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Born and Pittsburgh
Born David Selznick to a Jewish family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he was the son of silent movie distributor Lewis J. Selznick and Florence A.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tom Vilsack was abandoned at birth and placed in a Roman Catholic orphanage.
* Preacher Roe Born Elwin Charles Roe ( February 16, 1916 – November 9, 2008 ), major league baseball left-handed pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Brooklyn Dodgers.
Born as Edward Henry Greb to Pius and Annie Greb, he began his professional boxing career in 1913, fighting mostly around his hometown of Pittsburgh.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1906 to an Orthodox Jewish family from Russia, Levant moved to New York in 1922, following the death of his father, Max.
The Clarks, a rock / pop band who achieved major success in the 1990s with the songs " Born too late ", " Penny on the floor ", " Cigarette ", " Better Off ", are native to Pittsburgh.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to an African American family in 1923, Erroll began playing piano at the age of three.
Born in Fair Lawn, New Jersey in 1949, he has lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA since the mid 1970s.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Beggs was a 1947 graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy and served with the United States Navy until 1954.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fowler moved with his family to Lima, Ohio at the age of two.
Born August 28, 1898 in Western Pennsylvania, Cowley grew up in Pittsburgh, where his father William was a homeopathic doctor.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 16, 1932, Thornburgh attended Mercersburg Academy and in 1954 obtained an engineering degree from Yale University, and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1957, where he served as an editor of the " Law Review.
Born in the Pittsburgh suburb of Beaver, Pennsylvania to Serbian parents, Mariano went to Beaver High School.
Born near St. Louis, Missouri, McClurg was orphaned at seven and raised by grandparents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where his grandfather owned the city's first iron foundry.
Born in Connellsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, U. S., " Long " John Woodruff was only a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh in 1936 when he placed second at the National AAU meet and first at the Olympic Trials ( in the heat 1: 49, 9 ; WR 1: 49, 8 ), earning a spot on the U. S. Olympic team.
Born in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, McKechnie made his major league debut in with the Pittsburgh Pirates, appearing in three games, before reemerging with the team in in a more substantial role.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Jewish parents of Lithuanian ancestry, Cope graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School in 1947 and was inducted into their alumni hall of fame in 2009.
Born in Pittsburgh on November 10, 1867, he was the publisher / owner of the Pittsburgh Leader when he married the stage actress Lillian Russell, becoming her fourth husband.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wallace made his major league debut in as a starting pitcher with the Cleveland Spiders.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.
Born in Salina, Kansas, and raised in Los Angeles, California, Mauch had played parts of nine seasons from 1944 to 1957 with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, Boston Braves, St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox.
Their slogan for this season was " Where Champions are Born ", a reference to their parent Pittsburgh Penguins, who won the 2009 Stanley Cup.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cassidy was raised in Philippi, West Virginia, 120 miles south of Pittsburgh.

Born and
* How the Alphabet Was Born from Hieroglyphs Biblical Archaeology Review
Born Marcus Julius Gessius Bassianus Alexianus, Alexander was adopted as heir apparent by his slightly older and very unpopular cousin, the Emperor Elagabalus at the urging of the influential and powerful Julia Maesa who was grandmother of both cousins and who'd arranged for the emperor's acclamation by the Third Legion.
* Born on the Fourth of July ( 1989 ) winner of two Academy Awards.
* Anya Jenkins Born mortal a thousand years ago as Aud, Anya became the vengeance demon Anyanka after turning her cheating boyfriend into a troll.
There were around 180 shareholders the main families were Hirsch, Bunge, Born, Engels, and De La Tour.
At the beginning of the story-within-the-story, Roland ( age fourteen ) earns his guns an episode retold in the inaugural issue of The Gunslinger Born and becomes the youngest gunslinger in memory.
Born on 28 November 1489, Margaret was baptised two days later on the 30th St. Andrew's Day in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster.
Born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Cole the third of six children of a dry goods-store owner and amateur-entertainer father and a former elementary school-teacher mother was untrained in art except for the Landon School of Illustration and Cartooning correspondence course.
Born Sharon Christa Corrigan in Boston, Massachusetts, the eldest of the five children of Edward Christopher Corrigan ( 1922 – 1990 )— an accountant and Grace Mary Corrigan ( née George ), a substitute teacher, she was of Lebanese descent.
Born in Suffolk, he is known principally for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale, the area surrounding his home now known as " Constable Country "— which he invested with an intensity of affection.
Born Giovanni Rota Rinaldi, into a musical family in Milan, Rota was a renowned child prodigy his first oratorio, L ' infanzia di San Giovanni Battista, was written at age 11 and performed in Milan and Paris as early as 1923 ; his three-act lyrical comedy after Hans Christian Andersen, Il Principe Porcaro, was composed when he was just 13 and published in 1926.
" At a Fourth of July benefit for Vietnam veterans in 1987, Fogerty finally ran through the list of Creedence hits beginning with " Born on the Bayou " and ending with " Proud Mary "— to an ecstatic audience.
Born into a cricketing family his grandfather and brother also captained Australia Chappell made a hesitant start to international cricket playing as a right-hand middle-order batsman and spin bowler.
* Unspecified Gustav Jacob Born, German medical author and histologist ( born 1851 )
Two books have been written about him, both authored by Adriana Rubio Layne Staley: Angry Chair and the more recent, Layne Staley: Get Born Again, which was described as " a ' brand new book ' that has been revised and updated with the inclusion of two new chapters: ' Hate to Feel ' and ' Get Born Again ' as a revival of the acclaimed Angry Chair book.
Born together as part of the social democratic opposition to the military dictatorship from the late 1970s trough the 1980s, PT and the Social Democracy Party are since the mid-1990s the bitterest enemies in Brazilian politics both parties prohibit any kind of coalition or official cooperation with each other in all government levels.
Born near Glasgow, Reid worked a number of jobs as a young adult including wholesaler, army medic ( during the Second Boer War ), farmhand, lumberjack, and dentist and immigrated to Canada in 1903.
Born in Southampton, England, in 1674, Watts was brought up in the home of a committed religious Nonconformist his father, also Isaac Watts, had been incarcerated twice for his controversial views.
Born in Vienna to a working class family his father worked for the tramway Klestil went to school in Landstraße where he made friends with Joe Zawinul.

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