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At and is
At her door, two or three hours later, Mary Jane whispered, `` Everyone is asleep ''.
At General Power's seat in the balcony there is also a gold phone.
At the same time, he is plainly sympathetic, clearly friendly.
At the same time, because the personal code of the detective coincides with the legal dictates of his society, because he likes to catch criminals, he is in middle class eyes a virtuous man.
At the national and international level, then, what is the highest kind of morality for the private citizen represents an instance of political immorality.
At that point we reach the `` closed '' historical situation: the situation in which man is no longer free to return to a status quo ante.
At the same time, I am aware that my recoil could be interpreted by readers of the tea leaves at the bottom of my psyche as an incestuous sign, since theirs is a science of paradox: if one hates, they say it is because one loves ; ;
At this point a working definition of idea is in order, although our first definition will have to be qualified somewhat as we proceed.
At Sounion there is a group of beautiful columns, the ruins of a temple to Poseidon, of particular interest at that time, as active reconstruction was in progress.
At his press conference Mr. Kennedy said, `` All we want in Laos is peace not war a truly neutral government not a cold war pawn ''.
At the head of the CDC is an unorthodox, 39-year-old amateur politico, Thomas B. Carvey Jr., whose normal profession is helping develop Hughes Aircraft's moon missiles.
At the left is a pair of dressy straw pumps in a light, but crisp texture.
At right is a casual style in a crushed unlined white leather.
At a rate of $3.22 an hour he is now earning approximately $580 a month.
Having hedged its bets in this way, PHS apparently decided it would be possible to make some sort of determination after all: `` At present radiation levels, and even at somewhat higher levels, the additional risk is slight and very few people will be affected ''.
) At this late date, it is impossible for St. Michael's College to find a suitable replacement for me.
At the same time, his voice betrayed uncertainty about their being here, and conveyed an appeal to whatever is reasonable, peace-loving, and dependable in everybody.
`` At least there is room here '', she said.
At the entrance side of the shelter, each roof beam is rested on the inside 4 inches of the block wall.
At that time consideration will be given to whether in the light of the United States supplies of rice available for Title 1, disposal, India's production, consumption and stocks of food grains, other imports from the United States and countries friendly to the United States, India's storage capacity, and other related factors, any increase would be possible in the portion of the total rice programmed which is currently planned for procurement during the first year.
At intervals an alumni directory is issued.
At the recent horse show convention in New York it was stated that this Intermediate Judging Class is meeting with great success and will be a great help to future judges in the horse world.
At the present time the research team which pioneered this new technique is primarily interested in advancing and perfecting it.

At and third-highest
At his retirement, at the end of the 2008 AFL season, he had played the third-highest total career games in league history, a total of 383 games.
At the 2005 general election Pickles retained the seat with an increased majority of 11, 612 ( 26. 3 %), nearly as many as the total votes cast for the second place candidate, and making this the second safest seat in Eastern England, and Pickles the MP with the third-highest share of the vote cast in this region.
At the time this was the third-highest cash sale for any domain name.
At the time, this was the third-highest gross for a North American tour, behind The Rolling Stones ' 1989 Steel Wheels Tour and New Kids on the Block's 1990 Magic Summer Tour.
At an altitude of above sea level, Bald Knob is the third-highest point in West Virginia and the Allegheny Mountains.

At and mountain
At 1, 271 metres, the mountain has its own ecosystems, is rich in biodiversity and plays a large part in determining the local weather.
At the age of 25, in the summer of 1835, Carson attended an annual mountain man rendezvous, which was held along the Green River in southwestern Wyoming.
( Pidurutalagala is the highest at 2, 524 m ) At the plateau's southern end, mountain ranges stretch 50 kilometers to the west toward Adam's Peak ( 2, 243 meters ) and 50 kilometers to the east toward Namunakula ( 2, 036 m ).
At the end of the book ( Deuteronomy 34 ) Moses is allowed to see the promised land from a mountain, but it is not known what happened to Moses on the mountain.
At the end of Maximilian's rule, the Habsburgs ' mountain of debt totalled 6 million gulden ; this corresponded to a decade's worth of tax revenues from the their inherited lands.
At the same time, The Watcher surprises Rabican's army from behind and crushes it, seemingly slaying the Avatara and scattering survivors around the mountain range.
At approximately 03: 00, the Chinook attempted to land atop the mountain.
At a lower levels ( up to approximately 1, 100 m ) oak woods or broadleafed trees grow ; on the mountain slopes ( up to 2, 000 – 2, 200 m ) beech trees grow at the lowest limits, with conifer woods higher up.
At the same time, tectonic uplift forms a mountain belt in the overriding plate, from which large amounts of material are eroded and transported to the basin.
At the same time, the growing weight of the mountain belt can cause isostatic subsidence in the area of the overriding plate on the other side to the mountain belt.
At the top are located two restaurants and a museum of mountain troops ( Musée des troupes de montagne ).
At the top of the mountain stands a small metal structure, the Aljaž Tower ().
* At the south end of Baja California Sur, the Sierra de la Laguna forms an isolated mountain range rising to 2406 m.
At Tết every house is usually decorated by hoa mai – Ochna integerrima ( in the central and southern parts of Vietnam ) or hoa đào – peach flower ( in the northern part of Vietnam ) or hoa ban ( in mountain areas ).
At 512 meters it is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola.
At Pessinos in Phrygia, the mother goddess-identified by the Greeks as Cybele-took the form of an unshaped stone of black meteoric iron, and may have been associated with or identical to Agdistis, Pessinos ' mountain deity.
At the same time, crustal extension took place because the mountain range was isostatically unstable ( this is called orogenic collapse ).
At first these troops were formed by farmers and shepherds originating from the countryside, woods and frontier mountain areas.
At the mouth of the Trempealeau River, which flows from northeast to southwest across the county on its way to the Mississippi River, they found a bluff surrounded by water and called it " La Montagne qui trempe à l ’ eau ," which means " mountain with its foot in the water.
At the end of the mountain range stood the stronghold of Isengard near the southwestern corner of the forest and this was where Saruman lived.
At the western foot of the mountain, near the Farmington River, grows the Pinchot Sycamore, the largest tree in Connecticut.
At the western foot of the mountain, on the York State line, lies Indian Pond, now called Wequagnock Lake.

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