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Blade and Runner
* In the 1982 film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, the main offices of the fictional Tyrell Corporation ( a Megacorp ) resemble a hyperstructure.
It is the sequel to Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human, which was a sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 film Blade Runner, and the book on which the film was based, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?.
Living on Mars, Deckard is acting as a consultant to a movie crew filming the story of his Blade Runner days.
Category: Blade Runner spin-offs
Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human ( 1995 ) is a novel by K. W. Jeter, and a continuation of both the film Blade Runner, and the novel upon which it was based, Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Beginning several months after the events in Blade Runner, Deckard has retired to an isolated shack outside the city, taking the replicant Rachael with him in a Tyrell transport container, which slows down the replicant aging process.
The book's plot draws from other material related to Blade Runner in a number of ways:
* Deckard, Pris, Sebastian, Leon, Batty, and Holden all appeared in Blade Runner.
* Blade Runner < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s Sebastian was based on Electric Sheep < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s Isidore, though Jeter features them as separate characters in The Edge of Human.
* " The Final Cut " of Blade Runner removed all reference to a sixth replicant, as it was normally considered a filming goof.
" Tal Cohen of Tal Cohen's Bookshelf called The Edge of Human " a good book ", praising Jeter's " further, and deeper, investigation of the questions Philip K. Dick originally asked ", but criticized the book for its " needless grandioseness " and for " rel on Blade Runner too heavily, the number of new characters introduced is extremely small ..."
* Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night
* Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon
Category: Blade Runner spin-offs
Blade Runner can be seen as a quintessential example of the cyberpunk style and theme.
For example, Philip K. Dick's works contain recurring themes of social decay, artificial intelligence, paranoia, and blurred lines between objective and subjective realities, and the influential cyberpunk movie Blade Runner is based on one of his books.
A futuristic Los Angeles in Blade Runner.
The film Blade Runner ( 1982 ), adapted from Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?, is set in 2019 in a dystopian future in which manufactured beings called replicants are slaves used on space colonies and are legal prey on Earth to various bounty hunters who " retire " ( kill ) them.

Blade and 3
and Blade Runner have been published: Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human ( 1995 ), Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night ( 1996 ), Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon ( 2000 ).
Vangelis released 2 albums in 2007 ; the first was a 3 CD set for the 25th Anniversary of Blade Runner, titled Blade Runner Trilogy and second was the soundtrack for the Greek movie, El Greco, titled El Greco Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
He has also written music for trailers and film soundtracks, including the independent film PRISM, as well as computer game soundtracks such as World of Warcraft, Lands of Lore 2 and 3, Blade Runner, Earth and Beyond, and Emperor: Battle for Dune ; he also features on 20 Years of Narada Piano.
The library was also located in the offices of the Belleview Blade and later in the lobby of the Belleview Hotel, paying $ 3. 75 a month rent.
Several parts of the book were also published in the Fairbury Blade on April 3, 1958, and was dubbed The Buckle on the Cornbelt.
In 2009 Perkins ' formed Big Dog 3, a trio with bassist Chris Donohue and drummer Brady Blade.
Metal Blade has since then released a 3-CD pack containing the band's 3 releases before the final ' Night Visit ' album: ' The halls of eternity ', ' God loves the dead ' & ' Proxima Centauri '.
*** Blade: Trinity, part 3 in the Blade series
# Blade Reel / Cylinder – consist of numerous ( 3 to 7 ) spiral blades that are attached to a rotating shaft.
In the game Munchkin ( card game ) ( expansion 3 " Clerical Erors ") the Vorpal Blade is a treasure card.
" The Toledo Daily Blade, 29 July 1875, p. 3, col 3.
Initially, the Unreal Engine 3 only supported Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 platforms while Android and iOS was added later in 2010 ( with Infinity Blade being the first iOS title and Dungeon Defenders the first Android title ).
" The game achieved a 3. 5 / 5 rating at Quandary, where Rosemary Young pointed out that " though some aspects of Blade Runner aren't all that sophisticated, it is worth considering for fans of ' hard-edged ' crime / science fiction.
This album featured the MTV hits " Memory " ( featured in Burnout 3 and NHL 2005 ) and " She's the Blade ".
Posey has had supporting roles in several big budget studio films, including You've Got Mail ( 1998 ), Scream 3 ( 2000 ), Josie and the Pussycats ( 2001 ), Laws of Attraction ( 2004 ), Blade: Trinity ( 2004 ) and Superman Returns, playing Kitty Kowalski, Lex Luthor's ditzy sidekick.
* MegaGames 3 in 1-Vol 3: Includes Super Thunder Blade, Alien Storm and Super Monaco GP

Blade and Replicant
* Blade Runner FAQ – Is Deckard a Replicant?
Special moves: Blade Storm, Hurricane Destruction, Ninja Replicant, Ninja Death Tornado.
Tears In Rain is the final monologue of the Replicant Roy Batty in the movie Blade Runner.

Blade and Night
Another Summer of Night character, Dale's younger brother, Lawrence Stewart, appears as a minor character in Simmons ' thriller Darwin's Blade, while the adult Cordie Cooke appears in Fires of Eden.
Comic books and graphic novels which feature vampires include Vampirella ( Warren Publishing, 1969 ), Morbius, the Living Vampire ( Marvel, 1971 ), Tomb of Dracula ( Marvel Comics, 1972 ), Blade ( Marvel, 1973 ), I ... Vampire ( DC Comics, 1981 ), Hellsing ( Shonen Gahosha, 1997 ), 30 Days of Night ( IDW Publishing, 2002 ), Chibi Vampire ( Monthly Dragon Age, 2003 ), Rosario + Vampire ( Monthly Shōnen Jump 2004 ), Vampire Knight ( LaLa, 2005 ), Blood Alone ( MediaWorks, 2005 ), Dracula vs. King Arthur ( Silent Devil Productions, 2005 ), Dance in the Vampire Bund ( Media Factory, 2006 ), Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures ( Dabel Brothers Productions / Marvel Comics, 2007 ), Half Dead ( Dabel Brothers Productions / Marvel Comics, 2007 ), Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight ( Dark Horse Comics, 2007 ), Nosferatu ( Viper Comics, 2010 ), and Twilight: The Graphic Novel ( 2010 ).
In the original Playstation game Castlevania Symphony of the Night, the Vorpal Blade is a single handed sword dropped by the Archer that " Slices cleanly through enemies ".
In addition to his supernatural battles in this series, Marvel's Dracula often served as a supervillain to other characters in the Marvel Universe, battling the likes of Blade, Spider-Man, Werewolf by Night, the X-Men, and the licensed Robert E. Howard character Solomon Kane.
Another Summer of Night character, Dale's younger brother, Lawrence Stewart, appears as a minor character in Simmons ' thriller Darwin's Blade while the adult Cordie Cooke appears in Fires of Eden.
The first album, Night on Bröcken, was released in 1984, on the Metal Blade label, featuring a strong Iron Maiden influence.
Grayswandir is Corwin's sword, also known as the Night Blade ; its twin is Brand's Werewindle, the Day Sword.
There has been the occasional exception, such as in The Halfling's Gem, Starless Night, and The Silent Blade, where Entreri killed somebody simply because he really wanted to.
Individual titles vary greatly from temple to temple, but some suitable examples include Moon Dancer, Moon Singer, Dark Huntress, Argent Maid, Living Sword, Unsheathed Blade, Sword Smith, Bright Edge of Darkness, Darksong Knight, Protector and Ghost of the Moonstruck Night.
* Twas The Night of a Helish Xmas ( Metal Blade Records 2000 ) ( live album )
The Night Patrol was cured, after which Russell was drawn into a conflict involving the Midnight Sons and was slain by Switchblade ( the insane Darkhold-powered Blade ), but Jack was revived once Professor Louise Hastings broke Switchblade's spell.
The music video for " On a Night Like This " was directed by Douglas Avery, filmed in Monte Carlo, and was loosely based on Martin Scorsese's 1995 crime drama movie Casino, with Kylie herself portraying a character loosely based on Sharon Stone's bored trophy wife, and Blade Runner actor Rutger Hauer portraying her mob boss partner.
He has appeared in numerous films including Blade II ( 2002 ) as Jared Nomak, One Night With The King ( 2006 ) as King Xerxes, Hellboy II: The Golden Army ( 2008 ) as Prince Nuada, Tekken ( 2010 ) as Steve Fox and Interview with a Hitman ( 2012 ) as Viktor, directed by Perry Bhandal
* Comic books and graphic novels such as Vampirella ( 1969 ), Tomb of Dracula ( 1972 ), the aforementioned Blade ( 1973 ), 30 Days of Night ( 2002 ) Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures, and Dracula vs. King Arthur ( 2005 ).

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