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During and war
During the war, we set up schools for the teaching of psychological warfare, which included the teaching of propaganda, both black and white and the various shades of grey in between.
During the war it was in constant use by the wagon trains transporting supplies from the railhead at Grafton to the troops operating in the interior.
During the five-month lull, civil war smoldered and flickered throughout the Congo.
During the war, Congress exercised an unprecedented level of political, diplomatic, military and economic authority.
During Angola's civil war Cuban forces fought to install a Marxist-Leninist MPLA-PT government, against Western-backed UNITA and FLNA guerrillas and the South-African army.
During the war, the Azeri armed forces were also aided by Turkish military advisers, and Russian, Ukrainian, Chechen and Afghan mercenaries.
During his short reign, peace was established both at home and abroad, finances were well regulated, and the various administrative services were placed on a basis that afterwards enabled Spain to pass through the disastrous war with the United States without the threat of a revolution.
During his reign, Spain lost its last colonies in the Americas ( Cuba and Puerto Rico ) and the Philippines ; fought and, after several setbacks, won a war in Morocco ; witnessed the start of the Spanish Generation of 1927, and endured the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera.
During the civil war following the death of Eric III of Denmark in 1146, Absalon travelled abroad to study theology in Paris, while Esbern fought for Valdemar's ascension to the throne.
During the Danish civil war, Denmark had been open to coastal raids by the Wends.
During the Hellenistic and Roman periods, many of the existing buildings in the area of the Acropolis were repaired, due to damage from age, and occasionally, war.
During the war years aircraft components were produced.
During the 1st World War British prisoners of war who had been captured at Gallipoli were housed here in an empty Armenian church at the foot of the rock.
During the 1917 Russian Revolution, Nimzowitsch was in the Baltic war zone.
During the war, Nin sent her books to Frances Steloff of the Gotham Book Mart in New York for safekeeping.
During the Civil War, the Confederate army established Camp Sumter to house incoming Union prisoners of war.
During the war, Pakistan supported Bosnia while providing technical and military support to Bosnia.
During the Civil war, soldiers from different parts of the United States played baseball together, leading to a more unified national version of the sport.
During the Japanese occupation, the Dayaks played a role in guerilla warfare against the occupying forces, particularly in the Kapit Division, where headhunting was temporarily revived towards the end of the war.
During the First World War, on the Western front, the two sides had been locked in a trench war, where kill zones by overlapping fire of machine guns and barbed wire prevented either side from breaking through.
During the war, the Condor Legion undertook the bombing of Guernica which had a tremendous psychological effect on the populations of Europe.
During the First World War the German army used horses for logistics, 1. 4 million of them, in the 1939 45 war it used 2. 7 million horses.
During World War II, the company diverted several resources to support the war effort and relinquished its West Coast markets to conserve rail car space.
During the war, an Army base, Camp Ashby, was temporarily sited in Berkeley.
During the 1892 1894 war between the Congo Free State and the Swahili-Arab city-states of Nyangwe and Kasongo in Eastern Congo, there were reports of widespread cannibalization of the bodies of defeated Arab combatants by the Batetela allies of Belgian commander Francis Dhanis.

During and liberation
During the Brown trial, however, the state's most powerful Democratic newspaper, the Providence Daily Post, stated that Brown was a murderer, a man of blood, and that he and his associates, with the assistance of Republicans and Abolitionists, had plotted not only the liberation of the slaves but also the overthrow of state and federal governments.
During liberation war in Algeria, the Algerian Psychiatrist Frantz Omar Fanon found his practice of treatment of native Algerians ineffective due to the continuation of the horror of a colonial war.
During the antifascist national liberation war, the Albanian people fought against Italy and Germany, which occupied the country.
During the first and last two Aras, the knowledge and practice of dharma lapse among humanity and then reappear through the teachings of enlightened humans, those who have reached liberation from their karma, during the third and fourth Aras.
During the 1970s, it radicalised its program and included new issues, such as women's liberation, environmental conservation and Third World development.
During his residence in the Eastern capital, Olybrius expressed his interest in religious matters: in this period he met Daniel the Stylite, who, according to Christian tradition, prophesied the liberation of Licinia Eudoxia.
During World War II, Triglav symbolically captured the primary drive for the Slovene resistance to the Fascist and Nazi armies, a national liberation.
During the tragic period of World War II Liguria experienced heavy bombings, hunger and two years of occupation by the German troops, against whom a liberation struggle was led among the most effective in Italy.
During the Third Intermediate Period and the Late Period, Memphis is often the scene of liberation struggles of the local dynasties against an occupying force, such as the Kushites, Assyrians and Persians.
During the Second World War, she became an acclaimed war correspondent for Vogue, covering events such as the London Blitz, the liberation of Paris, and the concentration camps at Buchenwald and Dachau.
During the interwar period, he opposed the rise of radical Islam in Chechnya and co-authored a book entitled Wahhabism-the Kremlin's remedy against national liberation movements, alleging an association between Islamist extremism and Soviet global " pro-terrorist " policy and support for dictatorships in the Muslim world.
During World War II, Corregidor played an important role during the invasion and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese forces.
During this decade, the Mexican federal government adopted neoliberalism, which clashed with the leftist political ideas of liberation theology and many of the indigenous activist groups.
During his brief period as editor of Panorama ( 1965-66 ), Jeremy Isaacs received a letter from Whitehouse complaining about his decision to repeat Richard Dimbleby's coverage of the liberation of the Belsen concentration camp.
During the liberation of Paris in 1944, Petiot adopted the name " Henri Valeri " and joined the French Forces of the Interior ( FFI ) in the uprising.
During the First Serbian Uprising, the liberation of Niš was attempted in 1809 when the famous Battle of Čegar took place.
During the Second World War under the Japanese Occupation, over several pre-war infantry divisions and regular units of the Philippine Commonwealth Army was re-established from 1942 to 1946 at the general headquarters, camps and garrisoned here the province of Cagayan and begins the battles and invasions for the Anti-Japanese Operations in Cagayan Valley included to sending the province of Cagayan and Isabela and helping the local soldiers of the 11th and 14th Infantry Regiment of the USAFIP-NL, the local guerrilla fighters and the U. S. liberation forces was defeated and fought against the Japanese Imperial forces from 1942 to 1945.
1942 to 1944 * During the occupation, thousands of local Samareños-men and women-joined guerrilla groups in the province and helped local Filipino troops of the Philippine Commonwealth Army units fight the Japanese Imperial forces which led to the latter's defeat and started the pre-Allied liberation.
During Guam's 1944 liberation from the Japanese during World War II, the city was heavily damaged by U. S. naval bombardment.
During the Belarus liberation campaign in 1944 it was extremely useful for organizing sneak attacks through swamps ; bypassing heavy German defenses on firmer ground.
During the late 1960s and 1970s the Party threw itself into protests for a number of other causes, including " defen of the heroic black uprisings in Watts, Newark, Detroit, Harlem " and women's liberation.
During the liberation of the sub-camps surrounding Dachau ( which happened on the same day as the main camp's surrender on 29 April ) the advance scouts of the US Army's 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, a Nisei-manned segregated Japanese-American Allied military unit, liberated the 3, 000 prisoners of the " Kaufering IV Hurlach " slave labor camp.
During the liberation of the Northern Caucasus, Suslov maintained close contact with the Red Army.
During the war first the Army of Independence, later the detachments composed of RPA members had an active participation in the struggle for the defense of the borders of Armenia and liberation of Artsakh.

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