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Detail and from
He sucked in his breath and kept quiet while Killpath laid down the sheet again, wound the gold-wire stems of his glasses around his ears and then, eying the report as it lay before him on the desk, intoned, `` Acting Lieutenant Gunnar Matson one failed to see that the station keeper was properly relieved two absented himself throughout the entire watch without checking on the station's activities or the whereabouts of his section sergeants three permitted members of the Homicide Detail of the Inspector's Bureau to arrogate for their own convenience a patrolman who was thereby prevented from carrying on his proper assignment four failed to notify the station commander Acting Captain O. T. Killpath of a homicide occurring in the district five frequented extralegal establishments known as after-hours spots for purposes of an unofficial and purportedly social nature and six '' -- he leaned back and peeled off his glasses `` -- failed to co-operate with the Acting Captain by returning promptly when so ordered.
Detail from the 12th century Aberdeen Bestiary
Detail from Hammurabi's stele shows him receiving the laws of Babylon from the seated sun deity.
Detail from A Roman Emperor 41AD, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
Detail from photograph of main entrance above the facade.
Detail from the fifth panel of the Saint Vincent Panels | polyptych of St. Vincent by Nuno Gonçalves, c. 1470
Detail view of the portrait of Adams in the National Portrait Gallery ( United States ) | U. S. National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D. C., painted by George Caleb Bingham ; this copy c. 1850 from an original of 1844
Detail from: File: Taq-e Bostan-High-relief of Ardeshir II investiture. jpg | the Sassanian relief of the incoronation of Ardashir II showing a defeated Julian.
Detail from the above image
Detail from Labor, Charles Sprague Pearce ( 1896 ).
Detail from Leonardo da Vinci's " Lady with an ermine " ( actually a ferret )
Detail from title-page of the original 1555 ( Albi ) edition of Nostradamus's Les Propheties
Detail from an Ancient Greece | Ancient Greek Attic Red-figure pottery | red-figure kylix ( drinking cup ) | kylix, 490 – 480 BC, from Vulci.
Detail from the marble veil of Despoina at Lycosura
Detail from a mosaic in the church Santa Maria in Trastevere, rebuilt by Innocent, 1140 – 43: the Pope, holding a model of the church in his arms, stands at the far left, beside Sts.
Detail from: Image: MiddleEast. png | larger map of the Middle East.
Detail from a red-figure bell-crater in the Louvre, 450 – 425 BC
Detail from a fresco by Constantino Brumidi in the United States Capitol | U. S. Capitol in Washington, D. C., showing two early symbols of America: Columbia ( name ) | Columbia ( left ) and the Indian princess
Detail from The Story of Patient Griselda, painted c. 1500
The Convention adjourned from July 26 to August 6 to await the report of this " Committee of Detail ".
Detail can be added or removed from vector art.
Detail from an early 2nd-century Roman sarcophagus depicting the death of Meleager

Detail and oil
Detail of acrylic painting showing finishes that resemble both oil and watercolor
Detail from the oil painting ( 1806-7 ) by Jacques-Louis David | David and Georges Rouget | Rouget

Detail and painting
Detail from a painting by Jan Verkolje, Dutch, c. 1674, Elegant Couple ( A Musical Interlude ).
* Mid-1st century – Detail of a wall painting in the House of M. Lucretius Fronto, Pompeii, is made.
Detail of the painting The Muses Urania and Calliope ( ca.
Detail from Jean-Honoré Fragonard | Fragonard's The Swing ( painting ) | The Swing ( 1767 )
Detail from a painting by Pisanello, 1436 – 1438.
Detail of Franz Roubaud's panoramic painting ( 1904 ).
alt = Detail from a painting, showing four women dressed in classical-inspired costumes in front of a pillar.
Detail of After the Bath, Frith's only known nude painting
Detail of the painting Boyarynya Morozova by Vasily Surikov depicting Feodosiya's arrest by the Patriarch Nikon | Nikonians in 1671.
Detail of a painting of Hamburg by Leopoldus Primus, ca.
Detail of 12th century Song Dynasty painting depicting two dizi players, with three Guan ( instrument ) | guan ( oboe ) players and one paiban ( wooden clapper )
Detail of the painting Boyarynya Morozova by Vasily Surikov depicting a defiant Old Believer holding up two fingers ( instead of three ) during her arrest.
Detail from a painting by Robert Carse.
* Detail of the painting entitled " Prelude to a Civilization " 1954, encaustic on Masonite
Detail of painting The Muses Urania and Calliope by Simon Vouet, in which she is holding a copy of the Odyssey
Detail from the painting.
Detail of a painting by Anton von Werner
Detail from painting of William Barron in Derby Museum and Art Gallery | Derby Museum
Detail of the Alexander Mosaic ( A Roman copy of a Hellenistic painting ).
Detail of a painting by Joseph Wright of Derby depicting the discovering of the element Phosphorus

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