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Chidiock and Tichborne
Notable practitioners of elegiac poetry have included Propertius, Jorge Manrique, Jan Kochanowski, Chidiock Tichborne, Edmund Spenser, Ben Jonson, John Milton, Thomas Gray, Charlotte Turner Smith, William Cullen Bryant, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Evgeny Baratynsky, Alfred Tennyson, Walt Whitman, Louis Gallet, Antonio Machado, Juan Ramón Jiménez, William Butler Yeats, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Virginia Woolf.
** Chidiock Tichborne, English conspirator and poet ( executed ) ( b. 1558 )
** Chidiock Tichborne, English conspirator and poet ( d. 1586 )
This first group included Babington, Ballard, Chidiock Tichborne, Sir Thomas Salisbury, Robert Barnewell, John Savage and Henry Donn.
Chidiock ( Charles ) Tichborne ( 1563 – 20 September 1586 ) is remembered as an English conspirator and poet.
Chidiock descended from Sir Roger de Tichborne who owned land at Tichborne, near Winchester, in the twelfth century.
* Richard S. M. Hirsch ( 1986 ) The Works of Chidiock Tichborne, English Literary Renaissance, ( 1986 ) Vol.
* Audio: Robert Pinsky reads " Tichborne's Elegy " by Chidiock Tichborne ( via poemsoutloud. net )
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His offer to Elizabeth of £ 1000 for his pardon was rejected, and the execution of the first seven ( including Babington, John Ballard, and Chidiock Tichborne ) took place on the 20th.

Chidiock and is
Another poem in the volume is titled: Hendecasyllabon T. K. in Cygneam Cantionem Chideochi Tychborne and is an answer to Chidiock verses, most likely by the poet and dramatist Thomas Kyd, author of The Spanish Tragedy.

Chidiock and from
He also travelled in Morocco disguised as a Turkish sheikh, prospected for gold in Spain, befriended Buffalo Bill in Texas, and taught fencing in Mexico City, having travelled there by wagon train from San Antonio de Bexar with his young bride sic " Gabrielle Chidiock de la Balmondiere " a supposed half French half Chilean poet.

Chidiock and .
He secured an education and the patronage of Lord Chidiock Paulet.
At his execution Chidiock mentions his wife Agnes, one child, and his six sisters.
Chidiock's father secured the patronage of his distant kinsman, Lord Chidiock Paulet ( 1521 – 1574, son of the 1st Marquess of Winchester ), after whom he named his son.

Tichborne and was
The Wandering Heir ( 1875 ), of which he also wrote a version for the stage, was suggested by the Tichborne Case.
Soon after he had begun to make his mark he was briefed against the claimant in the famous Tichborne Case.
He was engaged in most of the celebrated trials of his time, including the Overend and Gurney and the Tichborne cases.
In 1871 he was also involved in the high-publicity Tichborne Case.
This was followed by an inaugural local village cricket competition, with participating teams from Tichborne, Old Alresford, Ropley and Cheriton, for the annual John Arlott Cup.
He was born in Southampton sometime after 24 August 1562 to Roman Catholic parents, Peter Tichborne and his wife Elizabeth ( née Middleton ).
Chidiock's second cousin and contemporary was Sir Benjamin Tichborne who lived at Tichborne Park and was created a Baronet by King James I in 1621.
In June 1586, Tichborne agreed to take part in the Babington Plot to murder Queen Elizabeth and replace her with the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots, who was next in line to the throne.
The plot was foiled by Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth's spymaster, using double agents, most notably Robert Poley who was later witness to the murder of Christopher Marlowe, and though most of the conspirators fled, Tichborne had an injured leg and was forced to remain in London.
On 20 September 1586, Tichborne was executed with Anthony Babington, John Ballard, and four other conspirators.
He was married to Emily Joseph, daughter of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne.
However, Keeler has said he was inspired by the Tichborne Case of nineteenth century England.
Tichborne House was built shortly after 1803 while a longstanding baronetcy ( indicating the use of ' Sir ') was held by the family.
There was a notorious 19th century legal case of the Tichborne Claimant, in which an English imposter, Arthur Orton, then living in Australia, claimed to be missing Tichborne family member Sir Roger Tichborne.
He was twice married, and in addition to children by both wives he left an illegitimate daughter, Henriette Felicity, who married Sir James Doughty-Tichborne, by whom she was the mother of Roger Tichborne, impersonated in 1871 by the famous impostor Arthur Orton.

Tichborne and called
Tichborne holds a traditional charitable festival called the Tichborne Dole.

Tichborne and is
** The case of the Tichborne Claimant is decided against the claimant Arthur Orton ( who, as a result, is convicted of perjury in 1874 ).
The Tichborne family is ancient and believed to have held land at Tichborne from before the Norman Conquest.
Tichborne is a village and civil parish east of Winchester in Hampshire, England.
However, Tichborne is not recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.
The north aisle is now railed off to form the Tichborne Chapel, with monuments to members of the manorial family.
In September is the large agricultural and funfair Alresford Show at Tichborne Park.

Tichborne and has
The Elegy has also been set to music many times from the Elizabethan era to the present day by, among others, Michael East, Richard Alison ( fl1580-1610, in An Hour's Recreation in musicke, 1606 ), John Mundy ( 1592 ) and Charles-François Gounod ( 1873 ) and more recently Norman Dello Joio ( 1949 ) and Jim Clark ( see http :// wn. com / Tichborne ' s_Elegy_Poem_animation ).
The Tichborne family has held the manor since the 12th century.
More recently, some infill development has taken place, such as De Montfort Mews behind 5 to 19 De Montfort Street, Andrew Court and Tichborne Court flats ( late 1970s ) and the bank at 121 to 123 London Road ( 1973 / 4 ).

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