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Areas and once
Areas with ravines or forests, like Chambal, Chilapata Forests were once known for dacoits.
Areas of the photo-etch image may be stopped-out before etching to exclude them from the final image on the plate, or removed or lightened by scraping and burnishing once the plate has been etched.
Areas that were once farms or wooded backcountry are now being developed into subdivisions.
Areas such as the Antelope Valley desert which is a high desert received snow each year, in the past it could snow 2-3 times a year ; however, recently snow level has declined significantly to once a year or less.
Areas of neighboring Fitchburg were once part of Lunenburg, but broke away around this time because the walking distance to church and town meetings was too great for many.
Areas that were once fields were turned into housing for these young families, and Dubuque began pushing westward.
Areas such as Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas which were once very inexpensive to live in prior to the real estate bubble are now quite expensive, although prices have dropped significantly since 2006.

Areas and Land
* Tasmania's Protected Areas on Private Land Program
In 2000 Babbitt created the National Landscape Conservation System, a collection of 15 U. S. National Monuments and 14 National Conservation Areas to be managed by the Bureau of Land Management in such a way as to keep them " healthy, open, and wild.
In 1981, the Communal Land Act shifted authority over these lands from traditional rulers to local authorities and changed the designation from Tribal Trust Lands into Communal Areas.
National Conservation Areas are managed by the United States Bureau of Land Management under the National Landscape Conservation System.
The Bureau of Land Management is another agency that designates and manages Research Natural Areas.
One such example of institutional racism in South Africa is Natives Land Act, 1913, which reserved 90 % of land for white use and the Native Urban Areas Act of 1923 controlled access to urban areas, which suited commercial farmers who were keen to hold labour on their land.
Among the most significant were the Natives Land Act, No 27 of 1913, and The Natives ( Urban Areas ) Act of 1923.
Historically, laws such as the Land Act of 1913 to the Group Areas Act ( 1950 ) initially prevented people from integrating from different tribal communities, consequently making it almost impossible for most music artists to gain recognition beyond their tribal boundaries.
The Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council ( LALC ) extends through Liverpool, Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly Local Government Areas ( LGA's ).
Jointly owned by Dr Tatiana Petrovsky and brothers Bill and Jamie Cox, the area is now permanently protected under Conservation Covenant under the Protected Areas on Private Land program.
* 30 June – The laws enforcing geographical segregation, including the Group Areas Act, the Native Land Act, the Native Trust and Land Act and the Asiatic Land Tenure Act, are repealed.
The latter animals are descended from both Spanish horses and other feral horses escaped from various sources ; they run wild in protected Herd Management Areas ( HMAs ) of the western United States, currently managed by the Bureau of Land Management ( BLM ), and to a lesser degree, in Canada.

Areas and include
Areas should be large enough to include the attractions, have ample space for the use of facilities needed, and have room around the edges to protect the values of the area from encroachment by private developments.
Areas relevant to cosmology include particle physics experiments and theory, including astrophysics, general relativity, and plasma physics.
Areas maintained by the National Park Service include: Appalachian National Scenic Trail ; Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor ; and Weir Farm National Historic Site.
Areas where differences have been found include verbal and mathematical ability.
Areas near Downtown Kansas City include the 39th Street District is known as Restaurant Row and features one of Kansas City's largest selections of independently owned restaurants and boutique shops.
Areas under the protection and management of the National Park Service include:
Areas within the Namib include the Skeleton Coast and the Kaokoveld in the north and the extensive Namib Sand Sea along the central coast.
Areas managed by the National Park Service include:
Areas managed by the National Park Service include:
Areas which the GLA has responsibility for include transport, policing, fire and rescue, development and strategic planning.
Other references to Le Pétomane include Mel Brooks's 1974 film Blazing Saddles, Kevin Gilbert's The Shaming of the True, the 1984 college romp film Up the Creek, directed by Robert Butler, in which the four protagonists represent Lepetomane University in an inter-collegiate river raft race, Kinky Friedman's 1999 novel Spanking Watson, and John Hodgman's book The Areas of My Expertise.
Areas of study include cellular adaptation to injury, necrosis, inflammation, wound healing, and neoplasia.
Wetland / wildlife management areas include the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge ; Gillmor Sanctuary ; Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve ; Salt Creek, Public Shooting Grounds, Harold Crane, Locomotive Springs, Ogden Bay, Timpie Springs, and Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Areas.
Areas of management include sex assignment, genitoplasty, gonadectomy in relation to tumor risk, hormone replacement therapy, and genetic and psychological counseling.
Areas of the East Midlands designated by the East Midlands Biodiversity Partnership as Biodiversity Conservation Areas include:
Areas and suburbs of Bacup include Britannia, Broadclough, Deerplay, Dulesgate, Stacksteads and Weir.
Areas with successful long-term cultivation include the entire Mediterranean region, western Europe north to the British Isles, southern Australia and New Zealand, and southern and western North America.
Areas of assistance include:
Surveys of woodlands of County Kilkenny include A Woodland Survey of Kilkenny, undertaken in 1997 to identify woodlands in the county and A survey of broadleaved woodlands in three special Areas of Conservation, Barrow-Nore, River Unshin and Lough Forbes ( 2000 ) which covers some of County Kilkenny, and National Survey of Native Woodlands ( NSNW ) 2003-2008 which was one of the largest ecological surveys to be completed in Ireland and did its fieldwork in the county in 2003.
Areas of practice include regional and downtown plans, new towns, urban infill, villages and resort villages, transit-oriented development, suburban retrofits, campuses, housing, affordable housing and civic buildings.
Areas where Orthodox approaches may create different results include situations where a woman has been raped, kidnapped or held hostage, descendants of converts whose Judaism status turned out to be subject to doubt, ambiguous prior dating histories, and other potentially ambiguous or difficult situations.
Areas within the municipality of Bærum include Bærumsmarka, Vestmarka, and Krokskogen.
Areas where mangal occurs include estuaries and marine shorelines.
* Areas of future research include intraperitoneal injection of L-dopa ; its use at 10 mg / kg could not completely suppress the development of form-deprivation myopia.

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