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Despite and list
Despite the recession, Pittsburgh came into town with this imposing list of averages: Smoky Burgess, Gino Cimoli, Bill Virdon, Bob Clemente and Dick Groat, each
Despite also requesting to be included, transgender people were instead afforded trans-inclusive language on the march's list of demands.
Despite the speculation, in June with the intra-league draft, the Canadiens kept him on their protected list.
Despite requests from the South Korea government to put North Korea back on the list after it sunk the Navy ship the ROKS Cheonan in 2010, the Obama administration stated that it will not do so because the act was conducted by only the North Korean military and was thus not an act of terror.
Despite his political rank and his high status on the Rewards for Justice most wanted list, not much is publicly known about him.
Despite their negative comments for Waluigi, GameDaily ranked him in the 10th slot on GameDaily's top 10 Nintendo characters that deserve their own games list ; the site explained that " he gets the shaft worse than Luigi, and should at least get his own puzzle game ".
Despite this, it is still on the Agency's Superfund list.
Despite opposition from within the grassroots movements, a candidate list was drawn up by the leadership of various MVR allied parties.
Despite assurances from The Ladder to subscribers that these names would be kept confidential, Rita LaPorte took the list of 3, 800 names from DOB headquarters and the printers without telling anyone but Grier.
Despite mixed reviews, the book debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list.
Despite the fact that he was on the list of war criminals, France decided to consider him as a political prisoner and refused to comply with the British request.
Despite winning no majors in 1964 ( he had three runner-up finishes ), Nicklaus led the PGA Tour money list for the first time in his career by a slim margin of $ 81. 13 over Palmer.
Despite not winning a PGA Tour event in 1983, Nicklaus finished 10th on the PGA Tour money list, and passed a significant milestone by becoming the first player to eclipse the $ 4 million level in career earnings.
Despite this, graphic designers and others got used to them, making it practically impossible to introduce a different list.
Despite the comparative brevity of his career, in 1998, he was ranked number 25 on The Hockey News list of the 100 Greatest Hockey Players.
On January 5, 2009, Time published another article about MEK and reported: " Despite its position on the U. S. terrorist list since 1997, and reports by former members of abusive and cultlike practices at Ashraf, the MEK has gathered support from some surprising places abroad — especially since the U. S. invasion — by pitching itself as a viable opposition to the mullahs in Tehran.
* Despite having what amounted to only half a career, in, he ranked Number 85 on The Sporting News list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players, and was nominated as a finalist for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team.
Despite the guideline to " pick any combination ", the list of episodes shows stardates increasing with time in general, albeit with many instances of a number being lower than in the preceding episode.
Despite this RFC 2152 is quoted as the definition of UTF-7 in the IANA's list of charsets.
Despite having a history and list of honours only surprassed by the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United, the past decade had not been a successful time for the Toffees, with an FA Cup win in 1995 and a sixth place finish in 1996 being about the only bright spots for the club that side of 1990.
* Despite playing in an era where seasons totaled no more than 48 games, Joliat remains in 9th place all-time on the Canadiens ' career goal scoring list and second among left wingers to Steve Shutt.
Despite the company's 1998 statement that Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms would be released " soon ", the game remained in development of one form or another for eight years until its release on October 10, 2007, and had been on Wired magazine's top ten vaporware list every year since 2001.
Despite winning 42. 0 % of the list votes and 164 representatives out of 386 in National Assembly, they were beaten by the social-democratic and liberal coalition of Hungarian Socialist Party ( MSZP ) and the Alliance of Free Democrats ( SZDSZ ).
Despite close-range shelling by Rodney, a list to port and widespread fires, Bismarck did not sink.

Despite and numerous
Despite the sheer beauty and spectacle of numerous documentaries, art films, and travelogues, despite the impressive financial success of such a recent development as Cinerama, the movies are at heart a form of fiction, like the play, the novel, or the short story.
Despite the modern split, numerous sources stress an integration of esoteric and exoteric approaches to alchemy.
Despite numerous searches, the city has never been found.
Despite entering the LM forty minutes ahead of schedule, Young and Duke completed preparations only ten minutes early due to numerous delays in the process.
Despite numerous publications on this epistle, scholarly discussion has failed to yield a definitive consensus on most issues.
Despite the numerous oppositions, Haeckel has influenced many disciplines in science in his drive to integrate such disciplines of taxonomy and embryology into the Darwinian framework and to investigate phylogenetic reconstruction through his Biogenetic Law.
Despite its beauty, size and numerous recreational opportunities, the lake is scarcely visited sheerly to its distance from Helsinki, and its daunting distance to other similarly-populated areas in the south of the country.
Despite numerous similarities in phrasing and factual errors, the court found the evidence inadequate and dismissed the case.
Despite numerous errors taken over from Eusebius, and some of his own, Jerome produced a valuable work, if only for the impulse which it gave to such later chroniclers as Prosper, Cassiodorus, and Victor of Tunnuna to continue his annals.
Despite the fact that numerous fossils have been found in the contemporary parts of the formation in Canada, no pterosaur specimens have ever been found there.
Despite numerous requests by Abdullah bin Jassim — for strong military support, for weapons, and even for a loan — the British were reluctant to become involved in inland affairs and kept him at arm's length.
Despite this, numerous important individual poems appeared in the years 1923 – 1926 ( including Gong and Mausoleum ), as well as the abundant lyrical work in French.
Despite numerous battles, neither the Umayyads nor the Asturians had sufficient forces to secure control over these northern territories.
Despite Mary believing she was pregnant numerous times during her five-year reign, she never reproduced.
Despite this setback ( whose victims later created numerous doubts and psychological strife in Mazzini ), he organized another uprising for the following year.
Despite these prohibitions, numerous elements of the pre-Christian culture of the Anglo-Saxon people survived the Christianisation process.
Despite its rareness, DID is portrayed with remarkable frequency in popular culture, producing or appearing in numerous books, films and television shows.
Despite numerous successful campaigns and raids by the Roman army over the Rhine in the years after the battle, the Romans were to make no more concerted attempts to conquer and permanently hold Germania beyond the river.
Despite inroads made by numerous prominent sinologists, independent scholarly research of the Cultural Revolution is discouraged by the Chinese government.
Despite numerous objections, this is the most widely accepted theory for the transport of water through a plant's vascular system based on the classical research of Dixon-Joly ( 1894 ), Askenasy ( 1895 ), and Dixon ( 1914, 1924 ).
Despite Andropov's hard-line stance in Hungary and the numerous banishments and intrigues for which he was responsible during his long tenure as head of the KGB, he has become widely regarded by many commentators as a reformer, especially in comparison with the stagnation and corruption during the later years of his predecessor, Leonid Brezhnev.
Despite being almost completely demolished after the end of World War II, it now builds warships both for the Deutsche Marine and for export ( see MEKO ), as well as oil drilling equipment and ships for numerous commercial customers.
Despite, however, their advantage in numbers, the Chinese did not attempt a direct assault on the Legation Quarter although in the words of one of the besieged, " it would have been easy by a strong, swift movement on the part of the numerous Chinese troops to have annihilated the whole body of foreigners ... in an hour.
" Despite his numerous affairs, eventual divorce, and remarriage, the Emperor's last words on his death bed at St. Helena were: " France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Joséphine.

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