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Claiming and violations
Claiming violations in the signature collection drive, 202 deputies voted against the referendum ; only thirty-five deputies supported it, and another thirty-five abstained.

Claiming and police
Claiming that a file had been stolen from one of the Church's internal computer servers and posted to the newsgroup alt. religion. scientology by a Penet user, representatives of the Church contacted Interpol, who in turn contacted the Finnish police, who issued a search warrant demanding that Julf hand over data on the users of the Penet remailer.
Claiming to have been born in Garbahaarreey in order to qualify, he enrolled in the Italian colonial police as a Zaptié in 1940.
Claiming that the Home Office had intervened for political reasons to ensure that Blair would not have to resign over the incident as it had occurred in the aftermath of 21 July 2005 London bombings, Paddick says he came to accept that his police career was over and that he would never achieve his goal of becoming a chief constable.
Claiming frustration with the ongoing police involvement, Ahmad left to Syria in 2001 to complete the marriage ceremonies with his fiancee.
Claiming that the army and police are an arm of class-rule, an isocracy also argues in that public peace, defense and emergency services can be managed through inclusive militia.

Claiming and actions
Claiming that persons with ' other agendas ' had misinterpreted her actions, she said: " I inadvertently allowed those with other agendas to corrupt the most precious and inviolate basis of our profession – the attorney-client relationship .".

Claiming and restore
Claiming to restore the Provisional Constitution of the Republic of China, he summoned the members of the original parliament to elect him as president, but since there lacked a quorum, he took the title of " Extraordinary President " ( 非常大總統 ).

Claiming and order
Claiming illness, Uona was permitted to return to the capital where he died ; posthumously, the order of banishment was burned and his office restored.

Claiming and .
Claiming the ancient primacy of Peter and the title of " Apostolic See ", it remained the last court of episcopal appeal in serious matters for the whole Church, East and West.
Claiming divine guidance, she led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years ' War, which paved the way for the coronation of Charles VII of France.
Claiming to be Switzerland's first online bonus program, Bonuspoints was launched in early 2008 and offers incentives for shopping at 70 different online stores.
Claiming that Meres was obsessed with numerology, they propose that the numbers should be symmetrical, and that careful readers are meant to infer that Meres knew two of the English poets ( viz., Oxford and Shakespeare ) to actually be one and the same.
Claiming to be Britain's second oldest colony, this is one of the most isolated islands in the world and was for several centuries of vital strategic importance to ships sailing to Europe from Asia and South Africa.
Claiming the coastal strip, Omani Sultan Seyyid Said moved his capital to Zanzibar City in 1840.
Claiming the coastal strip, Omani Sultan Seyyid Said moved his capital to Zanzibar City in 1840.
Claiming that true religious language is universal, Paine uses elements of the Christian rhetorical tradition to undermine the hierarchies perpetuated by religion itself.
Claiming that the Scullin government was incapable of managing the economy, it offered traditional deflationary economic policies in response to Australia's economic crisis.
* March 23 – Claiming to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad founds the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in India.
Claiming the gods were hers because they were born of her necklace, and the goddesses were his, she decided that she had won the challenge, as his item produced women.
Claiming that Ælfgifu wanted to have a son by the king but was unable to, she secretly adopted the newborn children of strangers and pretended to have given birth to them.
Claiming that he had " nothing more to write about ," McGovern originally planned to leave after the second series, but was allowed to write the controversial rape storyline, " Men Should Weep ", when he agreed to contribute a three-part story to the third series.
Claiming to see individuality and emotion in chimpanzees, she was accused of " that worst of ethological sins ", anthropomorphism.
* 2012: MotoGP raises the maximum engine capacity to 1, 000 cc and introduces Claiming Rule Teams.
From 2012, teams not entered by one of the major manufacturers may seek Claiming Rule Team ( CRT ) status.
Under the ' Claiming Rule ', CRT teams agree to allow up to four of their engines per season to be claimed, after a race, by one of the major manufacturer teams at a cost of € 20, 000 each including transmission, or € 15, 000 each for the engine alone.
Claiming the result was the indiscriminate murders of Burghers, women and children by Swazi commandos.
Claiming their rights as well as Schoenfeld's had been violated, the Devils appealed to New Jersey Superior Court judge James F. Madden — an unprecedented appeal to authority outside the league.
Claiming that invisibility was a major obstacle toward changing public opinion, he urged homosexual people to reveal their same-sex attractions.
Claiming that " hubristic, pompous displays of group pride might actually be a sign of group insecurity as opposed to a sign of strength ," she believes that those that express pride by humbly focusing on members ' efforts and hard work tend to have high social standing.

violations and Agreement
In 2005, the US DOJ filed a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in which Monsanto admitted to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ( 15 U. S. C.
The lawsuit alleged copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and violations of their games ' End User License Agreement ( sometimes referred to as a clickwrap license ) and DMCA anti-circumvention prohibitions, in what would become an important test case for portions of that law.
In 1903, Morel and those who agreed with him in the House of Commons succeeded in passing a resolution which called on the British government to conduct an inquiry into alleged violations of the Berlin Agreement.
Notwithstanding repeated violations by the RUF, the document, known as the Lomé Peace Agreement, remained the cornerstone of sustainable peace, security, justice and national reconciliation in Sierra Leone.
Averell Harriman, U. S. ambassador in Moscow, once a " confirmed optimist " regarding U. S .- Soviet relations, was disillusioned by what he saw as the Soviet betrayal of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising as well as by violations of the February 1945 Yalta Agreement concerning Poland.
The SLMM's reaction on this fact ( that the majority of violations is done by the LTTE ) is that the parties have the responsibility for the CFA ( Cease Fire Agreement ).
The above factors and violations of the Linggadjati Agreement prompted the East Indies government to launch a police action in mid-1947 known as Operatie Product.
Trade Ministry Director General of International Trade Gusmardi Bustami has stated that the Indonesian government has asked the WTO panel to review US violations on trade regulations, including the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade ( GATT ) 1994, Technical Barriers to Trade ( TBT ) and Sanitary and Phytosanitary ( SPS ) Agreement.
Out of state moving violations are the focus of the compact and there will be no differences in focus under the Driver License Agreement.
Its mandate was to investigate the numerous human rights violations perpetrated by both sides in the armed conflict ; succinctly put, to inform Guatemalan society about exactly what had happened in the country between January 1962 and the signing of the Agreement on a Firm and Lasting Peace on 29 December 1996.
* Agreement on the establishment of the Commission to clarify past human rights violations and acts of violence that have caused the Guatemalan population to suffer (" CEH Accord ") 23 June 1994

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