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Some Related Sentences

Another and factor
Another powerful factor in the European movement was the threat of Soviet aggression.
Another growth factor is increased consumer demand for better quality and larger quantities of fabrics that go with a rising standard of living.
Another factor that may hold hope is for parallel recognition is, as one man says it: `` that the fad for educating top people along managerial lines is yielding to the technically trained approach ''.
Another factor must have been the eventual disposal of Willis' fortune ; ;
Another example is the formation of hypusine in the translation initiation factor EIF5A, through modification of a lysine residue.
Another contributing factor is the ability of an element to catenate.
Another such factor is better nutrition, as well as training and training facilities / equipment which can work with ( or without ) steroids to produce a more potent ballplayer and further enhance his skills.
Another factor influencing the biotechnology sector's success is improved intellectual property rights legislation — and enforcement — worldwide, as well as strengthened demand for medical and pharmaceutical products to cope with an ageing, and ailing, U. S. population.
Another important factor behind Costa Rica's poverty was the lack of a significant indigenous population available for forced labor, which meant that most of the Costa Rican settlers had to work on their own land, preventing the establishment of large haciendas.
Another factor in addition to the packing shape and surface area that affects the performance of random or structured packing is the liquid and vapor distribution entering the packed bed.
Another factor was Ned Harkness, who was hired as coach in 1970 and was promoted to general manager midway through the season.
Another factor in its establishment was its location on the trade route from Holland to Liège.
Another factor inhibiting Chinese investment was the instability caused by friction between the government and the Military, he surmised, and the Fijian embassy in Beijing was continually engaged in damage control.
Another factor on early ARPANET mailing lists was netiquette, wherein people asking questions typically " promised to ' summarize ' received answers.
Another factor is that the emission of fluorescence frequently leaves a fluorophore in the highest vibrational level of the ground state.
Another important factor of common development of graph theory and topology came from the use of the techniques of modern algebra.
Another important factor was probably the Tsarina's German-Protestant origin: she was definitely highly fascinated by her new Orthodox outlook — the Orthodox religion puts a great deal of faith in the healing powers of prayer.
Another factor was the findings of the Palliser Expedition of 1857 to 1860, led by Captain John Palliser.
Another factor, more recently pointed out, was the way in which Christianity combined its promise of a general resurrection of the dead with the traditional Greek belief that true immortality depended on the survival of the body, with Christianity adding practical explanations of how this was going to actually happen at the end of the world.
Another factor in human evolution that also occurred in the prehistoric past was a preferential selection for neoteny, particularly in females.
Another factor in the early 1990s that worked to radicalize the Islamist movement was the Gulf War, which brought several hundred thousand US and allied non-Muslim military personnel to Saudi Arabian soil to put an end to Saddam Hussein's occupation of Kuwait.
Another factor was that the 8088 allowed the computer to be based on a modified 8085 design, as it could easily interface with most nMOS chips with 8-bit databuses, i. e. existing and mature, and therefore economical, components.
) Another factor that contributed to Brahms's perfectionism was that Schumann had announced early on that Brahms was to become the next great composer like Beethoven, a prediction that Brahms was determined to live up to.
Another factor that aided Ribbentrop's rise was Hitler's distrust of, and disdain for, Germany's professional diplomats.

Another and related
Another successful a cappella group is Straight No Chaser ( SNC ), which is actually two separate but related groups, one of which is an a cappella, collegiate group from Indiana University in the USA.
Another explanation is that the name was related to swamp and originally meant " enclosed sea, bay " as opposed to open sea.
Another and related theme is that of prophecy.
Another closely related explanation is that reality is devoid of sensory mediation and conception, or empty, and therefore language itself is a priori inadequate without direct experience.
Another related notion which ( by most definitions ) is strictly weaker than compactness is local compactness.
Another possible related etymology can be " bull-slayer ".
Another isolate that appears to be related to these viruses has been isolated from pig faeces in New Zealand.
Another Aegean language which is possibly related to Etruscan is Minoan.
Another type of spelling characteristic is related to word origin.
Another example involves the vowel differences ( with accompanying stress pattern changes ) in several related words.
Another important physiological change related to sexuality in humans was the evolution of hidden estrus.
Another example is the word gift, which in English and Dutch means a " present " but in German and the Scandinavian languages means " poison " ( the Swedish word for " gift " being gåva, related to the verb " to give ").
Another similar system used to write the Greek language was the Cypriot syllabary ( also a descendant of Linear A via the intermediate Cypro-Minoan syllabary ), which is closely related to Linear B but uses somewhat different syllabic conventions to represent phoneme sequences.
Another theory is that John Alden came from Harwich, England, where there are records of an Alden family who were related by marriage to Christopher Jones, the Mayflower ’ s captain.
Another campaign issue, also related to westward expansion, involved the Oregon Country, then under the joint occupation of the United States and the United Kingdom.
Another test statistic having this property is the Watson statistic, which is related to the Cramér – von Mises test.
Another Frenchman, Fermat, made ample use of a related principle, indirect proof by infinite descent.
Another poem of Tung-shan Liang-chieh on these and related themes, " The Song of the Jewel Mirror Awareness ", is also chanted in Sōtō temples daily.
" Another related definition accepted by many Pagans is that purported by the ceremonial magician Dion Fortune, who declared that " Magic is the art and science of changing consciousness according to the Will.
Another theory interprets the second element as related to the word * δᾶϝον dâwon, " water "; this would make * Posei-dawōn into the master of waters.
Another important factor that affects the accuracy of tree reconstruction is whether the data analyzed actually contain a useful phylogenetic signal, a term that is used generally to denote whether a character evolves slowly enough to have the same state in closely related taxa as opposed to varying randomly.
Another line of study by Frode Strømnes examined why Finnish factories had a higher occurrence of work related accidents than similar Swedish ones.
Another set of concepts related to fuzziness in semantics is based on prototypes.
Another very useful study aid, found in almost all editions of the Talmud, consists of the marginal notes Torah Or, Ein Mishpat Ner Mitzvah and Masoret ha-Shas by the Italian rabbi Joshua Boaz, which give references respectively to the cited Biblical passages, to the relevant halachic codes and to related Talmudic passages.

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