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Dissatisfied and with
Dissatisfied with the King Bees and their repertoire of Howlin ' Wolf and Willie Dixon blues numbers, Bowie quit the band less than a month later to join the Manish Boys, another blues outfit, who incorporated folk and soul — " I used to dream of being their Mick Jagger ", Bowie was to recall.
Dissatisfied with his stage name as Davy ( and Davie ) Jones, which in the mid-1960s invited confusion with Davy Jones of The Monkees, Bowie renamed himself after the 19th century American frontiersman Jim Bowie and the knife he had popularised.
Dissatisfied with the results of his activity, he set his sights eastward in 1545 and planned a missionary journey to Makassar on the island of Celebes ( today's Indonesia ).
Dissatisfied with Douglass, Thomas Auld sent him to work for Edward Covey, a poor farmer who had a reputation as a " slave-breaker.
Dissatisfied with the weaknesses of Articles of Confederation, in 1787 Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention that drafted the United States Constitution.
Dissatisfied with Nkumbula's leadership of the African National Congress, he broke away and founded the Zambian African National Congress, later becoming the head of the United National Independence Party.
Dissatisfied with the loss of productivity, he switched to XFCE after the GNOME3 release, with another harsh post against GNOME.
Dissatisfied with Hans J. Eysenck's work, Milton Rokeach developed his own two-axis model of political values in 1973, basing this on the ideas of freedom and equality, which he described in his book, The Nature of Human Values.
Dissatisfied with the cleanup measures undertaken by the Second Republic and convinced that the current disoriented state would collapse into communism, they chose to take matters into their own hands.
Dissatisfied with the post-revolutionary leadership of the National Salvation Front, student leagues and opposition groups organized large-scale protests continued in 1990 ( the Golaniad ), which were violently stopped by the miners of Valea Jiului ( the Mineriad ).
Dissatisfied with what he called the " free-swinging academic style " of the school, Dembski also was involved a group known as the " Charles Hodge Society ".
Dissatisfied with life in Hollywood, Muni chose not to renew his contract, and returned to the screen only occasionally for such roles as Frederick Chopin's teacher in A Song to Remember ( 1945 ).
Dissatisfied with the text-only format, she realized that the graphics display capability of the Apple II could enhance the adventure gaming experience.
* Dissatisfied with other documentaries made on the subject, Hearst produced a special for the Travel Channel entitled Secrets of San Simeon with Patricia Hearst in which she took viewers inside her grandfather's mansion Hearst Castle, providing unprecedented access to the property.
Dissatisfied with that status, Depp turned to film for more challenging roles ; he played the title character of Edward Scissorhands ( 1990 ) and later found box office success in films such as Sleepy Hollow ( 1999 ), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( 2005 ), Rango ( 2011 ) and the Pirates of the Caribbean film series ( 2003 – present ).
Dissatisfied with China's new direction and his own reduced authority, Mao became increasingly annoyed.
Dissatisfied with the pacifism encouraged by the organized abolitionist movement, he said, " These men are all talk.
Dissatisfied with the pace of reform after having rejoined the Council of State in 1875, Itagaki organized his followers and other democratic proponents into the nationwide Aikokusha ( Society of Patriots ) to push for representative government in 1878.
Dissatisfied with the first screenplay produced by Steve Meerson and Peter Krikes, Paramount hired The Wrath of Khan writer and director Nicholas Meyer.
Dissatisfied with the standard drill instruction his subordinates used to train Schmidt, Hitler took over personally, and trained Schmidt as his right-hand man.
Dissatisfied with life in her rural Wisconsin home, 18-year-old Caroline " Sister Carrie " Meeber takes the train to Chicago, where her older sister Minnie, and her husband Sven Hanson, have agreed to take her in.
Dissatisfied with the name, the townsfolk chose " Stephens City ".

Dissatisfied and state
Dissatisfied with the central role of the General Assembly, a state constitutional convention was called in 1835.

Dissatisfied and at
Dissatisfied with this position, Guiscard moved to the castle of San Marco Argentano ( after which he later named the first Norman castle in Sicily, at the site of ancient Aluntium ).
Dissatisfied with near misses in the music industry, McCall gave up singing and took a job at Models 1 on the men's desk as a booker.
Dissatisfied with his treatment at the hands of Francis, who was mean about payment, he resented the king's behavior in connection with Savona, which he delayed handing back to the Genoese as he had promised.
Dissatisfied with the outcome, he returned to Lower Saxony and died there at Wildeshausen.
Based on her education at Chelsea Art School and the Sydney College of the Arts Campion cites surrealist painter Frida Kahlo and sculptor Joseph Beuys as major influences throughout her career. Dissatisfied with the limits of painting as a medium Campion turned to film and created her first short film, Tissues in 1980.
Dissatisfied with the method of that learned theorist, he studied for five months under Francesco Antonio Vallotti at Padua, and afterwards proceeded to Rome, where, having been ordained priest, he was admitted to the famous Academy of Arcadia, made a knight of the Golden Spur, and appointed protonotary and chamberlain to the pope.
Dissatisfied with this work, Snell left and travelled around the county, taking a variety of jobs including work as a groom and ferryman at an inn on the River Trent and as a French-polisher in Nottingham.
Dissatisfied with the yields of baby sitting jobs, Lois set her sights on something more lucrative and landed her first job working as a waitress at Canada's largest and most luxurious summer resort, Bigwin Inn, on Bigwin Island in Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada.
Dissatisfied at the decisive defeat of Palestinian forces during the 1982 Lebanon War, al-Wazir concentrated on establishing a solid Fatah base in the Palestinian territories.
Dissatisfied with sandbanks at Leith, James himself sited a new harbour at Newhaven in May 1504, and two years later ordered the construction of a dockyard at the Pools of Airth.
Dissatisfied with the music direction the band was moving towards Arnautalić left the band at the end of 1972 and took away the right to use the name Jutro from the rest of the members.
Dissatisfied with the trainer aircraft available at the time, Ryan decided to produce his own, and returned to manufacturing.
Dissatisfied with this career path, he enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art ( LAMDA ) to further study acting.
Dissatisfied with the quality of the printing of these books they sought out Roger Lescaret, a master printer, whose shop at No. 2, Rue Cardinale was not far from the Crosbys ' apartment in Paris.
Dissatisfied academic life and having failed to obtain either of two positions at universities, he left academia to become Director of Research at Siemens and Halske.
Dissatisfied members of the old Communist Party recreated the Communist Party of Kazakhstan in October 1991 at the 19th Congress of the party.

Dissatisfied and set
Dissatisfied with the poor economic return of their business venture, Currier ended the partnership in 1835 and set up shop alone, working as " N. Currier, Lithographer " until 1856.
Dissatisfied with the race's format, he decided to set up a new round-the-world non-stop race, which he felt would be the ultimate challenge for single-handed sailors.
Dissatisfied with the tendency of treatises to focus on British laws no longer applicable to the United States, Bouvier set out to write his own American law dictionary.

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