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Costlier and .
Costlier turntables made from heavy aluminium castings have greater balanced mass and inertia, helping minimize vibration at the stylus, and maintaining constant speed without wow or flutter, even if the motor exhibits cogging effects.

raw and materials
By no means would we discourage the production of ideas: they provide raw materials with which to work ; ;
new industrial uses for raw, semi-processed and waste, materials ; ;
`` So from raw materials to finished erection the costs of materials handling ( most of it inefficient ) add up to one-fourth of the total construction cost of housing ''.
Seeds are the essential raw materials for milling grain, baking, crushing oilseed, refining edible oil, brewing, distilling, and mixing feed.
Such `` depletion allowances '', in the form of percentages of sales are authorized by tax law for specified raw materials producers using up their assets.
The High Court held that the company must apply its percentage allowance to the value of the raw materials removed from the ground, not to the revenue from finished products.
; Blocking: A schedule for conducting treatment combinations in an experimental study such that any effects on the experimental results due to a known change in raw materials, operators, machines, etc., become concentrated in the levels of the blocking variable.
The region was famous for exporting various raw materials, and areas of Hattian and Hurrian populated south east Anatolia were colonised by the Akkadians.
The consequent blockade along both the Azerbaijani and Turkish borders has devastated the economy, because of Armenia's dependence on outside supplies of energy and most raw materials.
Under the old Soviet central planning system, Armenia had developed a modern industrial sector, supplying machine tools, textiles, and other manufactured goods to sister republics in exchange for raw materials and energy.
Armenia has not succeeded in increasing and diversifying exports beyond raw materials thus leaving room for a greater vulnerability to external shocks.
The second was in his vertical integration of all suppliers of raw materials.
These investments are concentrated primarily in vehicle assembly and parts supply, the construction industry / cement, raw materials processing / aluminum and regional dairy farming.
Industrial output suffered, as well as public services, exposing Bulgaria being overdependent on Russia for raw materials.
Since the Weimar Republic lacked the quantity of raw materials available to the United States and Great Britain, it had to rely on the proficiency of a skilled labor force and an ability to export innovative and high quality goods.
On that Mississippi riverine system today, including that of other sheltered waterways, industrial barge trafficking in bulk raw materials such as coal, coke, timber, iron ore and other minerals is extremely common in the developed world using huge cargo barges that connect in groups and trains-of-barges in ways which allow cargo volumes and weights which would astonish pioneers of modern barge systems and methods in the Victorian era.
Canal barges, towed by draft animals on a waterway adjacent towpath were of fundamental importance in the early industrial revolution, whose major early engineering projects were efforts to build viaducts, aqueducts and especially canal to fuel and feed the raw materials to the nascent factories being born in the early industrial takeoff, and take their goods to the ports and cities for distribution.
In addition to the creation of bronze from raw materials and the widespread use of bronze tools and weapons, the period continued development of pictogramic or ideogramic symbols and proto-writing, and other features of urban civilization.
* The cost and availability of raw materials, intermediate goods and other inputs ;
Trade deficits generated in tradeable goods such as manufactured goods or software may impact domestic employment to different degrees than trade deficits in raw materials.
Monetary balance of trade is different from physical balance of trade ( which is expressed in amount of raw materials, known also as Total Material Consumption ).
Developed countries usually import a lot of primary raw materials from developing countries at low prices.
Canada is a developed country whose economy includes the extraction and export of raw materials from its large area.
The raw materials for many of these synthetic substances come from crude oil.

raw and are
If the raw population figures are crucially relevant, then it is idle to think of liberation, as idle as to suppose that Poland might liberate Russia.
Artists and poets are the raw nerve-ends of humanity ; ;
Since Mr. Clark believes firmly that the chewing of hard foods helps develop healthy gums and teeth, raw vegetables and raw whole-wheat grains are handed out with fresh fruit and whole-wheat cookies at snack time in the afternoons.
In Japan, live and raw abalone are used in awabi sushi, or served steamed, salted, boiled, chopped, or simmered in soy sauce.
Furthermore, sandwiches de miga are another type of bread products ; they are made only with thin layers of white bread ( generally referred to as crustless bread ) and stuffed with food items ranging from ham and cheese to other more sophisticated combinations such as raw ham, tomatoes, olives, hard boiled eggs, tuna, lettuce, red pepper, and the like.
Major raw material for PSA's are acrylate based polymers.
While suitable media and raw pigments are available for the individual production of acrylic paint, due to the fast drying time and other technical issues, hand mixing may not be practical.
However, for backward compatibility with early HTML authors and browsers that ignored this restriction, raw characters and numeric character references in the 80 – 9F range are interpreted by some browsers as representing the characters mapped to bytes 80 – 9F in the Windows-1252 encoding.
Many foods, when raw, are inedible, and some are poisonous.
For example kidney beans are toxic when raw or improperly cooked, due to the presence of phytohaemagglutinin which can be inactivated after cooking for at least ten minutes at 100 ° C.
German research in 2003 showed significant benefits in reducing breast cancer risk when large amounts of raw vegetable matter are included in the diet.
Similarly, relatively little energy is used in producing and combining the raw materials ( although large amounts of CO < sub > 2 </ sub > are produced by the chemical reactions in cement manufacture ).
" Commodities " refers to standard products, especially raw materials such as grains and metals, that are not associated with particular producers or brands and trade on organized exchanges.
Capital goods ( i. e., raw materials, tools, industrial machines, vehicles and factories ) are used to produce consumer goods ( e. g., televisions, cars, computers, houses ) to be sold to others.
Some philosophers have argued that it is intrinsically unsolvable, because qualities (" qualia ") are ineffable ; that is, they are " raw feels ", incapable of being analyzed into component processes.
Signals arising from sensory organs are transmitted to the brain and then processed in a series of stages, which extract multiple types of information from the raw input.
Carbonates are widely used in industry, e. g. in iron smelting, as a raw material for Portland cement and lime manufacture, in the composition of ceramic glazes, and more.
Chemical reactions are central to chemical engineering where they are used for the synthesis of new compounds from natural raw materials such as petroleum and mineral ores.

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