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Cantor and established
Cantor first established cardinality as an instrument to compare finite sets ; e. g. the sets
By proving that there are ( infinitely ) many possible sizes for infinite sets, Cantor established that set theory was not trivial, and it needed to be studied.
Cantor established these results using two constructions.
The show established Cantor as a leading comedian, and his scriptwriter, David Freedman, as “ the Captain of Comedy .” Cantor soon became the world's highest-paid radio star.
The Hollywood Stock Exchange, a virtual market game established in 1996 and now a division of Cantor Fitzgerald, LP, in which players buy and sell prediction shares of movies, actors, directors, and film-related options, correctly predicted 32 of 2006's 39 big-category Oscar nominees and 7 out of 8 top category winners.
He came from a family that had emigrated to the Netherlands from Portugal, another branch of which had established itself in Russia, where Georg Cantor was born.
* Hamadryas, the genus of the King Cobra invalidly established by Cantor in 1838 ; now Ophiophagus

Cantor and importance
Whole chapters are devoted to the emergence of algebraic logic in the 19th century UK, Cantor and the emergence of set theory, the emergence of mathematical logic in Germany told in a way that downplays Frege's importance, and to Peano and his followers.

Cantor and one-to-one
For example, Georg Cantor ( who introduced this concept ) demonstrated that the real numbers cannot be put into one-to-one correspondence with the natural numbers ( non-negative integers ), and therefore that the set of real numbers has a greater cardinality than the set of natural numbers.
Cantor's diagonal argument, also called the diagonalisation argument, the diagonal slash argument or the diagonal method, was published in 1891 by Georg Cantor as a mathematical proof that there are infinite sets which cannot be put into one-to-one correspondence with the infinite set of natural numbers.
The principle that cardinal number was to be characterized in terms of one-to-one correspondence had previously been used to great effect by Georg Cantor, whose writings Frege knew.
One of the greatest achievements of Georg Cantor was the construction of a one-to-one correspondence between the points of a square and the points of one of its edges by means of continued fractions.

Cantor and correspondence
'' My impassioned plea for civil rights created a landslide of correspondence and one sponsor even asked me to consider replacing the Eddie Cantor comedy hour on a permanent basis.
In 1882, the mathematical correspondence between Cantor and Dedekind came to an end, apparently as a result of Dedekind's declining the chair at Halle.
Cantor also began another important correspondence, with Gösta Mittag-Leffler in Sweden, and soon began to publish in Mittag-Leffler's journal Acta Mathematica.
" Cantor complied, but then curtailed his relationship and correspondence with Mittag-Leffler, writing to a third party:
At that Congress, Cantor renewed his friendship and correspondence with Dedekind.

Cantor and between
Norman F. Cantor notes the three roles Boniface played that made him " one of the truly outstanding creators of the first Europe, as the apostle of Germany, the reformer of the Frankish church, and the chief fomentor of the alliance between the papacy and the Carolingian family.
In set theory, the Cantor – Bernstein – Schroeder theorem, named after Georg Cantor, Felix Bernstein, and Ernst Schröder, states that, if there exist injective functions and between the sets A and B, then there exists a bijective function.
Eddie Cantor is broadcast from NBC's Manhattan station WNBT to Philco's Philadelphia station WPTZ, via an automatic relay tower halfway between the two cities.
Cantor also bounced back between movies and on radio.
The Cantor function challenges naive intuitions about continuity and measure ; though it is continuous everywhere and has zero derivative almost everywhere, c goes from 0 to 1 as x goes from 0 to 1, and takes on every value in between.
In addition, he edited one of the most influential compilations of American historical documents, Documents of American History, which went through ten editions between 1938 and 1988 ( the tenth, and last, coedited with Commager's former student Milton Cantor.
He may have been a " Walter Cantor " at Ely Cathedral between 1443 and 1466, and he may have been the Walter Frye who joined the London Parish Clerks in 1456 ; he also may have been the Walter Frye who left a will at Canterbury in 1474.
A similar relationship between the projective hierarchy and the relativized analytical hierarchy holds for subsets of Cantor space and, more generally, subsets of any effective Polish space.
Cantor defined cardinality in terms of bijective functions: two sets have the same cardinality if and only if there exists a bijective function between them.
In his book Gilligan Unbound, American literary critic Paul Cantor described how " Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo " references and mocks several aspects of Japanese and American culture, as well as differences between the two.
According to Cantor, this is where the family find a difference between Japanese and American culture, as Wink, the game-show host, explains to them: " Our game shows are a little different from yours.
This paradox is named for Georg Cantor, who is often credited with first identifying it in 1899 ( or between 1895 and 1897 ).

Cantor and members
Two important members of the Notre Dame administration have been suggested as possible identities for Perotinus: the theologian Petrus Cantor ( who died in 1197 ) and the Petrus who was Succentor of Notre Dame from at least 1207 until about 1238.
On July 12, 1938, with the support of radio stars Eddie Cantor, Edgar Bergen, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, and others, AFRA members negotiate the first collectively bargained agreement on a national scale – with NBC and CBS – resulting in a wage increase of 125 %.
Presently, seven of the nine top Republican leaders — Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam, Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling, Conference Vice-Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Conference Secretary John Carter, Policy Committee chairman Tom Price, and National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Pete Sessions -- are members of the RSC.

Cantor and two
During his honeymoon in the Harz mountains, Cantor spent much time in mathematical discussions with Richard Dedekind, whom he had met two years earlier while on Swiss holiday.
The carpet is a generalization of the Cantor set to two dimensions ( another is Cantor dust ).
* A Few Moments with Eddie Cantor, Star of " Kid Boots " ( 1923 ) A six-minute film made in Phonofilm by Lee De Forest featuring Cantor telling monologues and singing two songs.
This embedding extends to the whole sphere, since points approaching two different points of the Cantor set will be at least a fixed distance apart in the construction.
This consisted of the two producers ( Cantor and Harvey ), a scratch DJ Jason Tunbridge ( Mad Doctor X ), a guitarist ( Tony Ayiotou ), drummer ( Clive Jenner ), bass guitarist ( Joe Henson ), two MCs ( MC Navigator and Tenor Fly ) and three breakdancers ( Coza, Marat, Tim ).
* 1940: Eddie Cantor, one of only two balloons based on a living person or people, The Tin Man
Between any two real numbers a < b, no matter how close they are to each other, there are always infinitely many other real numbers, and Cantor showed that they are as many as those contained in the whole set of real numbers.
She co-starred with Eddie Cantor in two features, Show Business ( 1944 ) and If You Knew Susie ( 1948 ).
With that, Cantor Rabinovitch forgives his son and the two embrace.

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