured staff, this time of ferry company Stena Sealink, which were attacked in Gloucestershire, Oxford, Edinburgh and Kent, in connection with the live exports trade.
Another notable proposal is the electrification of the Glasgow to Edinburgh via Falkirk Line by 2016.
Another sign of its growing importance is that the next Master of Polmadie Hospital we know of-Walter de Kirkintilloch-was confirmed by a royal, and not just an Episcopal, charter, issued by Queen Margaret, wife of King David II-on the 18th of May 1367 at Edinburgh.
* 2011 The Future is Another Place ( Stand Up Show at the Edinburgh fringe, Uk tour )

Another and resident
Another target was Senator Ted Kennedy, parodied as " Senator O. Noble McGesture ," resident of " Hyideelsport.
Another one of the earliest recorded evidence of the modern paraffin wax crayon comes from Charles A. Bowley, a resident outside of Danvers, MA who developed what he thought were the first wax coloring crayons in the late 1880s.
Another prominent resident of Birchwood Road was the Welsh Baritone Sir Geraint Evans, and the toastmaster Ivor Spencer also lived nearby.
Another notable Jewish resident from 1955 until his death in 2000, was the spiritual head of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, Rabbi Chanoch Dov Padwa.
Another resident of Gleneldon Road was Gerry Shephard, guitarist with the Glitter Band, who lived at no.
Another resident, Rhonda Britton, sells rabbits for " Pets or Meat ".
Another late Moultrie resident has had a railway terminal in the Atlanta area named in his honor.
Another Midway resident, Nathan Brownson, served in the Continental Congress from 1776 to 1778, but did not sign the Declaration.
Another famous Sulphur Springs resident is United States Merchant Mariner and sailor, Megan N. Frazier.
Another early resident in the Barker Creek area was John H. F. Letherby, born in England and moved to Canada at the age of 16.
Another well-known resident was the hoodoo root doctor Jim Jordan, who died in the early 1960s.
Another notable resident of Mission is Neal Wanless, who won a South Dakota – record $ 232. 1 million ( annuity value ; he chose the cash option ) in the Powerball drawing of May 27, 2009.
Another notable resident of the town is Dick Stemple ( born 1940 ) is a member of the Board of Directors ( Immediate Past Chairman ) for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.
Another resident, Steve Brand, wants to go into town but Tommy, a boy from the neighborhood, tells him not to leave the street.
Another tree of the species, still living, is El Tlatoani, which is about 700 years old and is the oldest resident of the park.
Another noted resident who was born and grew up in the town is current Sheffield Wednesday manager Alan Irvine.
Another notable resident is actress Penelope Keith, who is probably most famous for her role as Margot in 1970s BBC sitcom The Good Life.
Another infamous resident was Sam " Momo " Giancana, a mafia boss from Chicago, who made Cuernavaca his home from 1967 until his arrest and deportation in 1974.
Another prominent resident from 1908 was George Wingfield, one of Nevada's entrepreneurs, who built the Goldfield Hotel.
Another famous resident was Rab Butler, the Conservative Deputy Prime Minister.
* Wanda ( Helen Martin ) – Another resident in the apartment building where the Evans reside.
Another surprising resident of the island is the brown or De Kay's snake.
Another famous resident was Theodore Loblaw of the grocery store chain, and author Margaret Atwood lived in the area from 1973-1980.
Another notable insect resident of this ecoregion is the rain beetle ( Plecoma sp.

Another and past
Another important break with the past was the radical overhaul of opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck, who cut away a great deal of the layering and improvisational ornament and focused on the points of modulation and transition.
Another theory suggests the brain may process sensory input ( perhaps all sensory input ) as a " memory-in-progress ", and that therefore during the event itself one believes it to be a past memory.
Another factor in human evolution that also occurred in the prehistoric past was a preferential selection for neoteny, particularly in females.
Another reason is that people want to get on with their lives and not have legal battles from their past come up unexpectedly.
Another reason for the move was fear of the Chinese take-over of Hong Kong and the threat of Chinese retaliation for Jardines drug smuggling past.
Another song on the album " For What It's Worth " features Nicks ' niece in the video, and was inspired by a past bus tour with Tom Petty.
Another related case is where stories are set in the near future, but with an explicitly allohistorical past, as in Ken MacLeod's Engines of Light series.
Another branch headed almost due west past Gray's Lake to rejoin the main trail about west of Fort Hall.
Another theory considers this legend to be the creation of a mythological past needed to back up the fast-rising Frankish rule in Western Europe.
Another way to characterize systems is by whether their output at any given time depends only on the input at that time or perhaps on the input at some time in the past ( or in the future!
Another name for this community is Clearpoint, Kentucky, which is derived from " Clear Pint ", again in reference to its historical past as a location at which to buy moonshine.
Another army of Bohemians and Saxons did not make it past Hungary before splitting up.
Another bathhouse, the Fordyce, has been converted into a museum to give tourists a glimpse into the fascinating past of the city.
Another intriguing element of the past was found while connecting a house on 11th St. to utilities in the late 1980s.
Another sketch involved Worth complaining to a policeman outside the Houses of Parliament that Big Ben clock was slow because Jimmy Young, the BBC Radio 2 presenter known for " always being right " had said that it was ten minutes past ten, while the clock said it was 10am.
Another long section remains, now the A15, running north out of Lincoln, past RAF Scampton and Caenby Corner, as far as Kirton in Lindsey at grid reference SE9698.
Another demonstration is to direct the air flow from, e. g., a vacuum cleaner operating in reverse, tangentially past a round cylinder.
Another problem to consider is that the Lacandon are not an entirely homogeneous group, which has created difficulties for ethnographers in understanding the religious practices of the Lacandon both past and present.
Another group of devils with blood all over them tried to take Lü ’ s life away by saying to Lü that he owed his previous life to them since in past life Lü took his life.
Another actress, Camila Ashland, who appeared on the television show Danger, physically resembled Madeline Lee ; though she had no political past, her network too became the target of protest phone calls.
Another cause may be that the patient is subconsciously seeking revenge for something that has occurred in the past.
Another recent study found that lesions to the ACC in the macaque resulted in impaired decision making in the long run of reinforcement guided tasks suggesting that the ACC may be involved in evaluating past reinforcement information and guiding future action.
Another major sports team in the past is the Negros Slashers arguably the most successful team of the now defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association
Another Riskbreaker, Rosencrantz, appears during Ashley's battles in Leá Monde, briefing him on the plans of the VKP, Sydney and the Cardinal, and subsequently his take on Ashley's past.

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