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At and Mỹ
At the time of the attack on Saigon, Thiệu was out of town, having travelled to celebrate the new year at his wife's family ’ s home at Mỹ Tho in the Mekong Delta.
At its 23rd meeting, UNESCO accorded Mỹ Sơn this recognition pursuant to its criterion C ( II ), as an example of evolution and change in culture, and pursuant to its criterion C ( III ), as evidence of an Asian civilisation which is now extinct.
At the beginning of the 10th century, the Cham center of power was at Dong Duong, not far from Mỹ Sơn.

At and built
At Camp Taylor in Kentucky a barracks was built in an hour and a half from timber that had been standing in Mississippi forests one week before.
At the beginning of the Hippodrome I saw the Kaiser's Fountain, an ugly octagonal building with a glass dome, built in 1895 by the German Emperor, and on my left, directly across from it, the tomb of Sultan Ahmet, who constructed the Blue Mosque, more properly known by his name.
At the point where they ended, another settlement grew up around a chapel built at the boat landing by Father Lucian Galtier in 1840.
* At Khyrse, in Troad, the temple was built for Apollon Smintheus
At this time Johnson built a larger home in Greeneville ( Eliza had given birth to another son and his mother had moved in with them following the death of his stepfather.
At the time, there was little regard for historical heritage ; in the 1960s, a new city hall was built and its neo-gothic predecessor ( 1867 ) demolished to make way for a planned arterial road that never materialised.
At the end of the War of 1812, Fort Gibson was built and the island remained a military post for nearly 80 years before it was selected to be a federal immigration station.
At the Chicago 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, Muybridge gave a series of lectures on the Science of Animal Locomotion in the Zoopraxographical Hall, built specially for that purpose in the " Midway Plaisance " arm of the exposition.
At this point Drake rallied his men, buried the treasure on the beach, and built a raft to sail with two volunteers ten miles along the surf-lashed coast to where they had left the flagship.
At the start of the 18th century a large house, called Delville-known at first as The Glen-was built on the site of the present Bons Secours hospital.
At Jericho, circular dwellings were built of clay and straw bricks left to dry in the sun, which were plastered together with a mud mortar.
At least two synagogues were also built in the 6th century CE.
At 11 he had his own workshop where he built model boats and engines.
At Etruria, he even built a village for his workers.
At first Schonberg drove the homemade device, powered by a modified JAP motorcycle engine built by Brabham in his workshop.
At the end of the Soviet period there were about 50 airports and airstrips in Kyrgyzstan, many of them built primarily to serve military purposes in this border region so close to China.
At the suggestion of Themistocles, all of the funerary sculptures were built into the city wall and two large city gates facing north-west were erected in the Kerameikos.
At the elite level, competitors run down a runway ( usually coated with the same rubberized surface as running tracks, crumb rubber also vulcanized rubber ) and jump as far as they can from a wooden board 20 cm or 8 inches wide that is built flush with the runway into a pit filled with finely ground gravel or sand.
At the opposite end, the " Clayton end ", the ground had been " built up, thousands thus being provided for ".
At the time of the reign of Mieszko there was no single place serving as the capital, instead he built several palatiums around his country.
At the age of six, Webster began attending a dilapidated one room primary school that had been built by West Hartford's Ecclesiastical Society.
At the end of the decade, in October 1970, the Phillies played their final game in Connie Mack Stadium and prepared to move into newly built Veterans Stadium, wearing new maroon uniforms to accentuate the change.
At the height of the Cold War, he built a bomb shelter under his house, like the one featured in Farnham's Freehold.
At first, mosques combined both religious performance and learning activities, but by the 9th century, the Madrassa was introduced, a proper school that was built independently from the mosque.
At the request of the French, he built a church, the first in Mysore.

At and hall
At that moment the bathroom door flew open and Eugene came out, with his face lathered for shaving, and strode down the hall, tying the sash of his dressing gown as he went.
At the landing she saw Juanita, her face flushed pink with excitement, run down the hall from the kitchen to the front door.
At the time of his birth, Chaplin's parents were both entertainers in the music hall tradition: Hannah, the daughter of a shoemaker, had a brief and unsuccessful career under the stage name Lily Harley, while Charles Sr., a butcher's son, worked as a popular singer.
At the end of the century, the administration of the city hall and the city underwent diverse structural changes with the opening of several avenues, hospitals, cultural spaces and it became one of the main tourist destinations in the Northeast and in Brazil.
At the same time he was employed by Jean-Baptiste Kranz to assist him in the design of the exhibition hall for the Exposition Universelle which was to be held in 1867.
At dusk on November 8, Danish soldiers, with lanterns and torches, entered a great hall of the royal palace and took away several noble guests.
At the town hall, Massimo and Mary prepare to marry but her father stops the ceremony, realising that the wedding is what he wants for her and not what she wants.
At the Villa Savoye the act of cleansing is represented both by the sink in the entrance hall and the celebration of the health-giving properties of the sun in the solarium on the roof which is given significance by being the culmination of ascending the ramp.
* At colleges in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Hall is the dining hall for students, with High Table at one end for fellows.
At the right side of the hall, in the front row of seats reserved for the dead leader's family, his wife Tatyana Filipovna with her red hair held in place with a hairclip, sat alongside with their two children, Igor and Irina.
At that time, supporting bands were not also named to the hall.
At around 3 am, the first casualties of the putsch occurred when the local garrison of the Reichswehr spotted Röhm's men coming out of the beer hall.
At the age of 16, he was a hall monitor at high school, and possibly had a part-time security guard job at Springfield State University.
At its north-east corner access was given from the dormitory to the necessarium, a building in the form of a Norman hall, 145 ft ( 44 m ) long by 25 broad ( 44. 2 m × 7. 6 m ), containing fifty-five seats.
" At the Yelmo Cineplex in Spain, $ 390, 000 was spent refitting a theater into a " high-tech video gaming hall seating about 50 people.
At the south of the grand hall a series of rooms were built for storage.
At the Westcroft Leisure Centre in Grove Park, Carshalton, there are health and fitness facilities including two swimming pools one being a teaching pool, sports hall, two others halls, squash court and fitness centre.
At one point Walthamstow was just a culmination of five small villages, and affairs were discussed at Vestry House, acting as the first town hall.
At a town hall meeting at Stonington ‘ s Road Church in April 1807, a small majority of voters decided for division, using the old dividing line between the North and South societies of the Congregationalist Church as the demarcation line.
* The Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip mention Hengelo in their song " At the Hundredth Meridian ", where they " remember Hengelo " after a glorious gig in Metropool ( concert hall in Hengelo ).
At least two Warren hammers exist, one of which is on display at the town hall.
At that time, New College Lane was known as Hammer Hall Lane ( named after a hall to the east, as New College had not then been founded ), and its northern side was the old town wall.
At one time it was home to 300 households, had a church, school, store, sawmill, a boot and shoe shop, and a public hall.
At Schwetzingen, the city concert hall was renamed in his honor in 2005.

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