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Any and elected
Any resident of Geneva allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the City Parliament.
Any decision that requires the assent of the pope has to wait until the new pope has been elected and accepts office.
Any Swiss citizen eligible to be a member of the National Council can be elected ; candidates do not have to register for the election, or to actually be members of the National Council.
Any resident of Zurich allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the City Parliament.
Any amendment that passes both Houses, must be repassed by majority votes, after a newly elected legislature is seated ; again, first in the Senate, then in the House.
Any Athenian citizen can be elected to office if they meet the requirements.
* Any change in the elected position that results in the buttocks breaking contact with the bench or lateral movement of the hands ( between the referee ’ s signals ).
Any Swiss citizen eligible to be a member of the National Council can be elected ; candidates do not have to register for the election or to actually be members of the National Council.
Any student who volunteers and completes a series of requirements known as the " comp " is elected an editor of the newspaper.
Any citizen of Georgia who has the right to vote and who has attained the age of 35 years and lived in Georgia for no less than 15 years, is eligible to be elected President.
Any amendment that passes both Houses must be repassed by majority votes, after a newly elected legislature is seated ; again, first in the Senate, then in the House.
## Any and each Republican United States Senator elected by such state in the six-year period prior to January 1 of the year in which the next national convention is held.
Any person qualified to be elected and intending to stand for election is required to be nominated by at least twenty Members of Parliament as proposers, and at least twenty other Members of Parliament as seconders.
Any unresolved matters following this recount are referred to the specially convened Eklogodikeion ( Court of Election ), which adjudicates and then officially publishes the names of elected MPs, so that the new Parliament may convene.
Any member of Sigma Pi may be elected to any of the seven positions on the Grand Chapter.
Any Israeli citizen over 21 may be elected to the Knesset, except holders of several high positions in the civil service and officers or career soldiers ( those should resign from their post before the elections ), soldiers in compulsory service, and felons who were convicted and sentenced to prison terms exceeding three months ( until seven years after their prison term expired ).
Any elector within the Niagara Region may be elected Chair by council, although regional policy requires that the Regional Chair will be elected from among the 30 persons who have been elected to Regional Council in the just completed municipal elections.
Stage i ) Any candidate gaining a quota of 1st preferences is elected.
Stage ii ) Any pair of candidates gaining 2 quotas is elected.
# Any vote which is not for an elected candidate.
Any student on the school can be elected.

Any and appointed
Any officer appointed by the Governor, except a member of the General Assembly, is removable by him, if there is a legitimate cause for removal.
Any MP appointed as official Parliamentary Private Secretary ( PPS ) to a government minister was privy to the inner workings of government but was expected to maintain a discreet silence in the House of Commons.
Any citizen of Sri Lanka can apply to the Ministry of Justice giving his or her credentials to be appointed as a Justice of the Peace.
Any institution established by or under the Agreement may exercise the powers and functions thereby conferred on it in respect of all or any part of the island of Ireland notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution conferring a like power or function on any person or any organ of State appointed under or created or established by or under this Constitution.
Any officer appointed by the Governor ( except interim members of the General Assembly ) is removable by him for cause.
In 2003, when he was appointed Chief of the Land Staff, he said, " Any commander who would stand up here and say that we didn't need more soldiers should be tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail.
Any person, with training and approval, may be appointed as a Guardian Ad Litem.
Any dispute that is not settled by direct negotiation or by mediation shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules .”
Any MP, including a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament ( NCMP ) or a Nominated Member of Parliament ( NMP ), may be appointed a Minister.
Any other position of authority, including the army, was appointed at the whim of the king himself.
Any questions as to membership or disqualification are determined by a tribunal convened in secret that consists of a Supreme Court judge appointed by the Chief Justice and two members appointed by the Council.

Any and board
Any player may declare the game over at any time during his turn if either of two conditions is true: one chain has 41 or more tiles, or there is at least one chain on the board and every chain on the board has 11 or more tiles.
Any ship owned by the company of more than 500 tons was to have a Church of England clergyman on board.
* Any piece, save for the king, may be captured and removed from the board if it becomes surrounded on two opposite sides by enemies.
* Any dart that does not remain in the board until it is collected by the player ( for example, a dart that hits a wire and bounces out of the board or drops out with the impact of a later throw ) also scores nothing ; exception should be noted if play is on any electronic board: darts falling out are counted.
Although the creators were sure that no one could believe a tale so ridiculous — and had added a link at the bottom of the page to another page explaining the hoax, and a message with the ratings reading " Note: Any relationship between these ratings and reality is purely coincidental " — eventually the legend was featured as true in an urban legends board game and television show.
* Any game that redefines a wall as part of the board that the game is played on, for example Escape from Colditz
( 8 ) Any other powers that are exercised or capable of exercise by its member governments and desirable for dealing with problems of mutual concern to the extent such powers are specifically delegated to it from time to time by resolution of the governing board of each of its member governments which are affected thereby, provided that no regional council of governments shall have the authority to construct or purchase building, or acquire title to real property, except for the purposes permitted under subdivision ( 7a ) of this section in order to exercise the authority granted by Chapter 260 of the Session Laws of 1979.
Any redevelopment of the park would require a majority vote from the county's board of legislators as well as New York State.
Any issue that NYPIRG works on, or stance it takes, must be approved by its student board of directors.
Any boards which report an unacceptable number of faults are removed from service by the system ; the duplexed board will continue operation until the problem is resolved via a hot-fix.
4VAC15-20-50 defines a wild animal as " Any member of the animal kingdom, except domestic animals, including without limitation any native, naturalized, or nonnative ( exotic ) mammal, fish, bird, amphibian, reptile, mollusk, crustacean, arthropod or other invertebrate, and includes any hybrid of them, except as otherwise specified in regulations of the board, or part, product, egg, or offspring of them, or the dead body or parts of them.
Any school is eligible to receive NSLP for its students ; meals come from a number of different sources, they can come from on-site production, vended meal from a NSLP caterer or in most schools provided by the local school board centralized kitchen.
Any political party or faction that seeks to form a majority in a parliament or on a board of directors or other responsible body typically must run a full slate if only to demonstrate that they have the capacity to attract the talent to fill every position with some person, even if that person is not ideal for the job.
Any girl wanting Ageha to give them a makeover only needs to write their name and class on Ageha's card ( showing Ageha's trademark, a swallowtail butterfly — agehachō in Japanese ) and put it up on the school's notice board, and Ageha will later show up in their classroom.
Richard Katskee, assistant legal director for Americans United, said of the trial's cost, " Any board thinking of trying to do what the Dover board did is going to have to look for a bill in excess of $ 2 million ," and " I think $ 2 million is a lot to explain to taxpayers for a lawsuit that should never be fought.

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