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Both and King's
Both Governor General of Canada Lord Tweedsmuir and Mackenzie King hoped that the King's presence in Canada would demonstrate the principles of the Statute of Westminster 1931, which gave full self-government to the British Dominions and recognised each Dominion as having a separate crown.
Both English and Scottish accounts of Flodden emphasise the King's determination to fight.
Both King's ( founded 1829 ) and University College London ( founded 1826 ) pre-date the University of London, which initially served solely as an examining body for the constituent colleges.
At the same time, after the New Model Army had abandoned an attempt to relieve Taunton, Parliament's Committee of Both Kingdoms had directed Fairfax, its commander, to besiege Oxford, the King's wartime capital.
Both the quantity and quality of the drama suffered when in 1682 the more successful Duke's Company absorbed the struggling King's Company, and the amalgamated United Company was formed.
Both King's Lynn and Sheringham allow onward connections using their regular rail services.
Both the university and the Corporation of Cambridge complained to parliament in 1697 that the trade route to the town from King's Lynn had been severely impaired.
Both her father and grandfather had practised law in the Norfolk area, and her sister Audrey was married to Thomas Gawdy, a lawyer and Justice of the Court of King's Bench with links to the Earl of Arundel, something that later served Edward well.
" Both at King's College and at Cambridge Maurice gathered a following of earnest students.
Both Blunt and Burgess were members of the Apostles, an exclusive and prestigious society based at Trinity and King's Colleges.
Both were members of the Cambridge Apostles ( also known as the Conversazione society ), a Cambridge clandestine discussion group of 12 undergraduates, mostly from Trinity and King's Colleges who considered themselves to be the brightest minds in the university.
Both Father Wrigglesworth ( the Catholic parish priest of King's Lynn and Walsingham ) and Father Fletcher ( Founder and Master of the Guild of Ransom ) laid the foundations and left others to declare the Catholic National Shrine at the Slipper Chapel on 19 August 1934 with over 10, 000 pilgrims present.
Both King's battalions landed on D-Day, the 5th at Sword with the 3rd Division and the Liverpool Irish at Juno with the Canadians.
The original plan of the Parliamentary " Committee of Both Kingdoms ," which directed the military and civil policy of the allies after the fashion of a modern cabinet, was to combine Essex's and Manchester's armies in an attack upon the King's army.
( Note also Horden ) Both the Domesday Book and the King's Book record Castle Eden as a small village, but make no mention of any castle.
Both mother and son starved to death on the King's orders.
Both versions of King's Quest I have been released in assorted collections beginning with the King's Quest 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition ( 1994 ), followed by the King's Quest Collection ( 1995 ), the King's Quest Collection Series ( 1996 ) and Roberta Williams Anthology ( 1997 ).
Both King's Bromley and Kings Bromley are seen in official documents-the village's own website favours Kings Bromley.
Both Nancy and Stephen imagined they might find work at the King's Theatre, which was-at that time-the home of the Royal Italian Opera, a troupe which enjoyed a Royal monopoly on the presentation of Italian opera, and in fact of any musical works which were through-composed without dialogue.
Both Blossom and the café were originally described in Tom King's award-winning novel Green Grass, Running Water, though it was run by different characters.
Both Ahmose-Nefertari and Hatshepsut sometimes used the title as an alternative to that of " King's Principal Wife ", which shows how important they felt the role was.

Both and sons
Both the sons gained distinction in Hungarian politics.
Both sons would help publish their father's works.
Both of Bismarck's sons served as officers in the Prussian cavalry.
Both of his sons chose the last name of George, wanting to keep a sense of family cohesiveness.
Both had been married previously and Richie had two sons from an earlier marriage.
Both the terms sons of God and " son of God " appear in Jewish literature predating the New Testament.
Both men had lost their sons during the French Revolution, but neither claimed the boy as his son.
Both sons, Petr Forman and Matěj Forman, born 1964, are involved in the theatre.
Both his sons went to the same independent school, University College School, in Hampstead.
Both sons were born in France, where the Prince and Princess of Wales had taken up duties as Prince and Princess of Aquitaine.
Both dynasty founders were believed to be twin sons of Aristodemus, a Heraclid ruler.
Both arguments, for a secular or religious Saxo, would confirm that he was well educated, as clergy he would have received training in Latin and sons of great men were often sent to Paris.
Both Apollodrus and Diodorus also bring in two sons of Asopus, the first named Ismenus and the second named Pelagon ( by Apollodorus ) or Pelasgus ( by Diodorus ).
Both were the sons of Hermes, Agreus ' mother being the nymph Sose, a prophetess: he inherited his mother's gift of prophecy, and was also a skilled hunter.
Both sons have names connected with local settlements: Priola, near Heraclea, and Otrea, on the Ascanian Lake.
Both Völsung and his sons approved, but Signy was less enthusiastic.
Both of his sons are professors at Calvin College, Carl in Film Studies and Harry in computer science.
Both his sons Jan Drees and Willem Drees Jr. were active members of the Dutch Labour Party, but left the party around 1970 to join the Democratic Socialists ' 70.
Both sons are multi-instrumentalists, like their father, and often perform alongside him on tour and in the recording studio.
Both sons and daughters inherit 22 chromosomes of autosomal DNA from each parent.
Both the English king and St-Calais did all in their power to support Malcolm's sons, who had been educated in England, in their attempts to secure the Scottish throne.
Both sons have heard from an oracle that the outcome of the conflict will depend on where their father is buried.
Both of W. W. Mayo's sons, William James Mayo ( 1861 – 1939 ) and Charles Horace Mayo ( 1865 – 1939 ) would grow up in Rochester, and when old enough both attended medical school.
Both Lord Derby's sons succeeded to the earldom.

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