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# and DSSS
# DSSS uses a signal structure in which the sequence of chips produced by the transmitter is already known by the receiver.

# and sine
# Generate a high frequency sine carrier waveform, and perhaps also a cosine quadrature component.
# A slightly non-linear transfer function ( purple ), this one is gently compressing as may be typical of a tube audio amplifier, will compress the peaks of the sine wave.
# A passband signal (" digital-over-analog " transmission ): A modulated sine wave signal representing a digital bit-stream.
# Missa sine nomine
# Missa sine nomine ( incomplete: only Kyrie, Gloria and Credo exist )
# Credo sine nomine ( Mass section )
# Fecundata sine viro ( 3 voices )
The graphs of the sine and Trigonometric functions # cosine | cosine functions are sinusoids of different phases.
# REDIRECT Latino sine flexione
# REDIRECT sine wave
Page from a 14th-century psalter ( Latin Psalters # Enumeration | Vulgate Ps 93: 16-21 ), with black letter " sine pedibus " text
# REDIRECT sine qua non
# REDIRECT sine qua non
# REDIRECT Adjournment sine die
# Missa sine nomine ;
# Kyrie et Gloria sine nomine ;
# Credo sine nomine.
# Missa sine nomine 1 ( without a name )
# Missa sine nomine 2 ( without a name )
File: Beat-superposition of 104hz and 110hz sine waves. ogg A 110 Hz A sine wave ( magenta ; first 2 seconds ), a 104 Hz G # sine wave ( cyan ; following 2 seconds ), their sum ( blue ; final 2 seconds ) and the corresponding envelope ( red )
# Missa cantata sine Ministris ( Sung / Chanted Mass without the Ministers ) – documents of the Holy See such as the Decree of the Congregation of Sacred Rites of 14 March 1906
# REDIRECT List of Latin phrases ( S )# sine loco

# and wave
# The electrons are never in a single point location, although the probability of interacting with the electron at a single point can be found from the wave function of the electron.
# The electrons retain particle like-properties such as: each wave state has the same electrical charge as the electron particle.
# A system is completely described by a wave function, representing the state of the system, which grows gradually with time but, upon measurement, collapses suddenly to its original size.
# The description of nature is essentially probabilistic, with the probability of an event related to the square of the amplitude of the wave function.
# Matter exhibits a wave – particle duality.
# Frequency shifting of the RF signal to the equivalent baseband I and Q signals, or to an intermediate frequency ( IF ) signal, by multiplying the RF signal with a local oscillator sinewave and cosine wave frequency ( see the superheterodyne receiver principle ).
Spiral density wave s in Rings of Saturn # A Ring | Saturn's A Ring excited by resonances with Moons of Saturn # Ring shepherds | inner moons.
# The combined wave is passed through a voltage controlled amplifier connected to an ADSR envelope.
A Sine wave | sinusoidal curve1 = Peak amplitude (), 2 = # Peak-to-peak_amplitude | Peak-to-peak amplitude (), 3 = Root mean square | RMS amplitude (), 4 = Wave period ( not an amplitude )
A Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy | lithotriptor machine is seen in an Operating theater | operating room ; other equipment is seen in the background, including an Anaesthetic machine | anesthesia machine and a X-ray image intensifier # Mobile Fluoroscopic System AKA " portable C-arm " | mobile fluoroscopic system ( or " C-arm ").
# A high-pass filter ( green trace ) will distort the shape of a square wave by reducing its low frequency components.
# REDIRECTSurface wave # Ground wave
# The width of the eye opening defines the time interval over which the received wave can be sampled without error from ISI.
# In radio communications systems, pertaining to a radio station or television station that is completely shut down, i. e. that is not transmitting any signal, not even an un-modulated carrier wave.
# Electromagnetic radiation, at the same or different wavelengths, i. e., frequencies, of energy received from an incident wave.
# redirect standing wave ratio
While not purely a hardware synth, the DS-XG sound cards based on the Yamaha YMF-7 # 4 family of audio chipsets ( including 724, 744, 754, and 764 ), including the Yamaha WaveForce 192 ( SW192XG ) as well as many from other manufacturers and even some PC motherboards with such an audio chipset, included hardware-assisted software VL physical modelling ( like a VL70m or PLG-VL, and compatible with same ) along with the Yamaha XG, wave audio, and 3D gaming sound capabilities of the chipset.
# Transmission Coefficient ( quantum mechanics ) ( dimensionless )-Represents the probability flux of a transmitted wave relative to that of an incident wave.

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