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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1174
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Besides and helping
Besides helping to stabilize the city, the new protection force is also tasked with combating banditry and other vices.
Besides helping to shape the Gwoyeu Romatzyh, a Chinese romanization scheme, Chao is also credited with inventing a notation for transcribing tonal pitch variation in spoken languages.
Besides the Bundesliga title his biggest success whilst at Dortmund was helping them to the 2002 UEFA Cup Final, where his goal could not prevent them losing 3 – 2 to Feyenoord.
Besides helping out Wei-Wei, Simon and Wai-Tung hope that this will placate Wai-Tung's parents.
Besides, the community helping system was not fully established to support the patients ’ housing, vocational opportunities, income supports, and other benefits.
Besides, the Northern Dimension also has the objectives of addressing the challenges arising from uneven regional development, and helping avoid the emergence of new dividing lines in Europe following EU enlargement.
Besides helping to produce the records and cartoons, Karman provides the voice of Theodore and the members of the female spin-off group The Chipettes: Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor ( Dody Goodman also did the voice of Miss Beatrice Miller as well ).
Besides helping with current strategies, market analysis can improve future planning and growth strategies that are helpful in product roadmapping decisions.
Besides his dedication to his own religion, and his unwillingness to prevent Clementina from being dedicated to her own, he says that he is bound to helping the Porretta family.

Besides and prevent
Besides understanding the phenomena in themselves, EMC also addresses the countermeasures, such as control regimes, design and measurement, which should be taken in order to prevent emissions from causing any adverse effect.
Besides increasing the worldwide food supply, early in his career Borlaug stated that taking steps to decrease the rate of population growth will also be necessary to prevent food shortages.
Besides Elbegdorj initiated a " Green Wall " environmental project to plant trees in barren areas and desert zones to prevent from dust storm coming from Mongolia to Asia and to reduce air pollution.
Besides setting the numerical targets, reliability requirements should drive a ( system or part ) design to incorporate features and functions that prevent failures from occurring or limit consequences from failure in the first place.
Besides recommending that provincial governments use their constitutional authority over health and municipal government to prevent undue water pollution from municipal sewage systems, it advised the federal government to use its authority over navigable waterways to prohibit the dumping of most waste into them ; DeVeber supplied a draft bill for Parliament's consideration.

Besides and movement
Besides its historical significance as a break with the centuries-old tradition of British insularity, Britain's move, if successful, will constitute an historic landmark of the first importance in the movement toward the unification of Europe and the Western world.
Besides Luther's strength of faith, Melanchthon's many-sidedness and calmness, as well as his temperance and love of peace, had a share in the success of the movement.
Besides the basic movement of the pieces, rules also govern the equipment used, the time control, the conduct and ethics of players, accommodations for physically challenged players, the recording of moves using chess notation, as well as provide procedures for resolving irregularities which can occur during a game.
Besides the Pope's visit, American broadcasting into Soviet-occupied Europe, particularly Poland, contributed massively to the rise of the Solidarity movement and to the collapse of the Soviet-backed regimes there and in the rest of the Warsaw Pact alliance.
Besides being cleft, the two portions of the Tamoanchan-tree thus separated sometimes bear striping in opposite directions ( as, in Codex Borgia 44 ) such that " their diagonal position ... indicates the internal helicoidal movement.
Besides being one of the first Japanese acts to achieve mainstream success while on an independent label, the group is widely credited as one of the pioneers of visual kei, a movement among Japanese musicians comparable to Western glam.
Besides Arthur Streeton and Walter Withers, other major artists in the movement included Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin and Charles Conder.
Besides pushing the body forward, this also helps with the rolling back to the other side as part of the body movement.
Besides de-professionalization and self-representation, the independent living movement's ideology comprises de-medicalization of disability, de-institutionalization and cross-disability ( i. e. inclusion in the independent living movement regardless of diagnoses ).
Besides Soviet records of their oppositional activity, we have very little personal information about the Green leaders due to the widespread illiteracy and spontaneous nature of their movement.
Besides that, living, big, and tall trees can support siamang movement.
Besides the supporters of the Soviet Union holding the belief that the state was a healthy workers ' state, the theory has been criticised from within the Trotskyist movement, and by other socialists critical of the Soviet Union.
Besides the three historic peace churches, they include the Amish, Old Order Mennonites, Conservative Mennonites, Hutterites, Old German Baptist Brethren, Old Order River Brethren, the Brethren in Christ, and others in the Anabaptist tradition ; Doukhobors, Dunkard Brethren, Molokans, Bruderhof Communities, Schwenkfelders, Moravians, the Shakers, and even some groups within the Pentecostal movement.
Besides calling for universal suffrage of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and LegCo, the group also supports pro-democracy movement in mainland China, including the struggle for independent trade unions.
Besides politicians, the movement also included artists such as Milton Nascimento, Fernanda Montenegro, Gilberto Gil, Bruna Lombardi, Fafá de Belém, and Chico Buarque de Holanda.
Besides making substantial donations of both land and money to the African-American community in North Elba, New York, he was involved in the Temperance Movement and, later in life, the colonization movement.
Besides defending German nationalism, Ritter became active in the ecumenical movement after 1945, and urged conservative Catholics and Protestants to come together in the Christian Democratic Union, arguing that based on his experience in the Third Reich, Christians regardless of their church needed to work together against totalitarianism.
Besides that, Goldhagen, while talking all the time about German antisemitism, omits the specific impact of the völkisch antisemitism as proclaimed by Houston Stuart Chamberlain and the Richard Wagner movement which directly influenced Hitler as well as the Nazi party.
Besides internal changes within Norway, a major key factor that allowed Norway to break from Sweden was the emerging Swedish social democratic movement.
Besides the fact that District residents had lost representation in Congress, a number of additional factors aided the movement to return the area to Virginia:
Besides the extensive cuts in the outer movements, Grützmacher decided to rid the Concerto of its original second movement, replacing it with that of the Seventh Cello Concerto ( in G Major, G. 480 ).
Besides the famous four mentioned above, Utpalkumar Basu, Binoy Majumdar, Sandipan Chattopadhyay, Basudeb Dasgupta, Falguni Roy, Subhash Ghosh, Tridib Mitra, Alo Mitra, Ramananda Chattopadhyay, Anil Karanjai, Saileswar Ghosh, Karunanidhan Mukhopadhyay, and Subo Acharya were among the leading writers and artists of the movement.

Besides and British
Besides the colonial employers, one of the main targets of popular hostility was the tribal chiefs who the British had transformed into functionaries in the colonial system of indirect rule.
Besides broadcasting, Joyce's duties included writing propaganda for distribution among British prisoners of war, whom he tried to recruit into the British Free Corps.
Besides large mine-clearing vehicles such as Trojan ( vehicle ), the British Army also uses small remote controlled vehicles such as Dragon Runner and Chevette.
Besides, at the lexical level, limited lexis is used and consequently, a number of words serve a variety of functions, giving extended meanings not normally accepted in standard British English.
Besides taking some early seed capital from Hollywood stars Sammy Davis Jr. and Johnny Carson, DeLorean Motor Company relied on the British government for about $ 120 million of its $ 200 million startup costs according to the Times.
Besides the evident sexual content of the book, Lady Chatterley ’ s Lover also presents some views on the British social context of the early 20th century.
Besides being the world's largest transport organisation, it was also the largest commercial undertaking in the British Empire and the United Kingdom's second largest employer, after the Post Office.
Besides local unrest, another key factor in bringing about a decisive change in British policy was Nazi Germany's preparations for a European war, which would develop into a worldwide conflict.
Besides many contributions to the Academy, the Saturday Review, the Magazine of Art and other periodicals, he published volumes on The Italian Pre-Raphaelites ( 1887 ), The Earlier English Water-Colour Painters ( 1890 and 1897 ), In the National Gallery ( 1895 ) and British Contemporary Artists ( 1899 ).
Besides editions of the works of William Shakespeare, James Beattie, Henry Fielding, Samuel Johnson, Joseph Warton, Alexander Pope, Edward Gibbon, and Henry St John, Viscount Bolingbroke, he published A General Biographical Dictionary in 32 volumes ( 1812 – 1817 ); a Glossary to Shakspeare ( 1807 ); an edition of George Steevens's Shakespeare ( 1809 ); and the British Essayists, beginning with the Tatler and ending with the Observer, with biographical and historical prefaces and a general index.
Besides biographical sketches of Defoe, Sir John Davies, Allan Ramsay, Sir David Lyndsay, Churchyard and others, prefixed to editions of their respective works, the British government paid Chalmers 500 pounds sterling to write a hostile biography of Thomas Paine, the author of the Rights of Man, that Chalmers published under the assumed name of Francis Oldys, A. M., of the University of Pennsylvania ; and a life of Ruddiman, in which considerable light is thrown on the state of literature in Scotland during the earlier part of the last century.
Besides maintaining the internal security of the British Raj, the Army fought in many other theatres – Anglo-Burmese Wars, First and Second Anglo-Sikh Wars, First, Second and Third Anglo-Afghan Wars, First and Second Opium Wars in China, Abyssinia, Boxer Rebellion in China.
Besides contributing both in prose and verse to the Analytical and Critical Reviews and the British and Monthly Magazines, and other periodicals, he wrote a large number of works relating chiefly to medical and religious subjects.
Besides the 33rd of Foot, the expeditionary force included 12, 000 British and Indian troops, as well as Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers.
Besides working for General von Seeckt, Enver envisioned cooperation between the new Soviet Russian government against the British, and went to Moscow.
Besides some of the military vehicles offered before and after the war, the first significant releases from Dinky in the late 1940s were the 40 series, which were all British Saloons.
Besides working for the " peace front " with Britain and the Soviet Union, Bonnet tried to enlist Turkey in the " peace front " in July 1939 by arranging for the French and British treasuries to provide financial support to Ankara.
Besides, the Nature to be studied was American, not British nor French.
Besides De l ' Église in downtown Verdun and Verdun station in front of the town hall, LaSalle station was built in vacant land in a former industrial area in the east of the borough, left vacant by the demolition of the vast British Munitions Supply Co. facilities ; the metro station would become the heart of a new residential area called La Poudrière after the munitions factories.
Besides the usual areas included when the city is to be shown to somebody who is unfamiliar with it, other areas of interest include the Barrio Inglés (' English Quarter ') where the British foremen and technicians who built the railways and ports lived, and Villa Harding Green, a suburb where the railway and port managers dwelled.
Besides the pamphlets already cited, a number of his speeches and other political tracts were published ( see Gen. Catalogue, British Museum ).
Besides Hitchcock, he worked with Basil Dearden, Michael Relph, and many other significant figures of British film.

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