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During and Second
During the Second Punic War in 212 BCE, the Ludi Apollinares (" Apollonian Games ") were instituted in his honor, on the instructions of a prophecy attributed to one Marcius.
During the First and Second World Wars, Inchcolm was occupied by the army as part of the defences of the Firth of Forth.
During the twenty years between the Corn Laws and the Second Reform Bill Disraeli would seek a Tory-Radical alliance, to little avail.
During the Second World War, Bletchley Park was the site of the United Kingdom's main decryption establishment, the Government Code and Cypher School ( GC & CS ), where ciphers and codes of several Axis countries were decrypted, most importantly the ciphers generated by the German Enigma and Lorenz machines.
During the Second World War, 26 Jews were arrested in Barcelonnette before being deported.
During the Second Palestinian Intifada, in 2000-2005, Bethlehem's infrastructure and tourism industry were severely damaged.
During the Second World War the companies ' managements joined together, effectively forming one company.
During the aftermath of the Second World War, Pasternak had composed a series of poems on Gospel themes.
During the Siege of Ladysmith in the Second Boer War, a Bovril-like paste was unofficially produced from horse meat within the garrison.
During the Second Sudanese Civil War ( 1983 – 2005 ), there was a massive uncontrolled crossing of the Sudan-C. A. R.
During the 1840s, Lyell traveled to the United States and Canada, and wrote two popular travel-and-geology books: Travels in North America ( 1845 ) and A Second Visit to the United States ( 1849 ).
During the Second World War the Christadelphians in Britain assisted in the Kindertransport, helping to relocate several hundred Jewish children away from Nazi persecution and founding a hostel Elpis Lodge.
During the Second Coming storyline, Professor Xavier is seen on Utopia delivering a eulogy at Nightcrawler's funeral.
During the Second Anglo-Sikh War ( 1848 – 49 ), Dost Mohammad's last effort to take Peshawar failed.
During his reign, he also set about creating the Second Mexican Empire ( headed by his choice of Maximilian I of Mexico, a member of the House of Habsburg ), to regain France's hold in the Americas and to achieve greatness for the ' Latin ' race.
During the Second World War nearby Thorney Island was used as a Royal Air Force base, playing a role in the Battle of Britain.
During the Second World War Denmark was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany.
During the Second World War, Fort William was the home of HMS St Christopher which was a training base for Royal Navy Coastal Forces.
During the Second World War, the Royal Air Force built a radar station on top of Ward Hill during the battle of the Atlantic.
During the First Indochina War ( 1946 – 54 ), the Foreign Legion saw its numbers swell due to the incorporation of Second World War veterans who couldn't adapt to civilian life.
During the Second Anglo-Mysore War Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan unleashed the Mysorean rockets at their British opponents effectively defeating them on various occasions.
During the Second World War it was located at Bletchley Park.
During the Second World War, GCCS was based largely at Bletchley Park in present-day Milton Keynes working on, most famously, the German Enigma machine and Lorenz ciphers, but also a large number of other systems.
During the Second World War, Finland fought twice against the Soviet Union and defended its independence, though in the process it in the 1947 peace settlement ended up ceding a large part of Karelia and some other areas to the Soviet Union.

During and Boer
During the Second Boer War the colony was neutral.
During the First Boer War, the city was besieged by Republican forces in December 1880 and March 1881.
During the Second Boer War, a Boer force attempting to sneak up on the Royal Canadian Dragoons was defeated after their movements startled the nearby springbok, thus alerting the Canadian sentries, which is why the Dragoons have the springbok as their cap badge and as their mascot.
During the Anglo-Boer War ( 1899 – 1902 ) 5, 000 Boer Prisoners of War were received and housed on five islands.
During this phase the British introduced internment in concentration camps for the Boer civilian population and also implemented a scorched earth policy.
During the Second Boer War, British troops successfully used the lance on one occasion-against retreating Boers at the Battle of Elandslaagte ( 21 October 1899 ).
During the Boer War, Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, later renamed Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, was founded under Royal Warrant.
During the 1980s, the interdisciplinary team of geologist Jelle Zeilinga de Boer, archaeologist John R. Hale, forensic chemist Jeffrey P. Chanton, and toxicologist Henry R. Spiller investigated the site at Delphi using this photograph and other sources as evidence, as part of a United Nations survey of all active faults in Greece.
During the Second Boer War ( 1899 – 1902 ), Kitchener arrived with Lord Roberts on the RMS Dunottar Castle and the massive British reinforcements of December 1899.
During the Siege of Mafeking in the Second Boer War, Robert Baden-Powell recruited and trained 12-15 year old boys as scouts, thus freeing up the limited number of men for the actual fighting.
During the 1850s, the British made an agreement with the Boer republics, recognising the independence of the ZAR in what is now the Transvaal.
During his visit, Chamberlain became convinced that the Boer territories required a period of government by the British crown before being granted self-governance within the empire.
During the year a Boer commando under Paul Kruger and an army under Cetshwayo were posted to defend the newly acquired Utrecht border.
During his coverage of the Second Boer War, Hobson began to form the idea that imperialism was the direct result of the expanding forces of modern capitalism.
During the Second Boer War, the British forces became known as Khakis because of their uniforms.
During the Second Boer War, the British forces entered the territory of the Orange Free State and occupied the capital Bloemfontein on 13 March 1900.
During the Second Boer War ( 1899 – 1902 ), British troops were given an iron ration made of four ounces of pemmican and four ounces of chocolate and sugar.
During the negotiations that proceeded the outbreak of the Second Boer War in 1899, feelings were running very high at the Cape.
During the difficult period before the outbreak of the Second Boer War he progressed rapidly.
During the Siege of Mafeking, when the town and British soldiers were besieged by Boer soldiers, B-P noticed how the young boys made themselves useful by carrying messages for the soldiers.
During the First World War Kuyper sided with the Germans, because he had opposed the English since the Boer wars.

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