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Some Related Sentences

Can and war
Its advocacy had grown partly out of the standards of utility furniture created during the war ( Gordon Russell, the Director of the CoID, had been Chairman of the Utility Furniture Design Panel ) and partly out of the CoID's Britain Can Make It exhibition of 1946.
Before the return of the collections after the war, the Britain Can Make It exhibition was held between September and November 1946, attracting nearly a million and a half visitors.
Released in November 1987, the EP Vampire Can Mating Oven preceded a major label bidding war.
After the war, he moved to the Chicago area where, with his younger brother Edwin, he founded the Norton Bros. Tin Can & Plate Co., a predecessor of American Can Co.
MacDonald also published three other semi-autobiographical books: Anybody Can Do Anything, recounting her life in the Depression trying to find work ; The Plague and I, describing her nine-month stay at the Firlands tuberculosis sanitarium ; and Onions in the Stew, about her life on Vashon Island with her second husband and daughters during the war years.
war: Can Tho
Management and labour are beginning to live the positive alternative to the class war .... Can Marxists pave the way for a greater ideology?
Can these be held long enough for the Allies to grow weary of the war?
He painted posters during World War II in support of the war effort, among them the famous " We Can Do It!
At the end of the war, General Hung was by then deputy commander of the IV Corps ( known as Military Region 4 ) at Can Tho.
This year's installment sees Homer as a wandering spirit who must do one good deed before going to Heaven (" G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad "), Bart and Lisa as genre-savvy peasant children who end up lost in a fairy tale forest in " Scary Tales Can Come True ," and Springfield's population at war with sea mammals in " Night of the Dolphin.
One of the representative works by Wang Can is the Poem of Seven Sorrows ( 七哀诗 ), a five-character poem lamenting the suffering of the people during the years of war.

Can and be
Can God be mocked, ever, in the long run??
`` Can he be trusted ''??
Can the President or the Secretary act under existing authority, or will new legislation and new money be required??
Can they be re-scheduled??
Can part-time drivers be assigned to other productive work??
Can vacations be spaced throughout the 12 months to minimize the number of employee fill-ins??
Can your plant nurse be replaced by a trained first-aid man who works full-time on some other assignment??
Those films will be: Labours of Hercules ; Dead Man ’ s Folly ; The Big Four ; Elephants Can Remember ; and Curtain.
* Can be cheaper than other methods-e. g.
Can be played as six individual competitors, or three teams of two.
Can Omotic be reclassified as West Cushitic?
A fan of Philip K. Dick, author of " We Can Remember it For You Wholesale ," the short story upon which the film was based, Cronenberg related ( in the biography / overview of his work, Cronenberg on Cronenberg ) that his dissatisfaction with what he envisioned the film to be and what it ended up being pained him so greatly that for a time, he suffered a migraine just thinking about it, akin to a needle piercing his eye.
Can also be built with staggered wooden blocks.
Can also be built with staggered wooden blocks.
# Can all solutions be found in theory?
* A. Einstein, B. Podolsky, and N. Rosen, Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?
* Can be very inefficient — if the requirements for one area of code change through various iterations, the same programming may need to be done several times over.
Can be erased, even in plastic packages.
Can be erased, even in plastic packages.
But Douglass also asked, " Can any colored man, or any white man friendly to the freedom of all men, ever forget the night which followed the first day of January 1863, when the world was to see if Abraham Lincoln would prove to be as good as his word?
* XUL Can be used with Xquery to create web GUI database applications quickly.
; Class A: Can be connected to GPRS service and GSM service ( voice, SMS ), using both at the same time.
; Class B: Can be connected to GPRS service and GSM service ( voice, SMS ), but using only one or the other at a given time.

Can and set
* " Orion ", a song by Dead Can Dance on the box set Dead Can Dance ( 1981-1998 )
The Rubettes ' success encouraged Bickerton and Waddington to set up State Records, so that ten months after the release of " Sugar Baby Love ", the fourth Rubettes single " I Can Do It " was on State ( catalogue reference STAT 1 ).
Composite edits of " We Can Work It Out ", " Day Tripper ", and " Ticket To Ride " are seen in " The Beatles Anthology ," DVD set.
One song from the recording sessions, " The Lotus Eaters ", was eventually released on the box set Dead Can Dance ( 1981-1998 ) and on the 2-disc compilation Wake ( 2003 ).
References in the books suggest that they are set in the same world as Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell novels ( 1992 – 1996 ), which begin with Only You Can Save Mankind.
The set's version of Coda included some of the previously unreleased tracks that had surfaced on the box set series: " Baby Come On Home ", " Travelling Riverside Blues ", " White Summer "/" Black Mountain Side ", and " Hey Hey What Can I Do ".
* Can Con, Short for " Canadian Content ", a Canadian policy requiring a set percentage of Canadian works on the Canadian Airwaves
In the book One Small Step Can Change Your life: The Kaizen Way, and CD set The Kaizen Way to Success, Maurer looks at how individuals can take a kaizen approach in both their personal and professional lives.
* In an episode of " So You Think You Can Dance ( Season 4 )", contestants Joshua Allen and Katee Shean dance a Broadway dance number set to " All for the Best ", choreographed by Tyce Diorio.
*" How Fast Can You Fly Safely ", June 1933, Popular Mechanics page 858 photo of Sperry Automatic Pilot and drawing of its basic functions in flight when set
For instance, in Who's on First, Oakes deliberately chooses not to stop the Soviet Union from launching Sputnik ahead of the otherwise-superior US satellite program, in order to protect the life of a Soviet contact ( and thus the seeming Soviet technological triumph was actually authorized by a US agent, who allowed it to happen ); in Marco Polo, if You Can, Oakes is the real-life U2 pilot Gary Powers, and allows himself to be captured while flying over the Soviet Union in order to create a cover story for a secret US intelligence operation ( and thus the U2 incident was actually planned from the start, Gary Powers was not shot down by the Soviet military but deliberately set up his own capture, and U. S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower's subsequent humiliation by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev never happened ).
This set contained artwork from previously released cards, a test marketed Wacky Can Labels set, as well as more unreleased artwork from the aborted 1992 series to make a set of 72 base cards.
It includes the song “ The Lotus Eaters ” ( previously released only on the Dead Can Dance ( 1981-1998 ) boxed set ), which was recorded in 1998 as part of its new album, but it remained the last song recorded before the break-up of the band.
Can any function be expressed in terms of the eigenfunctions ( are they a complete set ) and under what circumstances does a point spectrum or a continuous spectrum arise?
Let T denote the set of L-sentences true in N, and T * the set of Gödel numbers of the sentences in T. The following theorem answers the question: Can T * be defined by a formula of first-order arithmetic?
Bruce Springsteen once again brought back the song in 2008 as set closer when performing acoustic concerts in support of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, this time adding a " Yes We Can " chant before and after the song.
The band bought Bogart's share and eventually released three of the tracks, " Keep Me Waiting ," " She ," and " Love Her All I Can ", in 2001 as part of a five-disc box set.
: Can be set to be activated during your opponents turn as well as your own, or played during your own turn outside of the main phases.
Mill Creek Entertainment released a 10 episode best-of set entitled My Two Dads-You Can Count on Me on March 22, 2011.
By August, the group was set to release its newest LP, A Girl Can Mack, when member Naughton had left the group for good after heated arguments.

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