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Approaching and one
Approaching along the real axis, one finds
2003: Approaching Barnes Railway Bridge | Barnes Bridge – Oxford ( nearer the camera ) ultimately won by just one foot ( 30 cm )
Approaching her own debut, she danced in " one to three balls every night " and slept from four in the morning until noon.
Approaching east ( coming in from the west ), one faces two exits within a few metres of each other, and the second exit splits into two on the bridge.
Approaching the mountain passes which connect western Honshū to the east, Koremori split his forces in two, one part taking the Kurikara Pass up to Tonamiyama, the other entering Etchū Province through Noto Province to the north.
Approaching the Supreme Court library, one enters the pyramid area, a large space that serves as a turning point before the entrance to the courtrooms.
Approaching Mountains and Clouds from the south entrance gives a different impression ; one initially sees only two mountain peaks, and the highest seems to touch or merge into the lowest cloud form.

Approaching and day
Approaching from the south, Stockton and Kearny planned a crossing for the next day.

Approaching and during
His heroism just before and during the Clone Wars is portrayed in novels such as Outbound Flight, The Approaching Storm, and The Cestus Deception.
* Andrew Jackson Davis, The Approaching Crisis: Being a Review of Dr. Bushnell's Course of Lectures, on the Bible, Nature, Religion, Skepticism, and the Supernatural ( 1870 ), Boston: W. White & Co., text online ; a response to lectures by Bushnell during December 1851 and January 1852 on rationalism vs. supernaturalism.

Approaching and said
In the ' 70s, Photoplay Film Monthly said, " Approaching motherhood, Senta, the one-time militant feminist, has reverted to a docile feminine woman, just like the girl next-door.

Approaching and time
Approaching free agency, Martínez was traded to the Boston Red Sox in November 1997 for Carl Pavano and Tony Armas, Jr., and was soon signed to a six-year, $ 75, 000, 000 contract ( with an option for a seventh at $ 17 million ) by Red Sox general manager Dan Duquette, at the time the largest ever awarded to a pitcher.
Approaching the time that the group was ready to deliver their second album, Naturi Naughton announced that she was no longer a member of the group.
Approaching the time that the group was ready to deliver their second album, Naturi Naughton announced that she was no longer a member of the group.
Approaching the time of full moon, when the infamous parties take place on Haad Rin Nok, accommodation becomes much harder to obtain and prices rise accordingly.

Approaching and you
Approaching Blackwolf, Triumph quickly associated him as being part of the Lord of the Rings fan base ( based on Blackwolf's fantasy costume ) and then asked, " Have you ever talked to a woman without having to give your credit card number?
Approaching vandals who trashed a client's restaurant: " Why, you animals!
Approaching the island from Pula, you will first come to Porozina.

Approaching and hit
) Approaching the 3, 000-hit milestone in his major league career, he expressed a desire to record the hit in St. Louis.
Approaching the target, his aircraft was hit by a large caliber antiaircraft shell, seriously damaged and set on fire.
Approaching the target, his aircraft was hit repeatedly by antiaircraft fire which seriously crippled the ship, killed the pilot, and wounded several members of the crew, including Lt. Col. Vance, whose right foot was practically severed.

Approaching and ball
Approaching the 25-yard line, Roby swooped into a dive and appeared to fumble the ball, but he was ruled down by contact.

Approaching and me
Approaching his sixtieth year, he boasted that no person had succeeded in knowing him as an integral personality: " I have spent my life alone, utterly alone, and no biography of me could ever more than scratch the surface.
Approaching the walls of ice crystals, the voice of the unseen scientist marveled, " These tiny bits of snowflake crystal tower above me – like an enormous wall of ice.

Approaching and .
Approaching this problem on a statistical basis is invalid, because the opponent has the same sources available and will be encountered not under average conditions, but under the conditions most advantageous to him.
Approaching the fireplace, Kulesh killed Centurashvili with an axe, burned his clothes, then dismembered him and hid the pieces in snow, in different places, putting specific marks on each burial place.
Approaching the minimum of the solar cycle ( also named butterfly cycle ), the extension of the quiet Sun increases until it covers the whole disk surface excluding some bright points on the hemisphere and the poles, where there are the coronal holes.
Approaching a given genre, certain assumed background information covers the nature and purpose of possible predictable elements of the story, such as the appearance of dragons and wizards in high fantasy, warp drives in science fiction, or shootouts at high noon in Westerns.
Approaching Glasnevin via Phibsboro is what is known as Hart's Corner but which about a 200 years ago was called Glasmanogue, and was then a well-known stage on the way to Finglas.
Approaching the issue from a structuralist and narratological point of view, he has defined irrealism as a " peculiar mode of postmodern allegory " that has resulted from modernity ’ s fragmentation and dismantling of the well-ordered and coherent medieval system of symbol and allegory.
* Rock band The Flaming Lips perform the song " Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon ( Utopia Planitia )" on their 2002 release Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.
Approaching the subject from the perspective of neuroscience and social psychology, Kathleen Taylor suggests that manipulation of the prefrontal cortex activates " brainwashing ", rendering a person more susceptible to black-and-white thinking.
Approaching a ' village ,' the little dogs may be observed frisking about the ' streets ' — passing from dwelling to dwelling apparently on visits — sometimes a few clustered together as though in council — here feeding upon the tender herbage — there cleansing their ' houses ,' or brushing the little hillock about the door — yet all quiet.
* Ulrike Hugl, " Approaching the value of Privacy: Review of theoretical privacy concepts and aspects of privacy management ", Proceedings of the Sixteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems ( AMCIS ) 2010, paper no.
Approaching the egg cell is a rather complex, multistep process of chemotaxis guided by different chemical substances / stimuli on individual levels of phylogeny.
Approaching an agent with a request for coverage just on a collection — unless it is extensive and valuable — is not likely to kindle a great deal of enthusiasm on their part.
Williams wrote The Parade, or Approaching the End of a Summer when he was 29 and worked on it sporadically throughout his life.
Approaching 68, McEwen was the oldest person ever to be appointed Prime Minister of Australia, although not the oldest to serve ; Menzies left office two months after his 71st birthday.
Approaching the ocean, the land gradually loses elevation until it includes many areas of marsh and swamp.
Approaching a caravan of locals escaping the war zone, he stops a South Vietnamese military truck and places the wounded Steven on it, asking the soldiers to take care of him.
Approaching the Interstate 78 interchange on Interstate 81 ( Pennsylvania ) | Interstate 81 north in Union Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.
Approaching Chance on the street in front of the hotel with a fake injury, they draw guns and corner him ( Chance's rifle is out of reach ), and demand that he release Joe.
The final track on the album, " Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon ( Utopia Planitia )" earned a 2003 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, and the album was certified gold on April 10, 2006.
Image: Wallingford Iowa town sign. JPG | Approaching Wallingford whilst heading north on Iowa Highway 4.
Approaching Williamsburg on Route 866 from the west, after crossing the Juniata River ( Frankstown Branch ) two natural landmarks can be seen on the left.

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