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Page "Fatwā" ¶ 56
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Even and during
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Even if there are no livestock, the farmer cannot leave the farm for long periods, particularly during the growing season.
Even the decadence of the emperors rarely surpassed that of the Aediles under the Republic, as could have been seen during Julius Caesar's Aedileship.
Even after his death, other MILPAS bands sprouted during 1980 – 1981.
Even more than two hundred years later, during the last century, when Western specialists in Chinese, who had by that time created the discipline known as sinology, designed the early forms of numerous transcriptions used today, the first mistakes of enthusiastic missionaries, envoys and business men were not fully eliminated.
Even during French revolutionary wars, British scientists visited the French Academy.
Even during a total lunar eclipse, however, the Moon is not completely dark.
Even during the Middle Ages, when the numbered Anno Domini year began on March 25 or December 25, the second month was February whenever all twelve months were displayed in order.
Even though the conductive channel formed by gate-to-source voltage no longer connects source to drain during saturation mode, carriers are not blocked from flowing.
Even so, although the Foreign Legion distinguished itself, it also took a heavy toll during the war: constantly being deployed in operations, it even reached the point that whole units were annihilated in combat, in what was a traditional Foreign Legion battlefield.
Even if such civilizations are rare, the scale argument indicates they should exist somewhere at some point during the history of the universe, and since they could be detected from far away over a considerable period of time, many more potential sites for their origin are within range of our observation.
Even during numerous exiles, Athanasius continued to be a vigorous defender of Nicene Christianity against Arianism.
Even higher pressures and temperatures during horizontal shortening can cause both folding and metamorphism of the rocks.
Even during this time, however, playlets known as drolls were often performed illegally, including one called The Grave-Makers based on Act 5, Scene 1 of Hamlet.
Even with the development of industry there were insufficient good jobs, as a result, during the period 1841-1931, about 2 million Scots migrated to North America and Australia, and another 750, 000 Scots relocated to England.
Even during long periods of fasting, glucose levels are reduced only very slightly.
Even though many repeat the cliché that Italy had over fifty governments in its first fifty years of democracy to stigmatise its alleged political instability, Italy's main political problem was actually the opposite: in all the course of the so-called First Republic, the government was in the hands of the Christian Democrats and their allies, since it was unacceptable for a communist party to rule a western country during the Cold war.
Even during his polemical exchange with Westphal, he advised a group of French-speaking refugees, who had settled in Wesel, Germany, to integrate with the local Lutheran churches.
Even during periods of stability, neither the Imperial Court in the capital nor local governments could be relied on to protect the interests of the commoners.
Even today, people insist that admissions to psychiatric hospitals, traffic accidents, homicides or suicides increase during a full Moon, although there is no scientific evidence to support such claims.
Even if the aether had an overall universal flow, changes in position during the day / night cycle, or over the span of seasons, should allow the drift to be detected.
Even Downey's affiliates, many of which were low-rated independent television stations in small to medium markets, were so fearful of advertiser and viewer backlash that they would air one or even two local disclaimers during the broadcast.
Even in animals, cytokinesis and mitosis may occur independently, for instance during certain stages of fruit fly embryonic development.
Many egg matzah boxes no longer include the message, “ Ashkenazi custom is that egg matzah is only allowed for children, elderly and the infirm during Passover .” Even amongst those who consider that enriched matza may not be eaten during Passover, it is permissible to retain it in the home.

Even and legitimate
Historian Henry Commager wrote that " Even when definitions of terrorism allow for state terrorism, state actions in this area tend to be seen through the prism of war or national self-defense, not terror .” While states may accuse other states of state-sponsored terrorism when they support insurgencies, individuals who accuse their governments of terrorism are seen as radicals, because actions by legitimate governments are not generally seen as illegitimate.
* Even if property rights are legitimate, do they allow for or protect against expropriation?
Even as the minstrel show was dying out in all but amateur theater, blackface performers became common acts on vaudeville stages and in legitimate drama.
Even some of the best friends of America in Parliament at first approved the Act as moderate and reasonable, as the town could end the punishment at any moment by paying for legitimate merchandise destroyed by riot and allowing law and order to have their course.
Even if both of these possible exceptions turn out to be legitimate, the Weismann barrier just loses its absolute status.
Even though the following are legitimate categories for exonumia, they are not included in the 1700-1900 reference.
Even with none of the cats the Meadows brought in we still have a legitimate cat from Singapore behind our Singapuras.
Even so, he might not have lost the confidence of his father, if Queen Mariana, mother of the sickly Infante Charles, the only surviving legitimate son of the king, had not regarded the bastard with distrust and dislike.
Even MPs who supported identity cards recognised that the government had entered new territory by undermining independent academic work on issues of legitimate contemporary interest.
Even if additional votes were discovered through matching to the voters list, it would be impossible to identify legitimate ballots from fraudulent ballots.
Even though the fraud was perpetrated without McDonald's knowledge, the McDonald's Corporation voluntarily attempted to rectify the situation by issuing payouts to new ( legitimate ) winners, awarding five $ 1 million annuity prizes, and fifty $ 100, 000 prizes over a five-day period.
Even time-synchronized OTPs are vulnerable to phishing, by two methods: The password may be used as quickly by the attacker as the legitimate user, if the attacker can get the OTP in plaintext quickly enough.
Even a vow accepted by a legitimate superior in the name of the Church ( the definition of a " public vow ") is a simple vow if the Church has not granted it recognition as a solemn vow.
Even though there are many other legitimate medical areas of interest in Eurycoma longifolia ( as evident from the quote included above ), most Southeast Asians consume it for the plant's impact on sexual conduct.
Even seemingly legitimate uses of the Crown Jewels outside of the United Kingdom were precluded because of this law.
Even the umpire was left bewildered, only allowing five legitimate deliveries before calling an end to proceedings.

Even and jihad
Even those ardo ' en who opposed his political rule recognised the jihad as an opportunity to expand their territories.

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