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Page "lore" ¶ 286
from Brown Corpus
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Even and among
Even in its present form, however, the first part of Malraux's unrecoverable novel is among the greatest works of mid-twentieth century literature ; ;
Even in the absence of any work in astronomy, Bessel's role in developing the functions which now bear his name would have, by itself, placed him among the most significant and influential mathematicians of the 19th century.
Even among those who believe in disclosure there are differing policies about when, to whom, and how much to disclose.
Even though it was only featured in this one film ( although it was used for a couple of brief shots in Mothra vs. Godzilla ), this Godzilla suit was always one of the more popular designs among fans from both sides of the Pacific.
Even among the 19th century American individualists, there was not a monolithic doctrine, as they disagreed amongst each other on various issues including intellectual property rights and possession versus property in land.
Even though there are some differences in customs and practices among them, the core belief systems are the same.
Even among Chinese Buddhist schools that are non-devotional, Guanyin is still highly venerated.
Even when we make all due allowance for the prejudices of critics whose only possible enthusiasm went out to ' the pointed and fine propriety of Poe ,' we can hardly believe that the exquisite art which is among the most valued on our possessions could encounter so much garrulous abuse without the criminal intervention of personal malignancy.
Even today, Louchébem is still well-known and used among those working at point-of-sale in the meat retail industry.
Even when several Merovingian kings simultaneously ruled their own realms, the kingdom — not unlike the late Roman Empire — was conceived of as a single entity ruled collectively by these several kings ( in their own realms ) among whom a turn of events could result in the reunification of the whole kingdom under a single ruler.
Even though about 95 percent of Swedish school children know how to swim, drowning remains the third most common cause of death among children.
Even so, his firm stand on the matter of cash raised his standing among the conservatives, and Pompey seems to have learned a lesson in populist politics.
Even so, Willkie remained a long-shot candidate ; the May 8 Gallup Poll showed Dewey at 67 % support among Republicans, followed by Vandenberg and Taft, with Willkie at only 3 %.
Even in Rus ', it was attested only among the members of the house of Rurik, as were the names of Sviatoslav's immediate successors: Vladimir, Yaroslav, Mstislav ).
Even as recently as the beginning of the 20th century, it was believed that when a Russian saw an opal among other goods offered for sale, he or she should not buy anything more since the opal was believed to embody the evil eye.
Even though the conspiracy was unsuccessful, Xiorro achieved legendary status among the slaves and is part of Puerto Rico's folklore.
" The New York based Even Dozen Jug Band was the Elektra label's answer to the Kweskin band and featured ( among others ) Maria D ' Amato, Joshua Rifkin, David Grisman, Stefan Grossman, John Sebastian, and Steve Katz.
Even among those who wanted to see the peninsula unified into one country, different groups could not agree on what form a unified state would take.
Even the three authors of the book were chosen from among the small number of people who had seen the map before Mellon bought it — two British Museum curators and Marston.
Even among those who attribute the name to Lord Lamington, there are different claims as to the exact location and creator of the cake itself.
Even Samuel says to Agag: " As thy sword hath made women childless, so shall thy mother be childless among women.
Even for Easter, however, there is no agreement among the various Christian traditions regarding the date or manner of the observance, less for Christmas, Pentecost, or various other holidays.
Even with our imperfect knowledge of Byzantine genealogy, no less than eleven emperors may be traced among his ancestors.
Even historical figures such as Attila the Hun, Blackbeard, and Antonio López de Santa Anna, Billy The Kid, and Cao Cao have been included among his ancestors.

Even and fast
Even with words coming too fast, they came on the music of the voice.
Even at this early stage, Rodríguez's trademark style began to emerge: quick cuts, intense zooms, and fast camera movements deployed with a sense of humor that offsets the action.
Even 131, 000 channels weren't enough to search the sky in detail at a fast rate, so Suitcase SETI was followed in 1985 by Project " META ", for " Megachannel Extra-Terrestrial Assay ".
Even non-Mexican oriented fast food restaurants have sold tacos.
Even at the time there were those who could see that guided missiles would eventually make such aircraft vulnerable, but development of such missiles was proving difficult, and fast and high-flying bombers were likely to serve for years before there was a need for something better.
Even with a fast response time by a first responder measured in minutes, some medical emergencies evolve in seconds.
Even the most beautiful and impressive bourgeois buildings and public works are disposable, capitalized for fast depreciation and planned to be obsolete, closer in their social functions to tents and encampments than to " Egyptian pyramids, Roman aqueducts, Gothic cathedrals ".
Even when the ISP's outbound mail server is fast and reliable, the same problem arises when the destination mail server is overloaded or unreliable.
Even more so than their close relatives, the scombrids, marlin are incredibly fast swimmers, reaching speeds of about.
Even though TRG's 2009 owner points were not enough to make the field guaranteed for the first 5 races of ' 10, Labonte's past championship provisional gave the team that to fall back on, in the case that Labonte's qualifying runs are not fast.
Even the truculent fast bowler John Snow '... thought he was very astute in his handling of players ...' and recalled '... Mike Smith adding a few words of congratulations in his thoroughly open, absent-minded-professor sort of way '.
* Even on fast computer networks ( e. g. 1 Gbit ), the backbone can easily be congested by a few servers and client PCs.
Even after Ishmael enters the room, he keeps his fast and silence without acknowledging the presence of others.
Even taking into consideration the errors in the model, this reasonably excluded the stochastic process of genetic drift, because the changes were too fast.
Even after getting the signal converted to bits, it is still difficult to record: the hardest part is finding a scheme that can record the bits fast enough to keep up with the signal.
Even with a seven-person team working on the project, it was not possible to find a fast way to raise $ 4M.
Even in the beginning of their career Dead Head never cared about trends, they wanted top play aggressive fast thrash metal and made sure everyone heard it.
Even during summer, ships approaching McMurdo Sound are often blocked by various concentrations of first-year ice, fast ice ( connected to the shoreline ), and hard multi-year ice.
Even more impressive were the growing attendances at the Chicago Stadium where the Sting were outdrawing the Chicago Bulls ( NBA ) and fast catching up with the crowds pulled in by the Chicago Blackhawks ( NHL ).
Even in Lahore prison, Bhagat made headline news when he and other prisoners undertook a 63-day fast unto death to improve the conditions of Indian freedom-fighter prisoners.
Even though his job was to be fast and steal bases, his. 276 batting average was also impressive.
Even an automated system has limitations and all aircraft with terrain-following radars installed have limits on how low and fast they can fly.
Even though she's been raised in solitude for most her life, she's a fast learner and quickly picks up on things.
Even though Lutz finally realized that his inability to see the runway meant he needed to initiate a missed approach maneuver ( called a " Go-around "), his call for the go-around came too late ; the plane's engines were not able to spool up fast enough to generate lift sufficient to climb above the hill that had been obstructing his view, and it crashed into the hilltop at 2206 CET.

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