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En and route
En route to his inauguration by train, Lincoln addressed crowds and legislatures across the North.
En route to Karnstein, Laura and her father encounter General Spielsdorf.
* 1997 – En route to Lebanon, two Israeli Sikorsky CH-53 troop-transport helicopters collide in mid-air over northern Galilee, Israel killing 73.
En route, the Romans seized and burned the Carthaginian hold-out cities of Selinous and Heraclea Minoa.
En route, the party is captured by de Bracy and his companions and taken to Torquilstone, the castle of Front-de-Boeuf.
En route to the coast at the start of his journey to China, Ibn Battuta and his party were attacked by a group of bandits.
En route to his martyrdom in Rome, he wrote a series of letters which have been preserved as an example of very early Christian theology.
En route home to San Diego from New York City on a cross-country commercial airline flight he endured a minor heart attack on June 11, 2006.
En route, Israel stopped at Beersheba for the night to make a sacrificial offering to his god, Yahweh.
En route he was met by embassies from various small powers offering assistance, none of which he accepted.
En route to the semi-final, which they lost to Real Madrid, the team recorded a 10 – 0 victory over Belgian champions Anderlecht, which remains the club's biggest victory on record.
En route to Chūgoku region, Nobunaga stayed at Honnō-ji, a temple in Kyoto.
According to a New York Times article from Feb. 1, 1893, Smith allegedly: " picked up little Myrtle Vance ... near her father's residence, and ... carried her through the central portion of the city ... En route through the city he was asked by several persons what he was doing with the child.
En route to Kufa, he was blocked by an army of Yazid's men near Karbala ( modern Iraq ), and Hussein and approximately 72 of his family and followers were killed in the Battle of Karbala.
En route to a second straight last-place finish, Oates resigned his position 28 games into the 2001 season.
En route he inspected Singapore's defences – finding the alarmingly inadequate – and visited Australian troops in the Mid-East.
* October 12 – En route to the Gulf of Tonkin, a racial riot involving more than 200 sailors breaks out aboard the United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk ; nearly 50 sailors are injured.
: Information can be found on-line in the En route Supplement Australia ( ERSA ) which is published by Airservices Australia, a government owned corporation charged with managing Australian ATC.
En route to Mooresville to testify against Singleton Dillinger briefly escaped his captors but was apprehended within a few minutes.
En route, Lin's plane crashed in Mongolia, killing all on board.
En route, he encountered Vishnu.
En route, the party accompanied American fur traders going to the 1836 rendezvous on the Green River in Wyoming and then joined Hudson's Bay Company fur traders traveling west to Fort Nez Perce ( also called Fort Walla Walla ).
En route home, Debs was warmly received at the White House by Harding, who greeted him by saying: " Well, I've heard so damned much about you, Mr. Debs, that I am now glad to meet you personally.
En route to the title, Davenport defeated third ranked Jelena Janković, among others.

En and back
Many Spanish proverbs have a long history of cultural diffusion ; there are proverbs, for example, that have their origin traced to Babylon and that have come down to us through Greece and Rome ; equivalents of the Spanish proverb “ En boca cerrada no entran moscas ” ( Silence is golden ) belong to the cultural tradition of many north-African countries as far as Ethiopia ; having gone through multiple languages and millennia, this proverb can be traced back to an ancient Babylonian proverb.
En route back to Norway Haakon anchored some of his fleet in Scapa Flow for the winter, but he died that December whilst staying at the Bishop's Palace in Kirkwall.
En route back to his homeland, Rukn al-Din was put to death.
En route he encountered Kit Carson, a scout of John C. Frémont's California Battalion, carrying messages back to Washington on the status of hostilities in California.
Richards then traveled back in time to ancient Egypt c. 2950 B. C., in a Sphinx-shaped timeship, and became the Pharaoh Rama-Tut, with intentions of claiming En Sabah Nur — the mutant destined to become Apocalypse — as his heir.
En route to join up with the main force, the infantry landing ship Prinses Josephine Charlotte developed engine trouble, and together with her destroyer escort Wheatland was sent back to Scapa, arriving on 24 December.
En route back to Gaza, Ahtur decides to taunt Samson.
During their stay in France, George Harrison came back to the hotel with an album titled En Roue Libre, better known as The Freewheelin ' Bob Dylan.
En route, they travel back in time to stop a probe threatening to destroy Earth.
En route, the group meets with various obstacles including a minefield, a broken suspension spring ( during its replacement, van der Poel's great strength saves the group when he supports ' Katy ' on his back when the jack collapses ), and the dangerous terrain of the Qattara Depression.
Acting quickly after the En ' Tarans tricked him into bringing them to Rann, Adam Strange feigned insanity and had the Justice League brought to Rann to provide back up and help him with a desperate gamble.
En route back to their hunting camp on the bitterly cold night of January 24, 1876, the elder McDougall, George, lost his way.
Meditationen eines Theologen ( En: ' Turning back towards the Centre.
To repay Shi En's kindness, Wu Song defeats Jiang Zhong in a fight and helps Shi En take back the restaurant.
En route, Sawyer tells Kate that he's turning back to help the survivors on the beach.
Tia and Tamera coin a song that is a play on the song " Whatta Man " by En Vogue and Salt-n-Pepa, that plays on the nickname given to him ( behind his back ) by Tia and Tamera and other Rocket Burger employees " Stinky Steve ".
En route back to the station in a runabout, Kira and Bashir respond to a distress call from a Kobliad freighter and find Ty Kajada, a security guard, and her prisoner, Rao Vantika.
In her cell, Esmeralda compares herself to a caged bird and calls to Quasimodo to save her, while back at Notre Dame Quasimodo wonders about Esmeralda ’ s disappearance three days earlier and fears for her safety (" Les Oiseaux Qu ’ on Met En Cage ").
En route to Bagram, Belmar says he was struck on the back of the head, leaving a dent.

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