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Bern and wrote
* In 2001, Dan Bern wrote a humorous song / story entitled " The Fifth Beatles ".
" Fritz Kolbe transmitted to the OSS some 1600 documents and cables, traveling between Berlin and Bern, " slipping through a half dozen Gestapo checkpoints while carrying his death-by-torture warrant in a shabby briefcase ", Helms wrote.
Bern also wrote and illustrated " Cleaver the Gronk " ( 2012 ) and the novel " Quitting Science " ( 2004 ) under the pen name Cunliffe Merriwether.
Watson has reportedly played with actor John C. Reilly's band John Reilly and Friends, together with Tom Brosseau, Becky Stark, and Sebastian Steinberg, and Dan Bern " who s a great songwriter and who wrote a lot of stuff for Walk Hard.
Wine writer Bern Ramey and University of California-Davis viticulture professor Lloyd A. Lider credit Mrs. J. Johnston of Fredericktown, Maryland who wrote to Adlum and said while her late husband always called the grapes " Catawba ", she did know where he got the original vines from.
Nicholas Manuel ( 1484 – 1530 ), a many-sided Bernese, composed satirical poems in German against the pope, while Valerius Anshelm ( d. 1540 ), also of Bern, wrote one of the best Swiss chronicles.
Gibbs arrived at New Bern, North Carolina, where he wrote a letter published in The Christian Recorder where he described the conditions he saw in the aftermath of the war, " The destitution and suffering of this people extended my wildest dream ; old men and women bending to the ground, heads white with the frosts and hardships of many winters, as well as the innocent babe of a few weeks, contribute to make up this scene of misery.

Bern and ,"
In 2012, Bern released two new studio recordings showcasing American roots music: " Drifter ," featuring a duet with Emmylou Harris, and " Doubleheader ," an 18-song tribute to baseball culled from close to 30 years of songwriting and recorded at Bob Weir s TRI Studios in Marin County.
He was later invited by Harald Szeemann to participate in " When Attitude Becomes Form ," at the Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, in 1969.
This drug store, located on the corner of Middle Street and Pollock Street in downtown New Bern, is where Bradham, in 1893, invented the recipe — a blend of kola nut extract, vanilla, and " rare oils "— for what was initially known as " Brad's Drink ," but on August 28, 1898 was renamed Pepsi-Cola.

Bern and with
Bern demands that the Lord's Supper be administered here as it used to be, with unleavened bread.
`` Are you going to comply with the demands of Bern ''??
In 1415 Bern invaded lower Aargau with the help of Solothurn.
After three years in Basel, he stayed a short time in Bern with the humanist, Henry Wölfflin.
However, it asked Bern to mediate with the aim of restoring the ministers.
To avoid certain defeat in the courts, he moved away to Nyon in the territory of Bern, taking Rousseau's aunt Suzanne with him.
The pharmacy of Caleb Bradham, with a Pepsi dispenser, as portrayed in a New Bern exhibition in the Historical Museum of Bern.
* January 9 – William Tryon, governor of the Royal Colony of North Carolina, signs a contract with architect John Hawks to build Tryon Palace, a lavish Georgian style governor's mansion on the New Bern waterfront.
In the Spring of 1834, while at Bern, Mazzini and a dozen refugees from Italy, Poland and Germany founded a new association with the grandiose name of Young Europe.
* The town of Biel / Bienne, Switzerland finalizes its alliance with the city of Bern.
* March 3 – Bern signs an alliance with the Swiss Confederation.
On their behalf, he went with William Farel to Bern, Zürich, Basel, and Schaffhausen, then to Strasburg, Mömpelgard, Baden, and Göppingen.
After the alliance with Bern in 1295, it became part of the Swiss Confederation.
The city of Bern or Berne (, ; ; ; ; Bernese German: Bärn ) is the Bundesstadt ( federal city, de facto capital ) of Switzerland, and, with ( as of ) a population of, the fourth most populous city in Switzerland.
The Aar flows around the Old City of Bern with a loop east expansive
The two mountains closest to Bern are the Gurten with a height of and the Bantiger with a height of.
The Russian ambassador in Bern ordered Bakunin to return to Russia, but instead he went to Brussels, where he met many leading Polish nationalists, such as Joachim Lelewel, co-member with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels at Brussels.
Zschokke retired from public life when the central government at Bern proposed to re-establish the federal system, but after the changes effected by Napoleon Bonaparte he entered the service of the canton of Aargau, with which he remained connected.
A bronze sculpture from Muri, near Bern in Switzerland shows a large bear facing a woman seated in a chair, with a small tree behind the bear.
The Sens Unik Tour followed the same year, with a concert at the Gurten Festival in Bern as a main act in front of 20, 000 people.
Craven County is a county located in the U. S. state of North Carolina with a population of 103, 908 Its county seat is New Bern.
An article dated Sept. 18, 1893, in The New Bern Daily Journal, identified Fulford's grave in a cemetery outside Beaufort, NC, in an area called the Straits, “ bricked up with English brick .” In 1971 a survey by the Carteret County Historical Society found such a grave in the Fulford Cemetery off Piper Lane in Gloucester.
Born in Bern, Idaho, he moved with his family several times in childhood, while his father searched for work before settling in Los Angeles, California.

Bern and for
Bern used the Aargau bailiwicks mostly as a source of grain for the rest of the city-state.
Instead of the Acht Orte appointing a bailiff together, Zurich and Bern each appointed the governor for 7 out of 16 years while Glarus appointed him for the remaining 2 years.
Road construction first became a priority after 1750, when Zurich and Bern began appointing a governor for seven years.
After the cabaret closed down, activities moved to a new gallery and Hugo Ball left for Bern.
The first was offered by the International Federation of Trade Unions ( IFTU ), which called for a meeting in Bern in July 1919.
It now invites all interested people to attend a new conference to be held in the Natural History Museum Bern (" NHMB "), on September 10th from 18h15 till 20h15, on the theme " Searching for Life on Mars ".
* September 9 – Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.
The settlers displace the native town of Chattoka and found New Bern, named for von Graffenried's hometown of Bern, Switzerland.
The effect of his victory at Baden was dissipated, however, at the Disputation of Bern ( January 1528 ), where the propositions advanced by the Reformers were debated in the absence of Eck, and Bern, Basel, and other places were definitely won for the Reformation.
In 1983 the historic old town in the centre of Bern became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Bern is ranked among the world s top ten cities for the best quality of life ( 2010 ).
Stanly resigned almost a year later when he angered Lincoln by closing two schools for black children in New Bern.
* Between 1794 and 1797, the United States District Court for the District of North Carolina was divided into the United States District Courts for the Districts of Edenton, New Bern, and Wilmington.
" He was responsible for the Trent River contraband camp at New Bern, North Carolina, where he was based.
It was named for John Stanly of New Bern ( 1774 – 1834 ), who served several terms in the North Carolina House of Commons and two terms ( 1801 – 1803, 1809 – 1811 ) in the United States House of Representatives.
New Bern, across the county line in Craven County to the west, is the primary trade area for Pamlico County.
The community was named for New Bern, NC.
The town was the initial landing point for an American Civil War battle known as the Battle of New Bern.
On March 11, Brigadier General Ambrose Burnside's command embarked from Roanoke Island to rendezvous with Union gunboats at Hatteras Inlet for an expedition against New Bern.
Many of the small neighboring communities such as Morrill, Oneida, Bern, Fairview, and Wetmore are bedroom communities for the many people who commute to work in Sabetha.

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