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Berthe and Morisot
Berthe Morisot ( January 14, 1841 – March 2, 1895 ) was a painter and a member of the circle of painters in Paris who became known as the Impressionists.
Berthe Morisot, The Cradle, 1872, Musée d ' Orsay
Both Berthe and her sister, Edma Morisot, chose to become painters.
Berthe Morisot, Grain field, Musée d ' Orsay
Berthe Morisot, L ' Enfant au Tablier Rouge, a sketch
Berthe Morisot, Child among Staked Roses ( common mistranslation of Child among Hollyhocks ), 1881, Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne It was Morisot who persuaded Manet to attempt plein air painting, which she had been practicing since having been introduced to it by Corot.
Image: Berthe Morisot The Harbor at Lorient. jpg | The Harbor at Lorient, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 1869
Image: Berthe Morisot 006. jpg | The Mother and Sister of the Artist ( Reading ), National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC c. 1869-70
Image: Berthe Morisot 001. jpg | On the Balcony, New York 1872
Image: Berthe Morisot Reading. jpg | Reading, Cleveland Museum of Art 1873
Image: Berthe Morisot Caça de borboleta. jpg | Chasing Butterflies, Musée d ' Orsay, Paris 1874
Image: Berthe Morisot 002. jpg | Eugene Manet on the Isle of Wight, Private Collection 1875
Image: Berthe Morisot 003. jpg | The Dining Room, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC c. 1875
Image: Berthe Morisot Winter aka Woman with a Muff. jpg | Winter aka Woman with a Muff, Dallas Museum of Arts 1880
Image: Berthe Morisot 004. jpg | Young Girl with Cage, 1885
Image: Berthe Morisot The Bath. jpg | The Bath ( Girl Arranging Her Hair ), Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts 1885-86
Berthe Morisot.
' Berthe Morisot: The First Lady of Impressionism '.
* Berthe Morisot at the WebMuseum
* Biography of Berthe Morisot
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ca: Berthe Morisot

Berthe and died
Jack's mother, Marie-Luce Bouchet, a Catholic, was born in 1919 as the daughter of Emile Bouchet, who died in 1926, and Berthe Boulanger, a nurse who was also a freemason.

Berthe and her
Once Berthe settled on pursuing art, her family did not impede her career.
The older artist instructed Berthe and her sister in painting and introduced them to other artists and teachers.
He married Berthe Sadie Delmont, known as Toots, on 12 August 1936, and her father Joseph Delmont, a wealthy Johannesburg businessman, bought a salon for James.
Valadon, who became a model after a fall from a trapeze ended her chosen career as a circus acrobat, found that posing for Berthe Morisot, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and others provided her with an opportunity to study their techniques ; in some cases, she also became their mistress.
Mahala Dutton-Douglas and her French maid, Berthe Leroy, were survivors.
Berthe Gardes had her passport recorded ; she told immigration authorities that she was a widow.
Berthe Bouchet ( Boulanger ) visited the Langs in April 1942 when her daughter was about to give birth to her third child, Marianne.
When the curtain rises on the first act, the cottage of Giselle and her mother Berthe are seen on one side, and opposite is seen the cottage of Duke Albrecht of Silesia, a nobleman who has disguised himself as a peasant named Loys, in order to sow a few wild oats before his marriage to Bathilde, the daughter of the Prince of Courland.
Four days after being nominated for a Tony Award for her performance as " Berthe " in Pippin, after performing at the Saturday matinee, Ryan flew home to California.
She selected St. John ’ s University for study ( along with her younger sister, Berthe ) because of the school ’ s support of cultural programs in Cameroon.
He noticed Bertha with a strange foot exist in many languages ( German " Berhte mit dem fuoze ", French " Berthe au grand pied ", Latin " Berhta cum magno pede "): " It is apparently a swan-maiden's foot, which as a mark of her higher nature she cannot lay aside ... and at the same time the spinning-woman's splayfoot that worked the treadle ".

Berthe and daughter
File: Pierre Auguste Renoir-Portrait Berthe Morisot and daughter Julie. jpg | Portrait of Berthe Morisot and daughter Julie Manet, 1894
Louise was the younger daughter of Philippe Lévêque de Vilmorin, also called Charles Henry Philippe Lévêque de Vilmorin ( Verrières-le-Buisson, 21 May 1872-Verrières-le-Buisson, 29 June 1917 ) by his wife ( Berthe Marie ) Mélanie de Gaufridy de Dortan ( Dompierre-les-Ormes, 31 August 1876-Paris, 23 October 1937 ), daughter of Roger de Gaufridy de Dortan ( 1843 – 1905 ) and wife Adélaïde de Verdonnet ( 1853 – 1918 ).. She had an older sister Marie ( 1901-1972 ), married to a cousin Guy Marie Félix Lévêque de Vilmorin ( 1896-1984 ) in 1922 ( div.

Berthe and similar
Berthe van Regemorter identified a similar figure in the Neo-Hittite Stela of Tarhunpiyas ( Musée du Louvre, AO 1922.

Berthe and on
* Anthology, 4 CD containing numerous poems and texts read by the author, Anna la bonne, La Dame de Monte-Carlo and Mes sœurs, n ' aimez pas les marins by Marianne Oswald, Le Bel Indifférent by Edith Piaf, La Voix humaine by Berthe Bovy, Les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel with Jean Le Poulain, Jacques Charon and Jean Cocteau, discourse on the reception at the Académie française, with extracts from Les Parents terribles, La Machine infernale, pieces from Parade on piano with two hands by Georges Auric and Francis Poulenc, Frémeaux & Associés FA 064, 1997
The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, founded in 1976, focuses on French and American impressionism and features works by Monet, Degas, and Renoir, as well as pieces by Pierre Bonnard, Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Honoré Daumier, Henri Fantin-Latour, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Berthe Morisot, Edvard Munch, Auguste Rodin, and Alfred Sisley, as well as an extensive collection of works by French Impressionist artist Jean-Louis Forain.
* Édouard Manet — 34 paintings including Olympia, The Balcony, Berthe Morisot With a Bouquet of Violets, The Luncheon on the Grass
The Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot was born in Bourges on 14 January 1841.
Gardel was born to unmarried 25-year-old laundress Berthe Gardes, the baby registered under the name Charles Romuald Gardes in Toulouse, France, on 11 December 1890.
The father of the baby boy was listed on his birth certificate as " unknown "; eleven days later Berthe Gardes signed a statement establishing the baby's father as Paul Laserre, a married man who left Toulouse a few months before the baby was born.
She continued to perform on the live stage and, as of 2007, appeared with the new National Music Theatre Company, Kookaburra, in their premiere season of Pippin as Berthe at the Sydney Theatre.
During his absence at Nam Dinh the Black Flags and Vietnamese made an attack on Hanoi, but they were repulsed by chef de bataillon Berthe de Villers in the Battle of Gia Cuc on 28 March.
Aside from that also stolen were Camille Monet and Cousin on the Beach at Trouville, Portrait of Jean Monet, Portrait of Poly, Fisherman of Belle-Isle and Field of Tulips in Holland also by Monet, Bather Sitting on a Rock and Portrait of Monet by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Young Woman at the Ball by Berthe Morisot, and Portrait of Monet by Sei-ichi Naruse and were valued at $ 12 million.

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