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Buren and take
According to Smith's grandnephew, Van Buren said to Smith, " Your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you ; if I take up for you I shall lose the vote of Missouri.
He left the Whig Party because they did not take a strong anti-slavery stance, and was a delegate to the Free Soil Party National Convention in Buffalo, New York in 1848 which nominated Martin Van Buren.
President Martin Van Buren then appointed Jesse Hoyt to replace Mr. Swartwout and to take corrective measures to prevent any future problems in the Collector's office.

Buren and part
Van Buren still played a part in the Kitchen Cabinet.
The military actions and subsequent treaties enacted by the Jackson and Van Buren administrations pursuant to the 1830 law are widely considered to have directly caused the expulsion or death of a substantial part of the Native Americans then living in the southeastern United States.
Fairfield Bay is a city in Cleburne and Van Buren counties in the northern part of the U. S. state of Arkansas.
Van Buren is home of the King Opera House, a Victorian-style performance hall from the late 19th century, part of the old downtown historic area.
As part of the primary Fort Smith metropolitan area, many Fort Smith based television stations including KHBS and KFSM, whose radio mast is built in Van Buren, provide local news and weather.
Damascus is a city in Faulkner and Van Buren counties in the central part of the U. S. state of Arkansas.
* Decatur is a village to the north in Van Buren County and the Decatur ZIP code 49045 serves areas in the northern part of the township.
In 1859 Van Buren became a part of the newly created Carter County and was subsequently selected to be the county seat of Carter County, a status that it still holds to this day.
On March 10, 1859 Van Buren became part of the newly created Carter County and a few days later on April 4, Van Buren was selected to be the county seat of Carter County.
* Van Buren Point – A hamlet on the Lake Erie shore in the northeast part of the town, east of Greencrest.
Seneca Knolls is in the eastern part of the Town of Van Buren.
The Town of Van Buren is located northwest of the City of Syracuse and is in the northwest part of the county.
Interstate 690 is a major highway intersecting the Thruway in the eastern part of Van Buren.
New York State Route 31 is a north-south highway in the middle of Van Buren, and New York State Route 173 is an east-west highway in the south part of the town.
New York State Route 48 follows the course of the Seneca River in the eastern part of Van Buren.
* Van Buren —- The hamlet of Van Buren is in the eastern part of the town near Seneca Knolls.
Village Green is in the eastern part of the Town of Van Buren.
The Free Soil candidates won 10 % of the popular vote, but no electoral votes, in part because their nomination of Van Buren discouraged many anti-slavery Whigs from supporting the Free Soil Party.
The Betuwe region is divided into 11 municipalities: Overbetuwe, Neder-Betuwe, Lingewaard, Arnhem ( southern part ), Nijmegen ( northern part ), Tiel, Culemborg, Neerijnen, Geldermalsen, Lingewaal & Buren.
* Lindenwald – The home of Martin Van Buren is in the southwest part of the town.
In 1838, under President Martin Van Buren, the U. S. Army forcibly relocated the Cherokee to Indian Territory ( part of present-day Oklahoma ), in what would become known as the Trail of Tears.
It shows how, even though the case was won at the federal district court level, it was appealed by President Martin Van Buren to the Supreme Court, and how former President John Quincy Adams took part in the proceedings.

Buren and exhibition
Buren had his first important solo exhibition at the Galleria Apollinaire in Milan in 1968, where he blocked a glass door, the only entrance to the gallery, with a striped support.
The fifth artist ever to fill the space of the Grand Palais on the occasion of the Monumenta exhibition, Buren conceived Excentrique ( s ) in 2012, a giant cluster of colored, transparent plastic discs, which overlap to form a colourful canopy.

Buren and When
When it became clear after another six ballots that Van Buren would not win the required majority, Polk emerged as a " dark horse " candidate.
When the election of 1836 came up, Jackson was determined to make Van Buren, his personal choice, President to continue his legacy.
When the electoral vote was counted in Congress on February 8, 1837, it was revealed that while Van Buren received 170 votes for president, Johnson had received only 147 for vice-president.
When a female student, Amelia Van Buren, asked about the movement of the pelvis, Eakins invited her to his studio, where he undressed and " gave her the explanation as I could not have done by words only ".
When Van Buren came through Plainfield on a swing to shore up his popularity for the 1844 election, a group of perpetrators set up the incident.
" When the bill erecting it passed the Legislature, however, Martin Van Buren, then a State Senator, and who, being an ardent admirer of the great Napoleon, was somewhat incensed at one of his political opponents ( Elisha Williams, if we mistake not ), who had succeeded in having a town in Seneca county christened " Waterloo ," leaped to his feet and moved to amend by calling the new town " Austerlitz.
When visiting a circus in Halifax with which Martin Van Buren Bates — another enormously tall person — was travelling, Anna was spotted by the promoter and hired on the spot.
When U. S. President Andrew Jackson decided he needed to purge his Cabinet of supporters of U. S. Senator John C. Calhoun, the always helpful Martin Van Buren was able to convince the president to appoint McLane to be the Secretary of the Treasury.
When, after 1824, the old Democratic-Republican party split into factions, he followed Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren in opposing the Panama Congress and the policy of making Federal appropriations for internal improvements.
When his work was released in 1966, it appeared at a time when a " death of God " movement was emerging in radical theological discussions among Protestant theologians such as Gabriel Vahanian, Paul Van Buren, William Hamilton, and Thomas J. J. Altizer.
In 1984, When Van Buren sent a gift to " Dear Abby " columnist Abigail Van Buren ( Pauline Phillips ), she wrote back on November 30, 1984, thanking him and commenting on the name similarity:
When her detectives make mistakes, Van Buren focuses on salvaging investigations rather than focusing on their failures.
When the Democratic Party announced that Van Buren would be their vice presidential candidate, Floyd was not happy.

Buren and ",
*" Old Kinderhook ", a name applied to U. S. President Martin Van Buren
The phrase, which had previously been limited to regional usage with various possible references, was co-opted and popularized to mean " Old Kinderhook ", a reference to Van Buren based on the name of his home village in New York.
Martin Van Buren announced his intention " to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessor ", and retained all but one of Jackson's cabinet.
van Buren ", one of the less well-known titles of the House of Orange-Nassau, he has participated in the New York City Marathon, where his aunt, Princess Christina, and several cousins live.
* In " The Van Buren Boys ", J. Peterman suggests that when Elaine writes the " romantic escapade " section of his autobiography, she can feel free to throw herself into the dialogue.
In " The Van Buren Boys ", he denies his young protégé a scholarship from the Susan Ross Foundation when the young man decides he no longer wants to be an architect and wants to become a city planner instead.
Van Buren was devoted to his shy, blue-eyed bride, whom he always called " Jannetje ", a Dutch petform of Johanna.
That writing is an important activity for Buren is made particularly clear in his collected texts " Les Écrits ", published in 1991 and then in 2012.
John Van Buren, a handsome attorney known as " Prince John ", died at sea on October 13, 1866, while on the voyage from Liverpool to New York.
Other than the aforementioned meaning of the name, it has also been suggested by A. W. Van Buren of Yale University that the island's name may be related to the sea shanty " Dead man's chest ", probably first written by Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island.
Martin Van Buren High School received a " Developing " on its last Quality Review ( 2012 ), and has received Report Card grades of " C ", " C " and " D ".
Van Buren joins the cast in the 1993 episode " Sweeps ", succeeding Capt.
She eventually learns to tolerate ( and perhaps accept ) Cassady as a member of her squad ; however, this acceptance does not seem to last long and in the seventeenth season finale " The Family Hour ", Van Buren berates the detective for her inability to keep her temper in check and suggests that Cassady has no future in the 27th Squad.
However, his popularity had grown, and convinced that Jackson could serve as a figurehead only, while the cabinet ran things, an alliance was formed between northern " plain republicans ", with Martin Van Buren as their spokesperson, and southern " planters ", with Senator Littleton Waller Tazewell of Virginia, an intimate friend of Floyd, as their spokesperson, to put Jackson in the White House.
Even though Van Buren assures him that he is welcome back on the force, Green, unhappy with having " broken every rule in the book ", decides to leave the squad.
He has at least some family living in New York ; in the episode " Deadlock ", Van Buren recommends that Green's family be protected from an escaped convict, and he responds, " Way ahead of you.

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