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During and wet
During the wet seasons these roads typically become impassable.
During the wet season, food is abundant and giraffes are more spread out, while during the dry season, they gather around the remaining evergreen trees and bushes.
During wet or snowy weather, snow boots are worn to keep the foot warm and dry.
* During the Summer Half, there is a division between wet bobs, who row on the River Thames, and dry bobs, who play cricket, tennis or athletics.
During the wet season and even during the three months beforehand, high humidity makes heat discomfort extreme.
During the wet season, fish move into the mineral-rich lake to breed and find food.
During wet years, the rich soil provides bountiful agricultural output, but crops fail during dry years.
During the wet season hunting ceased because the ground was too muddy to pursue buffalo and the harvested hides would rot.
During the wet season, water carried down from the Arnhem Land plateau often overflows from creeks and rivers onto nearby floodplains.
During the wet season the river beds are eroded by the floodwaters and large quantities of fresh and saline water flow out across the tidal flats, where silt is deposited.
During the wet season, rises in water levels may allow Saltwater Crocodiles to enter the gorge, where they are caught and relocated to lower levels when the dry season begins.
During the wet season, afternoon thunderstorms are a daily occurrence.
During cold, wet weather, green iguanas prefer to stay on the ground for greater warmth.
During the dry season, temperatures during the day remain warm with an average high of in the coolest month and an average high of in April, just before the beginning of the wet season.
During the wet season, Titicaca overflows and discharges into Poopó, which, in turn, floods Salar De Coipasa and Salar de Uyuni.
* 2006-01-13, Sciencedaily: Deep-rooted Plants Have Much Greater Impact On Climate Than Experts Thought Citat: "... The tap roots transfer rainwater from the surface to reservoirs deep underground and redistribute water ... increases photosynthesis and the evaporation of water ... by 40 percent in the dry season ... During the wet season, these plants can store as much as 10 percent of the annual precipitation as deep as 13 meters ( 43 feet ) underground, to be tapped during the dry months ... tree roots acting like pipes to allow water to shift around much faster than it could otherwise percolate through the soil ..."
During the wet seasons warthogs graze on short perennial grasses.
During wet years, the rivers feeding into the lake were the terminus of the Western Hemisphere's southernmost chinook salmon run.
During the wet season, the bats feed primarily on insects like moths and beetles.
During the feast of Agios Elias on February 16 the men jump in the sea several times, and wear the wet clothes the whole day.
The species typically chooses nesting sites on dry stony areas near wet areas, from 60 m above sea level to 800 m. During the winter and its migration it is most commonly found on coastal sandy beaches, but also occurs on tidal sand flats mud flats and the shores of lakes and rivers.
During wet seasons when grasses are fresh, they graze.
During the unusually wet winter of 1937, LADWP diverted water from the aqueduct into the lakebed, flooding the soda plant.
During a wet year Cooper Creek may flood more than a half a dozen times, during the dry it becomes a chain of waterholes.

During and season
During the breeding season, unpaired male aardwolves will search their own territory, as well as others ', for a female to mate with.
During that season, they won their only NFC Championship Game since the 1970 AFL-NFL Merger, and reached Super Bowl XLIII.
During his rookie season, he played in two games where he amassed a record of 5 passing attempts with 0 receptions and 2 interceptions.
It is also representative of the evolution and direction of our team .” During the 2003 preseason Michael Vick broke his leg and missed the first twelve games of the season.
During its first two seasons, it was the number one program in the U. S. During its second season, it earned some of the highest ratings ever recorded for a half-hour sitcom.
During the first American League season in 1901, they finished last ( 8th place ) with a record of 48 – 89.
During its lone Major League season, the team played at Lloyd Street Grounds, between 16th and 18th Streets in Milwaukee.
During the breeding season, the male call of this marsh-dwelling bird is a " low pitched boom "; hence, it is occasionally called the " bunyip bird ".
During Selig's tenure as club president, the Brewers participated in postseason play in 1981, when the team finished first in the American League East during the second half of the season, and in 1982, when the team made it to the World Series, under the leadership of future Hall of Famers Robin Yount and Paul Molitor.
During the rainy season, winds from the southwest push the moister maritime system north over the African continent where it meets and slips under the continental mass along a front called the " intertropical convergence zone ".
During the hot season, in April and May, maximum temperatures frequently rise above.
During the growing season, the plant will continually regrow leaves, allowing for a continuous harvest.
During the daytime in the dry season, humidity averages about 50 percent or slightly lower, but it may remain about 60 percent in the rainy period.
During hurricane season, tropical cyclones occasionally affect the region.
During the summer before the 1953 season, the Browns ' original owners sold the team for a then-unheard-of $ 600, 000.
During the 2008 regular season, the Cardinals traveled to play the Panthers and took a 17-3 lead at halftime, but the Panthers rallied in the 3rd and 4th quarters to win.
During the season, the Bears played their home games at the University of Illinois ' Memorial Stadium in Champaign, where they went 3 – 5.
During the 2006 season, return specialist Devin Hester set several kick return records.
During the 1869 season, Cleveland was among several cities which established professional baseball teams following the success of the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first fully professional team.
During competition season it often becomes seven days with practice twice a day sometimes.
During the 2006-2007 season, the team played in the Greek Fourth Division's Regional Group 7.
During the growing season cranberry beds are not flooded, but are irrigated regularly to maintain soil moisture.
During the 1982 season, Earnhardt struggled.
During the 1984 and 1985 seasons, Earnhardt visited victory lane six times, at Talladega, Atlanta, Richmond, Bristol ( twice ), and Martinsville, where he finished fourth and eighth in the season standings, respectively.

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