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Another and rules
Another change in rules occurred on January 18, 1951, which established that no center, tackle, or guard could receive a forward pass.
Another definition sees language as a formal system of signs governed by grammatical rules of combination to communicate meaning.
Another mechanism involves generative devices which combine morphemes according to a language's rules.
Another facet of Nomic is the way in which the implementation of the rules affects the way the game of Nomic itself works.
Another example is occupiers ' liability, which was seen as overly complex and illogical, so many jurisdictions replaced the common law rules for occupiers ' liability with statutory torts.
Another proposed definition of depression includes two general rules:
Another argument supporting safe trade rules is that there are links between primate extinction and deforestation in the regions where primates are abundant, i. e. the Amazon rainforest, African rainforest, and Sumatran rainforest.
Another set of rules, the Sheffield Rules, was used by a number of clubs in the North of England from the 1850s.
Another British version ( with rules / format similar to the Wink Martindale version ) was hosted on The Family Channel ( now Challenge ) by Tony Slattery.
Another is in the Rougarou, a version of a Loup Garou ( French for werewolf ), that will hunt down and kill Catholics that do not follow the rules of Lent.
Another example is the dietary habits of a creature who eats only grapes, cheese or lettuce, and whose dietary habits conform to the following rules:
Another possibility is that the Challengers of the Unknown's existence outside the book caused the normal rules governing the book to be altered or that simply rules have changed after Elaine replaced Yahweh.
Another recent study is based on an analysis of high speed camera footage of flocks above Rome, and uses a computer model assuming minimal behavioural rules.
Another section of the same white paper reaffirms the government's determination to govern the internet within its borders according to its own rules.
Another constitutional reform in 1980 changed the rules for succession from agnatic primogeniture to equal primogeniture.
Another male contestant, this time in 1992, broke the safety rules when he went down the aerial slide not placing his feet in the water.
Another common obstacle to the adoption of formal business rule management is resistance from employees who understand that their knowledge of business rules is key to their employment.
Another FCC ruling that would affect the company was the 26 June 1968 ruling in the Carterfone case that deemed AT & T's rules prohibiting private two-way radio connections to a telephone network were illegal.
Another theory suggests that the Rule of Chrodegang, archbishop of Metz ( d. 766 ), was brought by Irish monks to their native land from the monasteries of north-eastern Gaul, and that Irish anchorites originally unfettered by the rules of the cloister bound themselves by it.
Another recent study, based on an analysis of high speed camera footage of flocks above Rome and assuming minimal behavioural rules, has convincingly simulated a number of aspects of flock behaviour.
Another example of ontological pluralism can be found in Ludwig Wittgenstein's notion of language-games ; the idea that different mutually agreed rule systems, and in the case of ontological matters, ontological rule systems, are adopted in conversation and communication for a purpose which delineates the rules, constituting the language-game's meaning.
Another example of tacit knowledge is the notion of language itself — it is not possible to learn a language just by being taught the rules of grammar — a native speaker picks it up at a young age almost entirely unaware of the formal grammar which they may be taught later.
Another contemporary example of Jantelagen might be the unsympathetic view of the agent provacateur or unfriendly reporter of an Occupy movement collective he is infiltrating ; by reducing Occupy's relations into superficial rules, he will navigate within the social movement community, while remaining committed to opposing social relations.

Another and change
Another weakness -- far more irritating than his manner of speaking, which he made only token effort to change -- was his devotion to that old horse of Tolley's.
Another change was made on November 10, 1963, when Broadway became one-way southbound from Herald Square to Madison Square ( 23rd Street ) and Union Square ( 14th Street ) to Canal Street, and two routes — Sixth Avenue south of Herald Square and Centre Street, Lafayette Street, and Fourth Avenue south of Union Square — became one-way northbound.
Another rule change banned " mass momentum " plays ( many of which, like the infamous " flying wedge ", were sometimes literally deadly ).
Another change allowed for those in school to be enrolled during ( summer ) vacation.
Another type of loaded die is hollow with a small weight and a semi-solid substance inside whose melting point is just lower than the temperature of the human body, allowing the cheater to change the loading of the die by applying body heat, causing the semi-solid to melt and the weight to drift down, making the chosen opposite face more likely to land up.
Another noticeable change in the dub is using different voice actors for different forms of a certain Digimon, whereas in Japan, the voice actor merely changes the tone of his / her voice, sometimes being altered for effect.
Another important physiological change related to sexuality in humans was the evolution of hidden estrus.
Another way is through a change of possession play, when the offensive team, having surmised the unlikelihood of scoring or achieving a first down within four attempts, kicks the ball away in what is known as a punt.
Another noticeable change to the script is that of the final battle, which doesn't move to the countryside but instead would have reduced Tokyo to rumble during the ensuing conflict between the three monsters.
Another difference between native and non-native Hausa is the omission of vowel length in words and change in the standard tone of native Hausa dialects ( ranging from native Fulani and Tuareg Hausa-speakers omitting tone altogether, to Hausa speakers with Gur or Yoruba mother tongues using additional tonal structures similar to those used in their native languages ).
Another way for an object to change is to change its parts.
Another major division within Islamism is between the fundamentalist " guardians of the tradition " of the Salafism or Wahhabi movement, and the " vanguard of change " centered on the Muslim Brotherhood.
Another responsibility of the change review board is to ensure that scheduled changes have been properly communicated to those who will be affected by the change or otherwise have an interest in the change.
" Another development which brought about a radical change in Indian politics was the espousal of Hindu-Muslim unity with the Lucknow pact at the annual meeting of the Congress in December 1916.
Another change was the conversion of the empire to Christianity, which occurred in a gradual process that lasted from the 2nd through the 5th centuries.
One study has demonstrated that UP can delay ovulation .< sup > 81 </ sup >... Another study found that UPA altered the endometrium, but whether this change would inhibit implantation is unknown .< sup > 82 </ sup > p.
Another proposed application of molecular nanotechnology is " utility fog " — in which a cloud of networked microscopic robots ( simpler than assemblers ) would change its shape and properties to form macroscopic objects and tools in accordance with software commands.
Another important change was the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping and modern accounting.
Another change allowed Militia units to serve anywhere south of the Equator in South-East Asia.
Another major factor in Stroessner's favor was a change in attitude among his domestic opposition.

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