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Benga and had
In the United Kingdom, bass music, or UK Bass, as it is often known there, has had major mainstream success since the late 2000s and early 2010s, with artists such as Example, Chase & Status, Skream, Benga and Wretch 32.
In 1906, socialite and amateur anthropologist Madison Grant, head of the New York Zoological Society, had Congolese pygmy Ota Benga put on display at the Bronx Zoo in New York City alongside apes and other animals.
At the Bronx Zoo, Benga had free run of the grounds before and after he was " exhibited " in the zoo's Monkey House.
Verner was unable to persuade any villagers to join him until Benga spoke of how the muzungu had saved his life, the bond that had grown between them, and his own curiosity about the world Verner came from.
Once he felt his English had improved sufficiently, Benga discontinued his formal education and began working at a Lynchburg tobacco factory.
* 1994, John Strand had his play, Ota Benga, produced by the Signature Theater in Arlington, Virginia.
* Ota Benga Under My Mother's Roof ( 2012 ), a collection of poems by the writer Carrie Allen McCray, whose family had taken care of Benga, and edited by Kevin Simmonds, was published by the University of South Carolina Press.

Benga and been
Benga music has been popular since the late 1960s, especially around Lake Victoria.
The Jolly Boys Band of Prince Jully was taken over by his wife Princess Jully and she has since been a leading female Benga musician.
The similarities between Ota Benga and Ishi, the sole remaining member of a Native American tribe, who was displayed in California around the same period – including the subsequent publication of a book on the subject by the descendants of the scientist involved – have been observed.

Benga and from
The land route to enter the province is from Luanda through the province of Benga.
In 1904, Apaches, Igorots ( from the Philippines ) and the famous Ota Benga were displayed, dubbed as " primitive ", at the Saint Louis World Fair.
In the late nineties an ex Mighty Dread singer ( Yoba Valombola, known as Benga ), bassist and guitarist came back from Germany with a big influence and eager in change and started an independent label called Big Rat Communication.
Benga ( second from left ) and the Batwa in St. Louis
The Apache chief Geronimo ( featured as " The Human Tyger " – with special dispensation from the Department of War ) came to admire Benga, and gave him one of his arrowheads.
The pygmies ... are very low in the human scale, and the suggestion that Benga should be in a school instead of a cage ignores the high probability that school would be a place ... from which he could draw no advantage whatever.
The zoo finally removed Benga from the grounds.
Local oral history indicates that Hayes and Ota Benga were eventually moved from the Old Cemetery to White Rock Cemetery, a burial ground that later fell into disrepair.
* The Brooklyn-based band Pinataland have a song titled " Ota Benga's Name " on their album Songs from the Forgotten Future Volume 1, which tells the story of Ota Benga.
Playing sets cut to 10 " one-off reggae-style dubplates, he drew exclusively from a pool of new South London producers — first Benga and Skream, then also Digital Mystikz and Loefah — to begin a dark, clipped and minimal new direction in dubstep.
There are also theories that the name has a floral origin and is derived from the tree Benga or " Ven-kai ", also known as the Indian Kino Tree ( Pterocarpus marsupium ).< ref name = BangaloreGuide >" History of Bangalore ".
* Romanian Professor Gheorghe Benga, from the University of Cluj-Napoca, was two years ahead of the Nobel Prize laureate in the research of the cellular protein channel for the human body.

Benga and Congo
A member of the Mbuti people, Ota Benga lived in equatorial forests near the Kasai River in what was then the Belgian Congo.
Benga accompanied Verner when he returned the other Africans to the Congo, and briefly lived amongst the Batwa while continuing to accompany Verner on his African adventures.
In 1914 when World War I broke out, a return to the Congo became impossible, and Benga became depressed as his hopes for a return to the Congo faded.
* Ota Benga Folk Opera, 2010 recording of a suite of songs based on the life of Ota Benga and the history of Congo

Benga and by
However the first report of protein mediated water transport through membranes was by Gheorghe Benga in 1986.
On Monday, September 8, 1906, after just two days, Hornaday decided to close the exhibit, and Benga could be found walking the zoo grounds, often followed by a crowd “ howling, jeering and yelling.
Once back aboard the Enterprise, Spock is looked after by Dr. M ' Benga who specializes in Vulcan physiology.
Dr. M ' Benga examines Wyatt and learns his death was caused by complete cellular disruption.
After more than three centuries of abandonment, during which the island was sporadically visited by European sailors, Corisco was settled by the Benga people.
The island was later acquired by Spain in 1843, as a result of an arrangement made by J. J. Lerena y Barry with Benga king Bonkoro I. Bonkoro I died in 1846 and was succeeded by his son Bonkoro II, but due to rivalries on the island, Bonkoro II moved to Sao Tome, and Munga I ruled in Corisco 1848 to 1858, his son Munga II taking over, and meeting the explorer Iradier in the 1870s.
They immediately became the center of attention ; referred to variously by the press as Artiba, Autobank, Ota Bang, and Otabenga, Ota Benga was particularly popular.
While Bumpus was put off by Verner's request of the prohibitively high salary of $ 175 a month and was not impressed with the man's credentials, he was interested in Benga.
The disaffected Benga attempted to find relief by exploiting his employers ' presentation of him as a ' savage '.
William Hornaday, the Bronx Zoo director, considered the exhibit as a valuable spectacle for his visitors, supported by Madison Grant as Secretary of the New York Zoological Society, who lobbied to put Ota Benga on display alongside apes at the Bronx Zoo.
Tutored by Lynchburg poet Anne Spencer, Benga could improve his English, and he began to attend elementary school at the Baptist Seminary in Lynchburg.
* 1997, the play Ota Benga, Elegy for the Elephant was written by Dr. Ben B. Halm and staged at Fairfield University.
* 2002, Ota Benga was the subject of the short documentary Ota Benga: A Pygmy in America directed by the Brazilian Alfeu França, who incorporated original movies recorded by Verner in the early 20th century.

Benga and Samuel
Phillips Verner Bradford, the grandson of Samuel Phillips Verner, wrote a book on the Congolese entitled Ota Benga: The Pygmy in the Zoo ( 1992 ).

Benga and Verner
Verner discovered Ota Benga while ' en route ' to a Batwa village visited previously ; he negotiated Benga's release for a pound of salt and a bolt of cloth.
Not feeling that he belonged with the Batwa, Benga chose to return with Verner to the United States.
Verner eventually arranged for Benga to stay in a spare room at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City while he was tending to other business.
At the suggestion of Bumpus, Verner took Benga to the Bronx Zoo in 1906.
Verner was unsuccessful in his continued search for employment, but he occasionally spoke to Benga.

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