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Page "adventure" ¶ 1305
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Dr. and Lalaurie
He proudly wore the blue livery of her house, for the girl was Madame Delphine Lalaurie, wife of the prominent surgeon, Dr. Louis Lalaurie, who bore one of the South's oldest and most cherished names.
Dr. Louis Lalaurie stood on the veranda at the head of the driveway and watched his carriage as it approached the pillared mansion.
Dr. Lalaurie wore a maroon smoking jacket, and his myopic eyes were blurry and glistened behind thick octagonal lenses.
Dr. Louis Lalaurie examined the inert form of the slave on the parquet dance floor and pronounced him dead.

Dr. and I
I remembered, too, the jesting voice of a classmate, Bobby Pauson: `` But how do they reproduce, Dr. Griggs??
I cannot remember Dr. Gregory's reply, if, indeed, he made one.
I do not know Dr. Wilson Sneed well.
When Dr. Wallace Buttrick, wise in his judgment of people, declined to have the Science Building named for him, he wrote Miss Tapley ( April 7, 1923 ) `` If you had asked me, I think I would have suggested that you name the building for Miss Upton.
`` I hate to have these things come up again and again '', Dr. Jenkins commented as he made his suggestion.
Dr. Fortman says if I exercise my leg more, maybe I can use a cane when I'm big ''.
`` I've just been talking to Dr. Michelson '', I said.

Dr. and even
in the opening paragraph, too, Steele is accused of extreme egotism, of giving `` himself the preference to all the learned, his contemporaries, from Dr. Swift himself, even down to Poet Cr--spe of the Customhouse ''.
Dr. Conant may underestimate the psychological importance of even token equality.
`` Costs may seem high, but they used to be even higher '', says Dr. Brodie.
Dr. Barnes said that there seemed to be feeling that evacuation plans, even for a high school where there were lots of cars `` might not be realistic and would not work ''.
Here Keys and others, such as Dr. A. E. Ahrens of the Rockefeller Institute, took over to demonstrate the chemical difference between vegetable and animal fats -- and even between different varieties of each.

Dr. and was
Dr. Isaacs was so pleased with the quality of her biographical study of Sara Sullam that he considered submitting it to the Century Magazine or Harper's but he decided that its Jewish subject probably would not interest them and published it in The Messenger, `` so our readers will be benefited instead ''.
Dr. Menas S. Gregory was another.
When Dr. Adenauer was approached by a world citizen delegation to find out his disposition of my case, he gave them his personal approval of my entry, saying that all men advocating peace should be welcomed into Germany.
Mando, pleading her cause, must have said that Dr. Brown was the most distinguished physician in the United States of America, for our man poured out his symptoms and drew a madly waving line indicating the irregularity of his pulse.
Beloved Dr. R. F. Campbell, our First Presbyterian Church pastor, was in charge.
It was therefore not until the publication of J.H. Round's `` The Settlement Of The South And East Saxons '', and W.H. Stevenson's `` Dr. Guest And The English Conquest Of South Britain '', that a scientific basis for place-name studies was established.
More, the U.S. action was hailed by a principal opposition leader, Dr. Juan Bosch, as having saved `` many lives and many troubles in the near future ''.
In the earlier sessions there was plentiful discussion on the natural law, which Dr. William V. O'Brien of Georgetown University, advanced as the basis for widely acceptable ethical judgments on foreign policy.
The pretence was that he was delivering a prescription from Dr. Verdi.
Somehow Dr. Charles Leale was forced through the mob and squeezed out into the dingy corridor.
Dr. James Brown Fisk, physicist, President of the Bell Telephone Laboratories, was elected to the Board of Trustees.
Dr. Gordon N. Ray, Provost, Vice-President and Professor of English in the University of Illinois, was appointed Associate Secretary General.
Referring further to the Foundation's officers, Dr. James F. Mathias, for eleven years our discerning colleague as Associate Secretary, was promoted to be Secretary.
His eyes had the same dreadful rigid stare as Dr. Grimesby Roylott's when he was found before his open safe wearing the speckled band.
Dr. Douglass was kind enough to lend us about 5 grams of his material.
This basic principle, the first in a richly knotted bundle, was conveyed to me by Dr. Henry Lee Smith, Jr., at the University of Buffalo, where he heads the world's first department of anthropology and linguistics.
As a matter of fact, the incorrect classification, the result of many weeks of labor by Dr. Hilprecht, was about to be published by him the following day.
Dr. Hilprecht was uncertain as to the language used by the ancient priest in his dream.
During his college career, Dr. Clark was captain of his basketball team and was a football letterman.
The plan for eliminating traffic hazards for pedestrians was developed by Dr. Constantinos A. Doxiadis, former Minister of Reconstruction in Greece and a consulting planner for the New Eastwick Corp..

Dr. and until
and in her forthright way, Henrietta, who in her story of Sara had indicated her own unwillingness `` to think of men as the privileged '' and `` women as submissive and yielding '', felt obliged to defend vigorously any statement of hers to which Morris Jastrow took the slightest exception -- he objected to her stand on the Corbin affair, as well as on the radical reforms of Dr. Wise of Hebrew Union College -- until once, in sheer desperation, he wrote that he had given up hope they would ever agree on anything.

Dr. and night
`` The pattern '', says Dr. Morton Schillinger, psychologist at New York's Lincoln Institute for Psychotherapy, `` is for the husband to hover about anxiously and eagerly, virtually trembling in his hope that she will flash him the signal that tonight is the night ''.

Dr. and our
When the young biologist, Dr. Ballard, began to show interest in our daughter Elizabeth, this induced a corresponding interest, on our part, in him.
Dr. Ray is a Fellow of the Foundation -- appointed thrice to assist his studies of William Makepeace Thackeray and of H. G. Wells -- and, before his appointment to the Foundation's executive staff, had been given our highest scholarly accolade, appointment to the Advisory Board.
In the hall, after adjournment, Dr. Frothingham took him warmly by the hand and requested Parker to visit him -- whereupon our burly Theodore again burst into tears.

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