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Another and publication
Another reason for negative reviews was a puff piece written by Byron about the Christabel publication.
Another stimulus was the publication in 1991 of Consciousness Explained by Tufts University philosopher Daniel Dennett, which incorporated the meme concept into a theory of the mind.
Another Finnish-language Wobbly publication was the monthly Tie Vapauteen (" Road to Freedom ").
Another avenue for distribution that Baen uses for some of its new titles is the offering of Electronic Advance Reader Copies ( ARCs ), or eARCs 3 – 5 months prior to actual publication.
Another publication found that " the number of available publications that really go into the details in this topic is also rather poor ".
Another weakness of the method is the heavy reliance on the available corpus of published studies, which may create exaggerated outcomes due to publication bias, as it is far harder to publish studies which show negative results.
Another notable publication, dealing with failures of buildings, bridges, and other structures, is the Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities,
Another important issue is citation errors, which often occur due to carelessness on either the researcher or journal editor's part in the publication procedure.
Another newspaper, The Alaska Pioneer Press, which was under different ownership and was published monthly, ceased publication in January, 2011, after its owners moved out of the area.
Another publication, the Ulysses Tribune, published in March 1887:
Another successful example of Soviet disinformation was the publication in 1968 of Who's Who in the CIA which was quoted as authoritative in the West until the early 1990s.
Another is the publication of various newspapers and magazines in Kosovo and Afghanistan, where German soldiers serve with NATO.
In March 2011, Ford was featured as the cover star of the bi-annual publication AnOther Man, the fraternal counterpart to Another Magazine, giving his opinion on what makes the modern day gentleman.
Another UK publication, The Games Machine, gave the game an 89 % rating.
Another popular publication is the free " Edge " magazine, a primarily volunteer effort aimed at older Chelmsfordians.
Following publication of his novel In Another Life ( Lion's Head Press, 2009 ) he received the inaugural Lieutenant-Governor's Award for High Achievement in English-Language Literary Arts ( New Brunswick ).
Another key influence also came from the publication in the 1930s of Marx's Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts and The German Ideology, which showed the continuity with Hegelianism that underlay Marx's thought.
Another popular collection was John Newbery's Fables in Verse for the Improvement of the Young and the Old, facetiously attributed to Abraham Aesop Esquire, which was to see ten editions after its first publication in 1757.
Another source of information regarding the environment of microfinance is the Global Microscope on the Microfinance Business Environment, publication prepared by the Economic Intelligence Unit ( EIU ), the Inter-American Development Bank, and others.
Another important publication was The Mother Earth News, a periodical ( originally on newsprint ) that was founded a couple years after the Catalog.
Another writer of the era who covered the expanding prison population and attacked “ the prison industrial complex ” was Christian Parenti, who later disavowed the term before the publication of his book, Lockdown America ( 2000 ).
Another alleged case of unauthorized publication came with the poet Edward Young, who sent a poem to Curll for publication, with a letter of solicitation.
Another change in government control in 1970 was followed by the publication of a white paper in 1971 implementing the commission's reforms in a modified form.

Another and Worship
Another early proponent, Bob Rognlien, wrote in his book Experiential Worship that worship should engage the heart, soul, mind and strength.

Another and book
Another difficulty is that manuscripts of early writers were often incomplete: it is apparent that Bede had access to Pliny's Encyclopedia, for example, but it seems that the version he had was missing book xviii, as he would almost certainly have quoted from it in his De temporum ratione.
Another example of text from the last chapter or epilogue of Job can be found in the book The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation, showing examples of how fragments of The Book of Job found among the scrolls differ from the text as now known.
Another book using that same title, the " Gospel of Barnabas ", survives in two post-medieval manuscripts in Italian and Spanish.
Another relatively early use of the term in a German-language work was in a book by Fritz Sternberg, a Jewish Marxist political economist who was a refugee from the Third Reich.
Another notable book on the subject is Willy Ley's Exotic Zoology ( 1959 ).
Another application of category theory, more specifically: topos theory, has been made in mathematical music theory, see for example the book The Topos of Music, Geometric Logic of Concepts, Theory, and Performance by Guerino Mazzola.
Another prominent source, which Cervantes evidently admires more, is Tirant lo Blanch which the priest describes in Chapter VI of Quixote as " the best book in the world.
Another version is the Collector's Edition, a two-disc set featuring a remastered transfer with a 5. 1 audio track, two commentaries ( one by John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, another by producer Debra Hill and Joe Alves ), a making-of featurette, the first issue of a comic book series titled John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles, and a ten-minute deleted opening sequence.
The author tentatively titled the book Tomorrow is Another Day, from its last line.
Another film in the book, the now-lost porn film Him, has also been cited as the hoax, though it is known to have existed.
Another mention of Hector's exploits in the early years of war was given in the Iliad book 9.
Another influential book which he read at the time was a translation of Great Heroes of the World, becoming inspired by the American revolutionary George Washington and French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, whose military prowess and nationalistic fervour greatly impressed him.
Another influential book by Mead was Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies.
Another source of Mani's scriptures was original Aramaic writings relating to the book of Enoch literature ( see the Book of Enoch and the Second Book of Enoch ), as well as an otherwise unknown section of the book of Enoch called the " Book of Giants ".
Another is the graded system of books followed by teachers of the Suzuki method, in which the completion of each book is celebrated, without a system of marking or ranking of pupils.
Another usage of the phrase was described by British philosopher G. E. Moore in his 1903 book Principia Ethica.
Another usage of the phrase was described and named by British philosopher G. E. Moore in his 1903 book Principia Ethica.
Another member of the Frankfurt school, Theodor Adorno, published The Authoritarian Personality, in 1950, which was an influential sociological book which could be taken as something of a proto-psychohistorical book.
Another question from the examinations read " Fire-arms began with the use of rockets in the dynasty of Chou ( B. C. 1122-255 )-- in what book do we first meet with the word p ' ao, now used for cannon ?".
Another debate followed the appearance of The Bell Curve ( 1994 ), a book by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, who argued in favor of the hereditarian viewpoint.
" Another ( possibly earlier ) midrash, Ta ' ame Haserot Viyterot, states that this section actually comes from the book of prophecy of Eldad and Medad.
Another book, Exiles, started at the same time and concluded in December 2007 but with a new book in January 2008, " New Exiles " written by Chris Claremont.

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