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Authors and composers
The Ivor Novello Awards for songwriting, established in 1955 in Novello's memory, are awarded each year by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors ( BASCA ) to British songwriters and composers as well as to an outstanding international music writer.
The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers ( ASCAP ) was founded in 1914 to aid and protect the interests of established publishers and composers.
Robert Nathaniel Dett ( 1882 – 1943 ) was among the first Black Canadian composers during the early years of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
He was also prominent among the tin pan alley composers and was later a founder of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers ( ASCAP ).
Canadian composers and lyricist assign performance and communication rights to the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers in Canada ( SOCAN ), which then sells blanket licenses of its repertoire.
The more or less symbiotic association was needed as the musical business of composers would inevitably flourish under favorable press reviews and the establishment of the Vienna Journalists ' and Authors ' Association in 1859 would signify an even more closer relationship between both composer and the press.
" Irresistible " ( also registered as " Irresistable " with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ) was written specifically for Simpson by Swedish composers Anders Bagge and Arnthor Birgisson, in collaboration with English singer-songwriter Pamela Sheyne, who also contributed vocals for the demo.
The song " The Tracks of My Tears " was also awarded " The Award Of Merit " from The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers ( ASCAP ) for Miracles members / composers Pete Moore, Marv Tarplin, and Smokey Robinson.

Authors and are
Authors may post the documents on their own websites, but they are required to link back to the digital library's reference page for the paper.
New distributions are uploaded to the Perl Authors Upload Server, or PAUSE ( see the section Uploading distributions with PAUSE ).
In an autobiographical piece that Orwell sent to the editors of Twentieth Century Authors in 1940, he wrote: " The writers I care about most and never grow tired of are: Shakespeare, Swift, Fielding, Dickens, Charles Reade, Flaubert and, among modern writers, James Joyce, T. S. Eliot and D. H. Lawrence.
India: In India, Raja Rammohan National Agency for ISBN is responsible for registration of Indian Publishers, Authors, Universities, Institutions and Government Departments who are responsible for publishing books.
Authors such as Virginia Woolf, D. H. Lawrence, and Joseph Conrad have written works that are Impressionistic in the way that they describe, rather than interpret, the impressions, sensations and emotions that constitute a character's mental life.
Authors are in disagreement as to when exactly the games were first instituted: Aristotle is said to have ranked the Lykaion games fourth in order of institution after the Eleusinia, the Panathenaia, and the Argive games, while Pausanias argues for the Lykaian competition ’ s priority to the Panathenaia.
Authors such as Studs Terkel, Alex Haley, and Oscar Lewis have employed oral history in their books, many of which are largely based on interviews.
Authors of special citation entries are listed in italics.
Authors doubting that decay causes forgetting from short-term memory often offer as an alternative some form of interference: When several elements ( such as digits, words, or pictures ) are held in short-term memory simultaneously, their representations compete with each other for recall, or degrade each other.
Authors are expected to keep all study data for later examination even after publication.
Authors are also commonly required to provide information about ethical aspects of research, particularly where research involves human or animal participants or use of biological material.
The Authors of Natural Capitalism say that these choices are possible and " such an economy would offer a stunning new set of opportunities for all of society, amounting to no less than the next industrial revolution.
Authors such as Christopher Ehret have built upon the little evidence available to develop scenarios of intensive usage of plants having built up first in North Africa, as a precursor to the development of true farming in the Fertile Crescent, but such suggestions are considered highly speculative until more North African archaeological evidence can be gathered.
Authors are more readily published by this means due to the much lower costs involved.
In writing an entry about for Contemporary Authors, you are somewhat in the position you would be writing an entry on the poet John Keats in 1821.
Authors are well-advised to review the behavior of their client-side scripts on a variety of platforms before they put them into use.
Authors are assigned to these periods by years of principal achievements.
" Authors Günter Grass, Thomas Bernhard, Peter Handke, Italo Calvino, John Fowles, Angela Carter, John Banville, Michel Tournier, Giannina Braschi, Willem Brakman and Louis Ferron are widely considered postmodernist, but might " just as easily be categorized ... magic realist.
According to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers in 2006, the following are the Top 25 most-performed " holiday " songs written by ASCAP members, for the first five years of the 21st century: ( tracking plays in the U. S. only, and in order of number of plays )
Authors for these chapters are solicited by the board of editors from leading chemists worldwide.
Authors and the producers are presented with the award.

Authors and commonly
Authors in music literature commonly use the term " sight-reading " generically for " the ability to read and produce both instrumental and vocal music at first sight ... the conversion of musical information from sight to sound ".

Authors and referred
Authors referred to their own commentaries as " al derekh ha-peshat " ( by the simple method ) to contrast them with pilpul.
As a result, she is also considered a significant figure in Canadian music — both CBC Radio 3 and the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada have referred to Case as an " honourary Canadian ".
Authors may regard the two terms as synonymous, or equate ovoviviparity only with aplacental yolk-sac viviparity, in which the embryos are solely sustained by yolk ( as opposed to secondary provisioning by their mother in the form of " uterine milk ", such as in the stingrays, or unfertilized eggs, such as in the mackerel sharks ; the latter is referred to as intrauterine oophagy ).
Authors David Potter and Lars Schoultz both note the considerable ambiguity in Marcy's cryptic words, and Samuel Bemis suggests he may have referred to Cuban independence but acknowledges it is impossible to know Marcy's true intent.

Authors and way
Authors Andrew McEwen and Ed Jocelyn who retraced the route of the Long March, interviewing survivors along the way, said that a woman in her early 80s recalled that local people led the way across the bridge and were all shot and killed.
Authors including Ronald Hutton, Aidan Kelly, John Michael Greer and Gordon Cooper have noted that Celtic Wicca draws on mythology by way of the Romanticist Celtic Revival rather than historical fact.

Authors and few
The Chicago Manual of Style, in its section " Words derived from proper names ", gives some examples of both lowercase and capitalized stylings, including a few terms styled both ways, and says, " Authors and editors must decide for themselves, but whatever choice is made should be followed consistently throughout a work.

Authors and specialized
* Tool-assisted code review – Authors and reviewers use specialized tools designed for peer code review.
He worked as a lawyer and attorney for the Polish Society of Authors and Composers ( ZAIKS ) where he specialized and excelled in copyright law.

Authors and even
Authors may even switch between these two uses in a single publication.
Authors John Taffin and Mike Venturino have demonstrated that modern black powder loadings of the 45 Colt cartridge frequently achieve velocities in the vicinity of with the" " cavalry " barrel length, even though modern solid-head cases make it impossible to load a full 40 grains.
Authors Stewart Evans and Paul Gainey speculated in their 1996 book Jack the Ripper: First American Serial Killer that Tumblety lived in Whitechapel in London during the infamous 1888 Whitechapel murders that were blamed on Jack the Ripper, and he even may have been the murderer.
Authors may even eliminate some organisms.

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