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Page "editorial" ¶ 389
from Brown Corpus
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mother and autistic
Is the mother of an `` autistic '' child at fault??
`` You don't believe that autistic children become autistic because of something that happens to them or because of the way their mother treats them.
The " refrigerator mother " label was based on the assumption that autistic behaviors stem from the emotional frigidity of the children's mothers.
An autistic child speaks of himself as " you " and not infrequently of the mother as " I.
The symbiotic autistic syndrome used to be called the " Mahler syndrome " because Mahler first described it: The child is unable to differentiate from the mother.
Arieti warned that an autistic tendency is a sign of a kind of disorder in the process of socialization, and that when autistic expressions appear it should be assumed that there is a sort of difficulty between the child and his parents, especially the schizogenic mother.

mother and child
The child grows rich on his winnings and conspires with his uncle to make secret gifts of his money to his mother.
The child dies with his mourning mother at his bedside.
And when the child dies in Lawrence's story in a delirium that is somehow brought on by his mania to win and to make his mother rich, the manifest absurdity of such a disease and such a death does not enter into our thoughts at all.
Sibylla is pregnant with their second child when she finds the ivory tablet concealed by her husband, and the identities of mother and son are revealed.
Hearst saw his wife and child, sent a joyful message to his mother in California, and soon returned to Washington, where on April 22, for the first time, he opened his mouth in Congress.
`` You do not know me '', she said in good English, `` but my mother was your governess in Philadelphia when you were a child ''.
A mother can help a child adapt to his difficulties.
The mother of a difficult child can do a great deal to help her own child and often, by sharing her experiences, she can help other mothers with the same problem.
A somewhat less fragmented hebephrenic patient of mine, who used to often seclude herself in her room, often sounded through the closed door -- as I would find on passing by, between our sessions -- for all the world like two persons, a scolding mother and a defensive child.
It's perfectly normal for babies to suck their thumbs, and no mother need worry if a child continues this habit until he is two or three years old.
Growing up without a mother from the time she was three -- it wasn't a good thing for a child, even knowing the kind of mother Alice had been.
Often bedridden as a child, he became an outcast at school and bonded with his mother.
For example, Oki, born as a child of an Ainu father and a Japanese mother, became a musician who plays the traditional Ainu instrument tonkori.
Agrippina ’ s mother Julia was the only natural child born to Augustus from his second marriage to noblewoman Scribonia.
Bishop Asser tells the story of how as a child Alfred won a prize of a volume of poetry in English, offered by his mother to the first of her children able to memorise it.
Ammonius ' father, Hermias, died when he was a child, and his mother, Aedesia, raised him and his brother, Heliodorus, in Alexandria.
Soon afterwards he had the Empress Maria imprisoned and then killed ( forcing a signature from the child Emperor Alexius to put his mother to death ), by Pterygeonites and the hetaireiarches Constantine Tripsychos.
The leprous child Baldwin IV succeeded his father and brought his mother Agnes of Courtenay ( now married to her fourth husband ) back to court.
Then looking at him darkly Zeus who gathers the clouds spoke to him :' Do not sit beside me and whine, you double-faced liar. To me you are the most hateful of all gods who hold Olympos. Forever quarrelling is dear to your heart, wars and battles .… And yet I will not long endure to see you in pain, sinceyou are my child, and it was to me that your mother bore you. But were you born of some other god and proved so ruinouslong since you would have been dropped beneath the gods of the bright sky.
At the rock, a local mother, Mrs. Schroeder, tries to tell her child, Baby Joan, to come down from the rock, when Baby Joan licks it-and a spring of water begins flowing from it.
Chaplin believed his first influence to be his mother, who would entertain him as a child by sitting at the window and mimicking passers-by.

mother and who
Poor where they had once been rich, humbled where they had been arrogant, having no longer any hope of sharing in the leadership of the nation, the rebels who would not surrender in spirit drew comfort from the sympathy they felt extended to them by the mother country.
It was mother who planted the verbenas.
It was, of course, a little boy's fantasy of winning his mother to himself, and replacing the father who could not give her the things she wanted -- a classical oedipal fantasy if you like -- but if it were only this the story would be banal.
Bertha Szold was more like Meg, the eldest March girl, who `` learned that a woman's happiest kingdom is home, her highest honor the art of ruling it, not as a queen, but a wise wife and mother ''.
Accordingly the request was granted, but the Elector himself, who had not been consulted by his mother, rejected the proposal and recalled his agent Schutz, whose impolitic handling of the affair had caused the Hanoverian interest to suffer and had made Oxford's dismissal more likely than ever.
He supported his mother and his brother, who afterwards committed suicide.
My father would have done it if it hadn't been for my mother, who had a fear of being in debt to anyone -- even Alfred Alpert.
Her brother Karl was a very gentle soul, her mother was a quiet woman who said little but who had hard, probing eyes.
His mother Bess, who could not write herself, reminded her husband through Sturley to buy the apron he had promised her and `` a suite of hattes for 5 boies the yongst lined & trimmed with silke '' ( for John, only a year old ).
Daughter of a gypsy mother who taught her to dance, she is one of the few really beautiful girls in the New York Casbah, with dark eyes and dark, waist-length hair, the face of an adolescent patrician and a lithe, glimmering body.
Her mother had done it before her, and even her old grandmother, who had collected money for smallpox and unwed mothers.
I called the other afternoon on my old friend, Graves Moreland, the Anglo-American literary critic -- his mother was born in Ohio -- who lives alone in a fairy-tale cottage on the Upson Downs, raising hell and peacocks, the former only when the venerable gentleman becomes an angry old man about the state of literature or something else that is dwindling and diminishing, such as human stature, hope, and humor.
Her young British lawyer, James Dunlop, pleaded that she was sorely needed at her Portland home by her widowed mother, 80, her maiden aunt, also 80 and bedridden for 20 years, and her uncle, 76, who once ran a candy shop.
The mother and daughter, who will be buried side by side in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, rested together today in closed caskets at the Lyle Elliott Funeral Home, 31730 Mound, Warren.
`` O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle queen and mother, look down in mercy upon England, thy `` dowry '', and upon us all who greatly hope and trust in thee.
There were several fairly good minor portraits in the play, including William Hansen's impersonation of a stubborn, rather pathetic father, and Katherine Squire's vigorous characterization of a farm mother who brooked no hifalutin' nonsense from her daughter, or anyone else.
His mother, who had seen little of him for four years, appeared worried about his sailing off by himself for an Orient which, she herself having slight knowledge of it, had to be distrusted.
The meaning of the epithet " Lyceus " later became associated Apollo's mother Leto, who was the patron goddes of Lycia ( Λυκία ) and who was identified with the wolf ( λύκος ), earning him the epithets Lycegenes ( ; Λυκηγενής, Lukēgenēs, literally " born of a wolf " or " born of Lycia ") and Lycoctonus ( ; Λυκοκτόνος, Lukoktonos, from λύκος, " wolf ", and κτείνειν, " to kill ").
She fell in love with Apollo who disguised himself as Leucothea's mother to gain entrance to her chambers.
His teacher was his mother, who supervised him for several years until she became terminally ill. After Hillside, he was educated at Eton College.
Rieux is Dr. Rieux's mother, who comes to stay with him when his sick wife goes to the sanatorium.

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