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Despite and both
Despite being epileptic, Charles achieved respect both as a commander and as a reformer of the Austrian army.
Despite this, aircraft today are much more extensively used as the primary tools for both army and navy, as evidenced by the prominent use of helicopters to transport and support troops, the use of aerial bombardment as the " first strike " in many engagements, and the replacement of the battleship with the aircraft carrier as the center of most modern navies.
Despite everything, however, there are some who support both dates and even some who support dates other than the two major possibilities presented.
Despite the fact that their actions were ultimately fruitless, the Eretrians and in particular the Athenians had earned Darius's lasting enmity, and he vowed to punish both cities.
Despite several army mutinies and increasing civic concern both at his erratic style and arbitrary, corrupt method of governing he was re-elected for another 6-year term in September 1999.
Despite this papal condemnation, both Catholicism and Protestantism permit the use of ambiguous and equivocal statements in specific circumstances.
Despite both forces having similar numbers, the Japanese were easily defeated due to the Ming cannon.
Despite the consensus of public health professionals regarding the benefits of vaccination, among chiropractors there are significant disagreements over the subject, which has led to negative impacts on both public vaccination and mainstream acceptance of chiropractic.
Despite its initial recklessness, the alliance was very prestigious for both families.
Despite this, there is a substantial number of chamber works that incorporate the double bass in both small and large ensembles.
Despite being characterized as unreliable, the work is valued as both a study of Turkish culture and the lands he reports on.
Despite considerable popularity amongst the people, Madero ´ s administration soon encountered opposition both from more radical revolutionaries and from remnants of the former regime.
Despite the Roman victories at sea, the Roman Republic lost countless ships and crews during the war, due to both storms and battles.
Despite its many faults, the wheellock was a significant improvement over the matchlock in terms of both convenience and safety, since it eliminated the need to keep a smoldering match in proximity to loose gunpowder.
Despite Davies ' unequivocal statement that the two wars are distinct, Lance Parkin, in his Doctor Who chronology AHistory, suggests in a speculative essay that the two destructions of Gallifrey may be the same event seen from two different perspectives, with the Eighth Doctor present twice ( and both times culpable for the planet's destruction ).
Despite its status as beneficiary of both the Caribbean Basin Initiative ( CBI ) and the Generalized System of Preferences ( GSP )-- both of which confer duty free status on Honduran imports to the United States — Honduras has run a long-standing trade deficit with the United States.
Despite this, Honduras and El Salvador both officially recognised the Palestinian state on 26 August.
Despite this, however, Italy's alleged 1987 GDP growth of a phenomenal 18 %, it was shortly re-overtaken by both France and the United Kingdom during the 1990s, when Italy's economic growth was particularly stagnant, with an average of 1. 23 % compared to an EU average of 2. 28 %.
Despite the losses, the Manufactory served as a playground of innovation, both in turning a large amount of cotton, but also developing the water-powered milling structure used in Slater's Mill.
Despite the defeat, both sides withdrew, but Shawar remained in control with a crusader garrison in Cairo.
Despite the promising off-season moves, the team suffered critical bullpen injuries while the newly signed Davis hurlers both experienced lackluster performances throughout the 1990 campaign.
Despite being an idealization of the real world, the “ vortex system ” set up around a wing is both real and observable ; the trailing vortex sheet most noticeably rolls up into wing-tip vortices.
Despite border ( both territorial and nautical ) tensions and the forced migration of 270, 000 Rohingya Muslims from Buddhist Burma in 1978, relations with Bangladesh have generally been cordial, albeit tense at times.
Despite the occasional recurrence of a border conflict over Lete Island in the Niger River, Benin and Niger, both former French subjects of French West Africa, relations are close.

Despite and referendums
Despite the framers ' intentions in the beginning of the republic, ballot measures and their corresponding referendums have been widely used at the state and sub-state level.
Despite only receiving around 2. 5 % of the popular vote in most national elections, the numerous referendums they have proposed over the years have often mobilised the entire Italian political spectrum in support or opposition.
Despite the fact that the results of referendums that meet the quorum are legally binding, successive Italian governments have repeatedly re-introduced laws that are very similar to those that have been abolished by the public.

Despite and meeting
Despite the opposition of the city newspapers, the Pratt Hall meeting `` brought together a very respectable audience, composed in part of those who had been distinguished for years for their radical views upon the subject of slavery, of many of our colored citizens, and of those who were attracted to the place by the novelty of such a gathering ''.
Despite efforts by Washington last week to play down the significance of the meeting, it clearly was going to be one of the crucial encounters of the cold war.
Despite the opposition, Hubble, then a thirty-five-year-old scientist, had his findings first published in The New York Times on, 1924, and then more formally presented in the form of a paper at the January 1, 1925 meeting of the American Astronomical Society.
Despite the American boycott, the Bern meeting went ahead as scheduled.
Despite these challenges, the USFSA continued its planning for the games, adopting in its first program for the meeting eight articles to address, only one of which had to do with the Olympics.
James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave Generations two and a half stars out of four, saying: " Despite a reasonably original story line, familiar characters, first rate special effects, and the hallmark meeting between Captains Kirk and Picard, there's something fundamentally dissatisfying about movie.
Despite the meeting, Ní Mháille later returned to her old ways, though nominally directing her raids against the " enemies of England " during the Nine Years War.
Despite later attempts to portray the two as rivals, there's no evidence that their meeting was not cordial.
Despite the fact that the meeting had been postponed due to World War 2, the council took place in Amsterdam with the theme of “ Man ’ s Disorder and God ’ s Design ”.
Despite the accounts of the Irish annals, English and Scandinavian writers appear to see Mac Bethad as the rightful king of Moray: this is clear from their descriptions of the meeting with Cnut in 1027, before the death of Máel Coluim mac Máil Brigti.
Despite the lack of consensus among political forces in Peru regarding this proposal, the ad hoc OAS meeting of ministers nevertheless approved Fujimori ’ s offer in mid-May, and elections for the CCD were held on 22 November 1992.
Despite the draconian nonconformist laws, there was a large number of non-Anglican meeting houses and nonconformity flourished ; a fifth of the population of the Birstall Parish was estimated to be nonconformist.
Despite the fact that his career in propane is later shown to have started with a chance meeting with Buck Strickland, in episode " Order of the Straight Arrow " a flashback to 1966 shows younger Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer on a scouting trip, talking about what they're going to do when they grow up.
Despite the custom of meeting on a Thursday, after the appointment of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister the meeting day was switched to Tuesday.
Despite meeting with influential politicians such as Lamartine and Lamennais, the France of Louis-Philippe also remained neutral.
Despite Glass ' assurances, Lane discovered that on the day of the alleged meeting the conference room had been closed.
Despite having been shown tapes of a similar meeting between Weaver and former president Bill Clinton, the Secret Service were not able to catch him.
" Despite this, Heke and George Grey were reconciled at a meeting in 1848.
Despite speculation that the game would be based on Super Metroid, Ken Lobb, Nintendo of America's Director of Game Development, quelled rumors by stating, " One of the things I wanted to get across in today's meeting is that Metroid is not Super Metroid.
Despite the hard landing, Genesis has met or anticipates meeting all its baseline science objectives.
Despite their brutal first meeting, the two have since formed a close bond.
Despite this meeting, a result was not found in time to keep the NHL from cancelling the 2004 – 05 season.
Despite Calder labelling the meeting as " illegal ", Ottawa, the Canadiens and Wanderers attended.
" Despite meeting resistance from Prime Ministers Asquith and Lloyd George, MacNeil continued his campaign until losing his seat after the 1918 election.

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