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Despite and popular
Despite popular opinion the substitution did not change the game as Franz Beckenbauer had scored before Charlton left the field, hence Charlton had failed to cancel out the German.
Despite the xenophobia and intellectual introspection characteristic of the increasingly popular new school of neo-Confucianism, China under the early Ming Dynasty was not isolated.
Despite its difficulty of learning, this method remains popular in Chinese communities that use traditional Chinese characters, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan ; it is also the first method that allowed users to enter more than a hundred Chinese characters per minute.
Despite popular perception that the CRTC banned Sirius Canada from broadcasting Howard Stern's program, this is not the case.
Despite the pragmatism of classical economists, their views were expressed in dogmatic terms by such popular writers as Jane Marcet and Harriet Martineau.
Despite his high profile as one of the world's most popular and recognizable superheroes, Rogers also has a broad understanding of the espionage community, largely through his ongoing relationship with S. H. I. E. L. D.
Despite the archaeological discoveries, the Garden Tomb has become a popular place of pilgrimage among Protestants.
Despite its popular support, the CCC was never a permanent agency.
Despite controversial press coverage of his personal life, Eriksson was consistently popular with the majority of fans.
Despite some initial success, bolstered by heavy advertising, the brand did not prove popular and was eventually withdrawn from sale.
Despite popular lore, it seems unlikely that he reached Cape Horn or the eponymous Drake Passage, because his descriptions do not fit the first and his shipmates denied having seen an open sea.
Despite all this, the film is also one of the most widely seen Godzilla films in the United States — it was popular in its initial theatrical release, largely due to an aggressive marketing campaign, including elaborate posters of the two title monsters battling atop New York City's World Trade Center towers, presumably to capitalize on the hype surrounding the Dino De Laurentiis remake of King Kong, which used a similar image for its own poster.
Despite considerable congressional resistance, presidential and popular pressure led to a November 1993 agreement brokered by the Catholic Church between the administration and Congress.
Despite the popular adulation of gladiators, they were set apart, despised ; and despite Cicero's contempt for the mob, he shared their admiration: " Even when have been felled, let alone when they are standing and fighting, they never disgrace themselves.
Despite the speech's prominent place in the history and popular culture of the United States, the exact wording and location of the speech are disputed.
Despite being incomprehensible to outsiders, the slang became popular in MIT's computing environments outside the club.
Despite the great controversy that accompanied this switch, he remained one of the most popular politicians in West Germany.
Despite its fame, it was in this period that Rabbinical Judaism, led by Hillel the Elder, began to assume popular prominence over the Temple priesthood.
Despite these efforts the regime lacked a broad popular base or a mass movement supporting it.
Despite general agreement that the rainbow uniforms identified with the team had become tired ( and looked too much like a minor league team according to the new owners ), the new uniforms and caps were never especially popular with fans.
Despite his reputation as a serious composer of large, complex musical structures, some of Brahms's most widely known and most commercially successful compositions during his life were small-scale works of popular intent aimed at the thriving contemporary market for domestic music-making ; indeed, during the 20th century, the influential American critic B. H. Haggin, rejecting more mainstream views, argued in his various guides to recorded music that Brahms was at his best in such works and much less successful in larger forms.
Despite their similarities as polemicists, novelists, adapters, and playwrights, Sartre's literary work has been counterposed, often pejoratively, to that of Camus in the popular imagination.
Despite Kitagawa Utamaro ’ s success and celebrity status among his own world of popular culture, history of his life and career is insufficient.
Despite the popular enthusiasm that greeted the February revolution, the new government lacked a clear program.

Despite and opinion
Despite opinion that such a voyage was impossible and his having retired, Slocum rebuilt a derelict sloop Spray and sailed her single-handed around the world.
Despite this opinion among researchers, evidence has accumulated that supports the existence of complex biological effects of weaker non-thermal electromagnetic fields, ( including weak ELF magnetic fields, although the latter does not strictly qualify as EM radiation < ref >), and modulated RF and microwave fields.
Despite the majority opinion that Luke was a gentile writing to other gentiles, a few authors have challenged this view.
Despite efforts to restore ( or at least improve ) the popularity of the Conservative party, Labour remained far ahead in the opinion polls as the 1997 election loomed, despite the economic boom that had followed the exit from recession four years earlier, and the swift fall in unemployment.
Despite public or media opinion, national studies have indicated that severe mental illness does not independently predict future violent behavior, on average, and is not a leading cause of violence in society.
Despite his low opinion of painting, Michelangelo also created two of the most influential works in fresco in the history of Western art: the scenes from Genesis on the ceiling and The Last Judgment on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.
Despite the drop-off of work in 1926, 1927 was another busy year, the Court sitting continuously from 15 June to 16 December, handing down 4 orders, 4 judgments and 1 advisory opinion.
Despite that diversity of opinion, he concludes that the result upon the practitioner is generally perceived as a positive one.
Despite these difficulties, over the summer of 1978 ( shortly after the end of the Lib-Lab pact ) most opinion polls showed Labour ahead, and the expectation grew that Callaghan would call an autumn election that would have given him a second term in office until autumn 1983.
Despite popular opinion, TOS writer and story editor, Dorothy C. Fontana, insists that pon farr is not the only time that Vulcans feel sexual desire or engage in sexual activity: " Vulcans mate normally any time they want to.
Despite the fading of bitter wartime memories, the general public, according to opinion polls, continued to show strong support for this constitutional provision.
Despite the appeal of Bracks, Kennett entered the 1999 election campaign with a seemingly unassailable lead, and most commentators and opinion polls agreed that he would win a third term.
Despite being well aware that he is not a good Cop, Clancy does not like of being criticized about his work or his mistakes, visible in Smart and Smarter when Clancy ask to Marge write her opinion about his work before he continue his search for Lisa, but when Marge writes her concern about the latter's incompetence, Clancy is offended and refuses in find Lisa unless Marge gives a more positive critic about him, much to Marge's anger.
Despite the constitutional provisions, a 1998 government decree limited citizens ' right to express their own opinion.
Despite the use of petitions and public meetings that attracted vast popular support, the government thought the Union was more important than Irish public opinion.
Despite initial reviews being positive, opinion quickly changed and Blur found themselves largely out of favour with the media once again.
Despite opinion polls showing he was the most popular Conservative politician with the public, he lost in a final round among the rank-and-file membership, a new procedure introduced by Hague, to a much less experienced, but strongly Eurosceptic rival, Iain Duncan Smith.
Despite their lack of enthusiasm for the rebellion, the British and French governments were under mounting pressure from their home public opinion to assist the Greeks.
Despite assurances, Memnoch claims to have changed God's opinion on the importance and unnaturalness of humanity.
Despite Lord Hastings ' less-than-stellar opinion of Raffles before ( which had necessitated his trip to England to clear his name at the end of his tenure as Governor-General of Java ), the now well-connected and successful Raffles was able to secure the permission to set up a settlement where in Malaysian history the name Lion City was applied and was in a strategically advantageous position.
Despite the opinion of Minorsky and other linguists, the Kalhur and Guran speakers do not use linguistic differentiators.
Despite clinical opinion, it remains important to establish whether cannabis is harmful, what outcomes are particularly susceptible, and how such effects are mediated.
Despite being considered a lame-duck leader, Eves led in opinion polls for that period of time.

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