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Because and much
Because Bright's speeches were so much a part of him, there are long and numerous quotations, which, far from making the biography diffuse, help to give us the feel of the man.
Because the body contains so much liquid, transmission of ultrasonic signals proceeds fairly well in muscles and blood vessels.
Because the rake angle Af at the tip of the knife is very much smaller ( or even negative ) when compared to the value of **yc for the major portion of the knife, a very rapid increase in cutting force with thickness will result.
Because I liked this sad person so much, I said, `` Will you have a drink with me ''??
Because and can be very similar numbers, the precision of the result can be much less than the inherent precision of the floating-point arithmetic used to perform the computation.
Because the length of the lunar month is not an even fraction of the length of the tropical year, a purely lunar calendar quickly drifts against the seasons, which don't vary much near the equator.
Because the de facto administration is recognized only by Turkey, it has had much difficulty arranging foreign financing, and foreign firms have hesitated to invest there.
Because of Kidd's refusal to salute, the Navy vessel's captain retaliated by pressing much of Kidd's crew into naval service, this despite rampant protests.
Because much physical and spiritual violence was done to Jews in the name of Jesus and his followers, and because evangelism is still an active aspect of many church's activities, many Jews are uncomfortable with discussing Jesus and treat him as a non-person.
* In the March 1971 issue of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei: Because visitors from the future were causing too much trouble, the government in the 22nd Century passed a bill to ban time-travelling altogether, meaning Doraemon would have to return to his time era.
Because much of this pollution drained into and affected Lake Erie, the lake itself was considered " dead " and unable to support aquatic life.
Because the bacterium had so much energy, it probably leaked some of it as Adenosine triphosphate into the cell's cytoplasm.
Because this epistle is much shorter than 2 Peter, and due to various stylistic details, some writers consider that Jude was the source for the similar passages of 2 Peter.
Because of his close connection with the great royal families of Germany, France, England and Denmark, Callistus ' papacy was received with much anticipation and celebration throughout Europe.
Because children attend school longer now and have become much more familiar with the testing of school-related material, one might expect the greatest gains to occur on such school content-related tests as vocabulary, arithmetic or general information.
Because it is warm, the surface radiates far IR thermal radiation that consists of wavelengths that are predominantly much longer than the wavelengths that were absorbed ( the overlap between the incident solar spectrum and the terrestrial thermal spectrum is small enough to be neglected for most purposes ).
Because she was not considered physically beautiful, and thus not thought to have much chance of marriage, and because of her intelligence, her father invested in an education not often afforded women.
Because of the particular rarity of the granite, the best stones can cost as much as US $ 1, 500.
Because of the ambiguity surrounding Louis Napoleon's political positions, his agenda as president was very much in doubt.
Because the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates above their confluence are heavily silt-laden, irrigation and fairly frequent flooding deposit large quantities of silty loam in much of the delta area.
Because there seems to be no acceptable alternative available, political support for the much troubled TBS-system remains, in spite of the controversy.
Because of Ribbentrop's firmly held views that Britain was Germany's most dangerous enemy and that an Anglo-German war was thus inevitable, it scarcely mattered to him when his much desired war with Britain came.
Because of the manner in which the head of the Soviet project, Lavrenti Beria, used foreign intelligence ( as a third-party check, rather than giving it directly to the scientists, as he did not trust the information by default ) it is unknown whether Fuchs's fission information had a substantial effect ( and considering that the pace of the Soviet program was set primarily by the amount of uranium they could procure, it is hard for scholars to accurately judge how much time this saved the Soviets ).
Because of this, these devices are usually operated between crossed polarizers such that they appear bright with no voltage ( the eye is much more sensitive to variations in the dark state than the bright state ).
Because the Earth is much heavier than the Moon, the barycenter is located within the Earth ( about below the surface ).

Because and land
Because the buses would not stop on the parkway, land for bus stations and for parking areas nearby will be needed.
2: 8 Because you have plundered many nations, all the remnant of the peoples will plunder you, because of men ’ s blood, and for the violence done to the land, to the city and to all who dwell in it.
Because very few wells and springs have water throughout the year, the herders leave with the end of the rains, turning over the land to the antelopes, gazelles, and ostriches that can survive with little groundwater.
Because the 16th Earl held land from the Crown by knight service, after his father's death on 3 August 1562, Oxford became a royal ward of the 29-year-old Queen, and was placed in the household of Sir William Cecil, her Secretary of State and chief advisor.
Because the rugged terrain has made the land difficult to traverse and equally difficult to cultivate, this area has not been highly developed.
Because land was equivalent to power, these powerful men could try to claim the crown.
Because the climate was not well suited for growing grapes and nearby property was not available to expand their landholdings, the Harmonists submitted a petition to the U. S. government for assistance in purchasing land elsewhere.
Because the soil is so difficult to cultivate, most of the land is used for cattle pasture.
Because of their low-rise construction ( most were simple one-story buildings, anything more than two floors with outside corridors being rare ) with large car parks, the number of rooms which would fit on any given amount of land was low compared to the high-rise urban hotels which had grown around railway stations.
Because about 70 % of South Korea's land area is mountainous and the population is concentrated in the lowland areas, actual population densities were in general greater than the average.
Because of its tectonic origin, several faults scar the land ; as a result, the island is prone to earthquakes.
Because of unbelief at various points, but especially at Kadesh Barnea ( Numbers 14 ), the Israelites were condemned to wander for forty years in the desert in the vicinity of Kadesh instead of immediately entering the land of promise.
Because the only mountain-building since then has been of the Stirling Range with the rifting from Antarctica, the land is extremely eroded and ancient, with no part of the state above 1, 245 metres ( 4, 085 ft ) AHD ( at Mount Meharry in the Hamersley Range of the Pilbara region ).
Because of the nature of the way money was given to the companies building the railroad, they were sometimes known to sabotage each others railroads to claim that land as their own.
Because an idle floating duck or a duck squatting on land cannot react to fly or move quickly, " a sitting duck " has come to mean " an easy target ".
Because of their size and their habit of taking the same paths to feed, hippos can have a significant impact on the land they walk across, both by keeping the land clear of vegetation and depressing the ground.
Because sharks do not have rib cages, they can easily be crushed under their own weight on land.
Because by 1900 much of the prime low-lying alluvial land along rivers had been homesteaded, an update called the Enlarged Homestead Act was passed in 1909.
Because the Act did not disturb existing private ownership of Indian reservation lands, it left reservations a checkerboard of tribal and fee land, which remains the case today.
Because of its high debt load, Posner's DWG would generate attractive but highly volatile returns and would ultimately land the company in financial difficulty.
Because of the cloud which greeted them, Kupe named the land Aotearoa.
Because of this it is not likely they emerged in freshwater ( unless they first migrated into freshwater habitats and then migrated onto land so shortly after that they still retained the ability to make urea ), although some species never left, or returned to, the water could of course have adapted to freshwater lakes and rivers.
Because of the fundamental value of land and real estate to the local and global economy, land surveying was one of the first professions to require Professional Licensure.

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