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Edmond and Hoyle
* Edmond Hoyle
" Shortly afterwards, the celebrated Edmond Hoyle published his Short Treatise ( 1742 ).
* August 29 – Edmond Hoyle, English game expert ( b. 1672 )
Edmond Hoyle references the poker hand as " Jacks and eights " in 1907
Edmond Hoyle ( 1672 – August 29, 1769 ) was a writer best known for his works on the rules and play of card games.
* Hoyle Casino, computer casino simulation game, named for Edmond Hoyle
* Hoyle Card Games, a computer game, also named for Edmond Hoyle
de: Edmond Hoyle
es: Edmond Hoyle
it: Edmond Hoyle
pl: Edmond Hoyle
pt: Edmond Hoyle
sv: Edmond Hoyle
* Edmond Hoyle ( 1672 – 1769 ), compiler of rules of card games
* Hoyle Casino, computer casino simulation game, named for Edmond Hoyle
* Hoyle Card Games, a computer game, also named for Edmond Hoyle

Edmond and According
According to Edmond Ludlow, " The Wallingford House party, as if infatuated by a superior power to procure their own destruction, continued obstinately to oppose the Parliament, and fixed in their resolution to call another ( that is a reformed Parliament more agreeable to their interests ).
" According to Ellmann, Joyce stated to Edmond Jaloux that Finnegans Wake would be written " to suit the esthetic of the dream, where the forms prolong and multiply themselves ", and once informed a friend that " he conceived of his book as the dream of old Finn, lying in death beside the river Liffey and watching the history of Ireland and the world – past and future – flow through his mind like flotsam on the river of life.
According to Edmond S. Meany, in 1860 the county seat of what was then called Chehalis County was moved to " the place of J. L.
According to Edmond Ludlow on May 7th, about twelve o-clock we went to take our places in the House, Mr. Lenthal our Speaker leading the way, and the officers of the army lining the rooms for us, as we passed through the Painted Chamber, the Court of Requests, and the lobby itself, the principal officers having placed themselves nearest to the door of the Parliament-House, every one seeming to rejoice at our restitution, and promising to live and die with us.
According to Edmond S. Meany, Raft Island was probably named from its appearance.
According to Boxup. com, Edmond was so captivated by Maksim's performance of " Claudine " that he asked Maksim's permission to do a lyrical version in Cantonese.
According to Edmond de Goncourt, when d ' Alembert was asked why dancers like La Guimard made such prodigious fortunes, when singers did not, he responded, " It is a necessary consequence of the laws of motion ".
According to biographer Isabel Vincent, Monteverde's will left all his assets to her and, in concert with Monteverde's former banker, Edmond Safra, she took swift action to cut off the rest of his family.

Edmond and fame
The first person to demonstrate publicly how this could be done was Edmond Halley ( of Halley's comet fame ).
Also contained in the churchyard is the burial site and memorial to William Edmond Logan of Mount Logan, Canada fame.
Edmond Halley ’ s ( of comet fame ) representation of the life annuity dates to 1693, when he re-expressed a life annuity as the discounted value of each annual payment multiplied by the probability of surviving long enough to receive the payment and summed until there are no survivors.

Edmond and wrote
He returned to town from Burke's house in Beaconsfield and Edmond Malone wrote that " we left his carriage at the Inn at Hayes, and walked five miles on the road, in a warm day, without his complaining of any fatigue ".
but I have only one ye now, and hardly that .’ I was really quite touched ". On 5 November Reynolds, fearing he may not have an opportunity to write a will, wrote a memorandum intended to be his last will and testament, with Edmund Burke, Edmond Malone and Philip Metcalfe named as executors.
Edmond Ludlow one of the members of Parliament excepted by the act of indemnity, fled to Switzerland after the restoration of King Charles II, where he wrote his memoirs of these events.
Edmond de Goncourt modeled his acrobat-mimes in his The Zemganno Brothers ( 1879 ) upon them ; J .- K. Huysmans ( whose Against Nature would become Dorian Gray's bible ) and his friend Léon Hennique wrote their pantomime Skeptical Pierrot ( 1881 ) after seeing them perform at the Folies Bergère.
Edmond Rostand wrote a play, L ' Aiglon, about his life.
His son, Edmond de Cazalès, wrote philosophical and religious studies.
The subsequent catalogue of plays which Munday wrote, either alone or in conjunction with others, is derived from the materials supplied by Edmond Malone.
French poet Edmond Rostand wrote the play Cyrano de Bergerac in 1897.
Judges Edmond Levy, Miriam Naor and Yoram Danziger wrote:
In September 1922, M ' ba wrote to Edmond Cadier, Lieutenant-Governor of Gabon:
Edmond Pidoux ( October 25, 1908-April 17, 2004 ) was a Swiss author who wrote numerous poems, novels, and essays.
While the Edmond Hamilton-led pulp Captain Future was a going concern, Wellman wrote one novel for it, The Solar Invasion.
One son, actor and writer Ned Wynn ( born Edmond Keenan Wynn ) wrote the autobiographical memoir We Will Always Live In Beverly Hills.
He wrote two librettos for operas by Edmond Membrée ( 1820-1892 ), François Villon ( 1857 ) and L ' Esclave ( 1874 ).
The paintings which were available to the public garnered recognition not only within Germany, but from the French avant-garde as well: Edgar Degas admired and copied his work, calling him " the greatest living master ", and Louis Edmond Duranty wrote of his art:
The effects of surrealism would later also be felt among authors who were not strictly speaking part of the movement, such as the poet Alexis Saint-Léger Léger ( who wrote under the name Saint-John Perse ), the poet Edmond Jabès ( who came to France in 1956 when the Jewish population was expelled from his native Egypt ) and Georges Bataille.
In 1957, the critic Philip Hope-Wallace wrote, " Those who attend on seaside bandstands will know the name of Edmond Audran … for his overtures to La Mascotte, La Poupie and Miss Helyett still set the old squares ' feet a-tapping.
* Edmond de la Fontaine ( 1823 – 91 ) otherwise known as Dicks, Luxembourg's national poet, who also wrote Vianden's first travel guide.
Edmond Malone noted a different ballad seemingly ridiculing Lucy's marriage, which was still being sung in Stratford c. 1687 – 90 when Joshua Barnes heard it and wrote it down.
In 1890, Burnand wrote Captain Therèse, followed later that year by a very successful English-language version of Edmond Audran's operetta, La cigale et la fourmi ( the grasshopper and the ant ) retitled La Cigale, with additional music by Ivan Caryll.
In 2002, Walker wrote the book, music and lyrics for Chantecler: a musical ( based loosely on a verse play by Edmond Rostand ).
Cyrano de Bergerac ( made famous by Edmond Rostand's 19th-century play ) wrote two novels which, 60 years before Gulliver's Travels or Voltaire ( or science fiction ), use a journey to magical lands ( the moon and the sun ) as pretexts for satirizing contemporary philosophy and morals.

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