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During and Northern
During Hosea's lifetime, the kings of the Northern Kingdom, their aristocratic supporters, and the priests had led the people away from the Law of God, as given in the Pentateuch.
During the period January 1, 1980, to December 31, 1996, spending a total time of three months or more in the Channel Islands, England, the Falkland Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales precludes individuals from donating.
During World War II he taught naval personnel navigation at Northern Arizona University.
During the First World War, he and his wife performed many services for the public of Leicestershire, including opening up their home first as a VAD Hospital under the 5th Northern General Hospital, and later as a hospital for Naval Personnel.
During this period, the Era of the Northern and Southern Courts, because of the antagonism between the two competing dynasties, public order in Kyoto was disturbed.
During this period, Banks was also involved in a notorious incident with Manchester United's George Best who, while playing against England for Northern Ireland, flicked the ball out of Banks ' hands and headed it into the net as the protesting goalkeeper chased him.
During the 1820s and 1830s, HBC trappers were deeply involved in the early exploration and development of Northern California.
During the 5th century the North West ( North of the Antonine Wall and West of the Grampian mountains ) is believed to have been raided and latter settled by Gaels / Scoti originating from Northern Ireland.
During the U. S. intervention in Afghanistan, he fought against the Taliban within the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan ( Northern Alliance ) and thus regained his position as Governor of Herat.
During his tour with the 24th MEU, he participated in Operation Provide Comfort in Northern Iraq and Turkey.
During the Northern Expedition, the Kuomintang incited anti-foreign, anti-western sentiment.
During the Northern Expedition, in 1926 in Guangxi, Muslim General Bai Chongxi led his troops in destroying Buddhist temples and smashing idols, turning the temples into schools and Kuomintang party headquarters.
During the 1950s, pressure for independence increased when Nyasaland was joined with Northern and Southern Rhodesia in 1953 to form the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
During the Middle Ages, Parma became an important stage of the Via Francigena, the main road connecting Rome to Northern Europe ; several castles, hospitals and inns were built in the following centuries to host the increasing number of pilgrims who passed by Parma and Fidenza, following the Apennines via Collecchio, Berceto and the Corchia ranges before descending the Passo della Cisa into Tuscany, heading finally south toward Rome.
During the winter months in mountainous Northern Thailand, the temperature is cool enough for the cultivation of fruits such as lychees and strawberries.
During the Great Northern War ( 1700 – 21 ), the restoration of Augustus the Strong as King of Poland was prepared in the town by Russian Tsar Peter the Great.
During the Great Northern War, plague stricken Tallinn along with Swedish Estonia and Livonia capitulated to Imperial Russia in 1710, but the local self-government institutions ( Magistracy of Reval and Chivalry of Estonia ) retained their cultural and economical autonomy within Imperial Russia as the Duchy of Estonia.
During the period of Northern crusades in the beginning of the 13th century the fort of Tarbatu ( or Tharbata, Tartu ) was captured by the crusading Livonian Knights and recaptured by Estonians on several occasions.
During the Great Northern War it was looted by the Swedish army.
** Milltown Cemetery Attack: During the funeral of three Provisional IRA members in Milltown Cemetery in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ulster Defence Association ( UDA ) member Michael Stone attacked the crowd with grenades and pistols, killing three and wounding over sixty.
During this time the Germans turned the city and its environs into a major base for submarines ( DORA 1 ), and also contemplated a scheme to build a new city for 300, 000 inhabitants, Nordstern (" Northern Star "), centred 15 km ( 10 mi ) southwest of Trondheim, near the wetlands of Øysand in the outskirts of Melhus municipality.
During the Northern Wei, Buddhism flourished, and became an important tool for the emperors of the Northern Wei, since they were believed to be living incarnations of Buddha.
During and after the American Civil War ( 1861 – 1865 ) Confederates popularized it as a derogatory term for their Northern enemies.

During and Crusades
During the Crusades, Europeans were exposed to Saracen composite bows, made from layers of different material — often wood, horn and sinew — glued together and bound with animal tendon.
During the history of the Byzantine Empire, the Greek peninsula was occasionally invaded by the foreign peoples like Goths, Avars, Slavs, Normans, Franks and other Romance-speaking peoples who had betrayed the Crusades.
During the Crusades, Galilee was organized into the Principality of Galilee, one of the most important Crusader seigneuries.
During the Crusades, both Muslims and Jews in Palestine were indiscriminately massacred or sold into slavery.
During the Middle Ages, Muslims were in conflict with Zoroastrians during the Islamic conquest of Persia ; Christians were in conflict with Muslims during the Byzantine-Arab Wars, Crusades, Reconquista and Ottoman wars in Europe ; Christians were in conflict with Muslims during the Crusades, Reconquista and Inquisition ; Shamans were in conflict with Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims and Christians during the Mongol invasions ; and Muslims were in conflict with Hindus and Sikhs during Muslim conquest in the Indian subcontinent.
During the Middle Ages, Lebanon was heavily involved in the Crusades.
During the Crusades of the 12th to 13th century, this cruciform type of arming sword remained essentially stable, with variations mainly concerning the shape of the pommel.
During the Crusades it was sacked several times: it was finally destroyed by the Saracens in 1249.
During the Crusades, the " Franks " ( Catholic Western Europeans ) settled it, while in the 13th century AD, the Venetians annexed the isle to the Duchy of Naxos and renamed it " Santorini ", that is " Saint Irene ".
During the Crusades, the Dome of the Rock was given to the Augustinians, who turned it into a church, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque became the royal palace of Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1104.
During the Crusades the Dome of the Rock was given to the Augustinians, who turned it into a church while the Al-Aqsa Mosque became a royal palace.
During the era of the Crusades, it was used to bury the fifty or more patients who died each day in the hospital run by the Knights Hospitaller in Jerusalem.
During the Crusades, on May 7, 1104, a decisive battle was fought in the Balikh River valley, commonly known as the Battle of Harran.
From 2000, she has continued to edit most of the highest-profile Vertigo titles, including almost all of Mike Carey's Lucifer ( with Mariah Huehner ) and the entirety of Ed Brubaker's Deadenders, Howard Chaykin & David Tischman's American Century, Jonathan Vankin's The Witching, Si Spencer's Books of Magick: Life During Wartime, Steven T. Seagle and Kelley Jones ' The Crusades and Bill Willingham's Fables ( to date ).
During the early 1990s, Hinn launched a new daily talk show called This Is Your Day, which to this day airs clips of supposed miracles from Hinn's Miracle Crusades.
During the Crusades there were many examples of warm relations between Catholic and Syriac Orthodox bishops.
During the controversy, both sides had tried to marshal public opinion ; as a result, lay people became engaged in religious affairs and lay piety increased, setting the stage for the Crusades and the great religious vitality of the 12th century.
During the Crusades, distorted accounts of the Saint Thomas Christians and the Nestorian Church gave rise to the European legend of Prester John.
During the Crusades, it was a small Christian town of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, later abandoned.
During the Crusades, armies traveling to the east by land followed the road to Constantinople before crossing into Asia Minor.
During the period of the Crusades, bones from the sepulchres near Ephesus, identified as relics of the Seven Sleepers, were transported to Marseille, France in a large stone coffin, which remained a trophy of the church of Saint Victoire, Marseille.
During the Crusades the monastery often changed hands, frequently finding itself to have become a mosque ; under Islamic control, the location came to be known as El-Maharrakah, meaning place of burning, in reference to the account of Elijah's challenge to the priests of Hadad.
During the early Middle Ages, the city experienced a decline, then recovered under the later Byzantine Empire and was relatively prosperous during the period of the Crusades ( 12th and 13th centuries ), benefiting from Italian trade.

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