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Both and types
Both types of tube withstood the pressure of approximately 20 atmospheres exerted by the carbon tetrachloride at 220-degrees.
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both types of Bede's theological works circulated widely in the Middle Ages.
Both types of cannibalism can also be fueled by the belief that eating a person's flesh or internal organs will endow the cannibal with some of the characteristics of the deceased.
Both types of effect, if needed, are made by appearance-oriented adjustment of the reflection model.
Both types depend on special fuels ( easily obtainable in such limited quantities ) for their ignition timing.
Both the basic and most common list types in computing, queues and stacks can be considered specializations of deques, and can be implemented using deques.
Both types could ( and usually did ) additionally carry smaller carriage-mounted guns on their quarter decks and forecastles ( the superstructures above the upper deck ).
Both of these types of granite are formed by melting of high grade metamorphic rocks, either other granite or intrusive mafic rocks, or buried sediment, respectively.
Both types will also have a bridle and reins.
Both of these pigments are melanin types, produced inside the hair follicle and packed into granules found in the fibers.
Both of Watt's basic engine types were commercially very successful, and by 1800, the firm Boulton & Watt had constructed 496 engines, with 164 driving reciprocating pumps, 24 serving blast furnaces, and 308 powering mill machinery ; most of the engines generated from 5 to.
Both types create problems for preservationists.
Both types of plaited stitches give a subtle but interesting visual texture, and tend to draw the fabric inwards, making it stiffer.
Both are types of lower administrative division in the country.
Both types of ore deposit, placer or lode, are mined by both surface and underground methods.
Both Plato and Aristotle saw three types of government: democracy, aristocracy, and monarchy.
Both Robin and Marian were certainly associated with May Day festivities in England ( as was Friar Tuck ), but these may have been originally two distinct types of performance – Alexander Barclay in his Ship of Fools, writing in c. 1500, refers to " some merry fytte of Maid Marian or else of Robin Hood " – but the characters were brought together.
Both types of bus often serve the same routes, make the same ( or fewer ) stops and operate on similar frequencies, but jwaseok buses are more expensive and offer comfortable seating, while doshihyeong buses are cheaper and have fewer and less comfortable seats.
Both types, deuterium-burning and not, shine dimly and die away slowly, cooling gradually over hundreds of millions of years.
Both types of scuba provide a means of supplying air or other breathing gas, nearly always from a high pressure diving cylinder, and a harness to strap it to the diver's body.
Both Christian and Jewish theologians have identified different types of supersessionism in Christian reading of the Bible.
Both types give good results, and the choice between them is personal.
Both types of hereditary changes can be used by breeders.

Both and infantry
Both began to appear in various armies during the second half of the 17th century because grenadiers were impeded by the wide brimmed infantry hats of the period when throwing grenades.
Both flanks still held, with Vuković's drifting toward the center to compensate for the heavy losses inflicted on the Serbian infantry.
Both Hitler and Rundstedt had doubts about the safety of allowing the armoured corps to get too far ahead of their infantry support, however.
Both varied the color of the stripes by assigning red for artillery, yellow for cavalry, blue for infantry and later in the war, green for sharpshooters.
Both authors subsequently tack on 4, 000 cavalry, evidently not part of the 36, 000 or 38, 000, from which it may be inferred that the latter were infantry ( a circumstance not stated by the authors ).
Both were overpowered by French infantry fire.
Both its infantry brigades went to France by early October as independent infantry brigades, but Divisional Headquarters crossed to France on 19 December and by the new year the Division was reformed.
Both the Egyptians and the Caananites are estimated to have had around 1, 000 chariots and 10, 000 infantry.
Both sides probably deployed their troops in a standard Macedonian formation, with the phalanx of heavy infantry in the centre of the battle line.
Both a Scots ( 21st Foot ) and Welsh ( 23rd Foot ) regiment also became fusiliers in the period up to and including 1702 and all three regiments were distinguished by the wearing of a slightly shorter version of the Mitred Cap worn by Grenadier companies of all other infantry regiments.
Both sides fed in reinforcements as the infantry battled over a pair of parallel ridges in the Battle of Teugen-Hausen.
Both versions were intended to take service in the schwere Infanteriegeschütz Companies within the Panzergrenadier Regiments, inside Panzer and Panzergrenadier Divisions, in their heavy infantry gun units.
Both brigades of infantry formed a division commanded by general Dąbrowski.
Both 51st Highland Volunteers and 52nd Lowland Volunteers were unique in that each of their companies was officially the reserve element of a regular infantry regiment in the Scottish Division.
Both the Type 11 and Type 96 used the same 6. 5x50mm Arisaka cartridges as the Type 38 rifle infantry rifle.
Both countries ' mountain infantry share the Edelweiß insignia.
Both infantry regiments still retain a large majority of their traditions but now have a mixed and fully cooperative chain of command with only one commanding officer ( CO ) for both units.
Both division and force are solely reserved for supporting the infantry, which are directly involved in the commander's force of action in the battlefield, or battlespace shaping.
Both wings also included light infantry companies.
Both types of sword were used by Macedonian cavalry and infantry.
Both sides consist of units made up of a single AFW and three squads of infantry.

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